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  1. Hey Jen, I've been so MIA lately but I just wanted to poke my head in and say you looked absolutely STUNNING! I didn't know I had another dominican chica here with me! Lol. That amazing tan should've given it away. I'm so happy to here that you're wedding day was magical. My fav picture is #91 and I think #129 is so amazingly funny! Hehehehe. Still laughing about that one. Welcome to the wives club and congrats to your and you hubby!
  2. Hello! You will only have to pay the day pass. There is no additional charge. Hope this helps.
  3. I love you girls....Chris, Misty, and Eliana!!! Â (Chris, you can keep the b*tch! lol) Â Best of luck to all the future DPB brides! You won't be disappointed at all. Hope it's a magical day for all of you.
  4. Hey Girls, Â Michael put a little slideshow on YouTube with some of our pics. Enjoy! Â http://www.youtube.com/user/caribbeanemotions#p/c/8286FF5C5787B741/21/fzPyD5o7WHs
  5. Aw. Thanks Eli! I don't have FB so I'm not able to see what he posted but his work was amazing and he's such a pleasure to work with. Trip to Europe huh? How amazing was that? Â Misty, love, your pictures are gorg! We'll have to get together soon and chat about it. I'm anxious to compare stories. Â I've been super duper MIA The 3 weeks leading up to my wedding were jam packed with "to do's" and then I was gone for 2 weeks for my weddingmoon. And I finally just got back 2 days ago but now I have AHR tomorrow so still working on even more "to do's". SO STRESSFUL but totally all worth
  6. Happy Wedding Day Misty (Pynklemonade) I'm sure your day will be magical and everything you've ever dreamed of. Can't wait to hear all about it. You better email me as soon as you're settled. LOL Lots of love <3
  7. Great job Jenn. One less thing on the list. hehehe. Your guest will love them!
  8. I would pick up that yellow/orangy color. I think that would make the black pop. Don't think you could go wrong either way since the suits are such a neutral color. It should be a stand out piece either way. Good luck deciding. BTW, that IS a beautiful dress AND on the clearance rack? What more can a girl ask for
  9. So sorry to hear about that. Hopefully, at this point, you are in Aruba WITH your veil. Let us know how everything turned out when you get back. Hope your wedding is magical
  10. Eliana "the juggler"....damn girl, you got a lot going on but also sounds like you've got a lot done. So glad to hear your shoot went great. Jen is amazing. So you caught a sneak peek of me in the kitchen huh. lol. I just got all my pictures from Jen which were a whopping 114 and I now have to chose 20 for Mike's book It's so hard to chose but I love them all and I can only hope that he does as well. Misty, you better hit me up the day after you get back. DETAIL DETAILS DETAILS. You will be beautiful and everything will be perfection. Just make sure to savor every moments as I'm sure it
  11. OMG, can Rachael get any more annoying!!!! I can't believe after being in the house for 20 some days, her and Brendan are telling each other "I love you". I mean really? Come on now. Brendan is cute but personally, I think he's such a sucker. I really don't think they'll make it in a relationship when they get out. They are just TOO opposite and I think are together out of convience. It's not like they have a wide variety of "showmance" options in the house. lol I myself, LOVE Britney. She cracks me up and I think she is in a good spot in the house so far. I would love for the sab
  12. Beautiful pictures. Love the tropical colors. Congrats on becoming a MRS!
  13. Rebecca did an amazing job. Love the tropical color combo!
  14. JENISE

    The Rings

    Your rings are gorgeous and I LOVE your fiance's tungsten ring. It's so unique. Congrats. Once less thing on the list. lol
  15. Everything looks great. And the flowers look so real! Love the lace detail. Congrats.
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