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  1. Oh wow, I didn't even know they still did that! I don't know anyone that's had it done thats for sure, but I'm glad its not a concern anymore! I can't believe you're already 38 weeks!
  2. Our names are going to be a surprise, but at the rate we're going, if we have a girl she will be called noname
  3. Congrats Joanne!!! Awwww don't worry about your reaction. I honestly feel that no preg woman should ever be judged lol. Our hormones are uncontrollable and its probably a combination of that and your momma instincts kicking in... which could be bad for me because i joked about my u/s pics and called it my baby ET or penguin. Don't judge me hahaha!!!
  4. Hmmm ok good to know! Now to find a photog.... feels like my wedding again lol.
  5. Carly - ya it basically means i am way more likely to need a c-section. If you can believe it I've actually had people say "omg that would be awful!" I'm like what???? Seems pretty trivial to me after all I've been through. I just want a healthy baby, at whatever cost! We didn't find out the sex, although the suspense is killing us. I have a feeling its a girl, but who knows! Ann, good point about the early delivery. Also with all the medical support now a days things are pretty likely to be ok, so thats what i think of!
  6. We paid for ours as well, but every family is different. My only advice is that its all worked out before you start booking things. It makes it less stressful if you know how much you're working with and how much you need to contribute.
  7. OMG Katrina! I can't believe you carried 38lbs around your waist for that long! Crazy! Well besides being on edge all the time..... we had a scare at 15 weeks when my dr couldn't pick up a hb. We had to go for an emergency u/s and it felt like the longest half hour of my life. All the horrific memories of my m/c came back. To keep myself together i had to shut down. I just blocked it out. When i got in the room the tech let me hear the hb and OMG!!!! The happiness, i can't even explain it. I don't take any days for granted thats for sure. I just can't wait for this little one t
  8. Love your pics Carly! I'm actually just starting to think about maternity and newborn pics now. I'm reading on most photography websites that they recommend to do them between 32-36 weeks. This will be challenging for me considering my baby may be born by then lol. But I really would love to do them even if i'm not the cutest preg person around like you are.
  9. Carly, you know I've always followed your story and I am SOOOO happy for you!! Congrats to Blondie and any other preggo's out there! I feel like my story is a long one too so I'll give you the short version. We decided to go off the pill in Nov 2010 and just see how things went. Well to my surprise i was pregnant the next month lol. I guess i just wasn't expecting it to happen that fast, but regardless, once the shock wore off we were THRILLED!! My first u/s was the 12 week mark. Unfortunately we never made it..... I started to m/c just before. I'll save the horrendous part o
  10. I can honestly say that even 2 years later, I have NO regrets in how it all turned out! Don't feel intimidated by the differences in extent of planning! 2 people or 100 people, its a wedding .
  11. Yup, so true. I would have been completely lost! And while different perspectives are welcome here, downright uncalled for comments aren't tolerated. Happy planning
  12. Annnnnddddd I just went back to the Azul date list and realized that your wedding was last month, so now I'm off to find pics to see how great you looked
  13. Murmel, you did a GREAT job with all of your planning!!! I wish you the best on your wedding day!
  14. Wow Jen, that's pretty insane. Are you really close with your sisters? Is there any way you can sit them down and just say "listen, I know we have different ideas on what the perfect wedding should look like, but this is my wedding and I'm hoping that you two can support me in whatever choices I make!" Or something along those lines.....the point I'm trying to make is to bring to light the fact that its YOUR wedding. Also, how old are you girls??? Their actions just seem really juvenille to me. Have they had friends go through wedding experiences, or is this all new to them? It all just
  15. Hey ladies! I haven't been on here for a while but wanted to see how all your planning was going! Oh and that is unbelievable that they DO perform the legal ceremony in English! I was a victim of the "no it must be done in Spanish" response. So if it can be done in English I definitely recommend that lol.
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