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  1. Bella, No I didn't have to pay site fee just a meal fee of $20 for the dinner for the photographer and DJ.
  2. Well I just need to add to this. We were married on May 7th our Photographer was Renaud from Photosouviner and he was amazing. We received a print copy of all the pictures he took about 500 and also gave us a cd copy of the pictures with the copywrites.He was so great to work with and did not pose us at all.
  3. We had about 8 suit cases we split most of the stuff between family members. ****BEST TIP FOR TRAVELING WITH A LOT OF OVERWEIGHT LUGGAGE IS IF YOU HAVE A FRIEND OR FAMILY MEMBER WHO IS PART OF THE ARMY, MARINE, NAVY AND IS ACTIVE THEY(HUSBAND AND WIFE CHILDREN) CAN CHECK TWO 70LB BAGS AND EVEN MORE WITH CERTAIN AIRLINES. That is how we were able to bing 3 large 70 lbs each bags to DR. Another not is that you dont' really need your reciepts but they are handy. Check the duty regulations for the country you are going to. However most countries only charge you duty on things that are
  4. Thanks!! The vases came from the resort. I brought to much stuff to even think about bringing vases too. The linen such as the overlays, sashes and napkins I ordered online from weddinglinensdirect.com
  5. This was my receptions as Dreams. My colors were antique gold and perwinkle blue I wanted the flowers to have the vibrant colors of the caribbean
  6. I agree with Dressa a 100% about RELAX. I was a hundred percent stressed before I arrived Dreams until I took a step off the transfer bus. Once I got off I knew I picked the right placeand it was going to be great. The staff was great in taking our bags to the room even though we kept trying to help with bring our bags up to our room (for the first couple of days we were in building 7 on the third floor and we had about 8 suitcases). And let me tell you the rooms are beautiful. I went down to ask when I can meet with Jenny and I was able to talk to her right than there and we spoke throu
  7. Krod- the DJ stayed a little longer and will let you know 20 or so minutes before that the time is going to be up this way you can see if you want them to stay longer. But this worked out for us because after the wedding reception and the ones that wanted to keep on dancing we just went into the club at dreams and by 11 or so they start playing the music and you can request the music that you want from the club dj as well. Bell-DJ Mannia is actually one of the vendors on this forum just search for them and make sure you put Punta cana because they have a couple of location. They were
  8. Thank you!! When I ordered the suits there was just beige linen. I think the closest color to what i ordered is the tropical beige. Also for anyone looking for a DJ I HIGHLY RECOMMEND DJ MANNIA. They were absolutely the best and had all the music that i wanted. And I mean I gave them a list of 50 plus DO NOT Play songs and a List of Must play and most of the songs were songs that just came out or were hard to find the right remix and DJ Mannia found ALLL of the songs and played them just at the right time. We were all Dancing for hours they were GREAT!!!!
  9. Congrats and you won't be disappointed. The reason La Romana has cheaper rates is becuase of the location. Punta Cana is a much more Tourist area with tons of Resorts in the area. However La Romana or Bayahibe is a new resort area and just a few resorts in the area.
  10. yes the suits were great. Everyone that asked us were we got the suits were shocked when we told them that they were custom and $99. They quality is really great. Beige Linen is the color we chose. Quote: Originally Posted by chanelo Hi Jen! I was hoping you'd say they were from studio suits - I have been in touch with them and bought the swatches from them so I'm delighted to see them look so great on your guys! Do you recall what colour you chose in the end?
  11. Chanelo, Thanks the suits where from studiosiuits.com i think. they are the suits for a custom made $99 linen suit. There is a whole thread about them. The quality was great and everyone loved the suits. The linens are an antique gold overlay and sashes and the napkins are a periwinkle blue. all the linens where purchased for close to nothing at weddinglinensdirect.com. I highly recommend using them if you have a specific color and you don't want to use the linen colors from the resort. The cake cost me about 350 + delivery and flowers. Also note that the bottom layer
  12. Thank you. I actually bought my own linens because I had a specific color and idea in my own head. LOL The cake came from an outside bakery which Jenny found. I wanted an authentic dominican cake so she was able to find a baker who could make me the cake in the three tiers that I wanted. FYI the two tops tiers were fake and only the bottom layer was actual cake. Dreams actually had a picture of a cake similar to mines that they made in the past. So ladies if you want anything in specific ask them because they will try to get if for you or see if they have it. For example to the decor for
  13. So it has been a very crazy time since I came home from Dreams and wish I was still there. I will one day take the time to right a full review of the entire wedding day and trip. But right now I can post some pics and tell you ladies that you have picked a perfect place to have your wedding. Don't worry about any bad reviews. This place was great and all my guest all 40 of them loved this place and are planning on coming back. So here are some pics of me, the ceremony and reception. We had the ceremony at the Gazebo, Cocktail hour at the Seaside grill deck and the reception Inside the s
  14. Ok so today is the big day!!! So far everything has been soooo Great and Jenny is soooo helpful and tries her hardest to make sure you are happy. I was just upgraded to a suite for the rest of the week that I am here. We did a rehearsal last night and dinner which they blocked an area just for us and our guests to sit. Everyone tries to accommodate you in every way possible.
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