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  1. hi, what are your thoughts on resort photographers in punta cana, DR? we are going to be staying at majestic colonial. please let me know what your experiences are with on site photographers versus outside photographers. thanks!
  2. i just emailed Phil. i didn't know he was based in canada. not sure whether he will be in DR at all next wk but worth a try. you ladies are right, his work is stunning!!! love it!!
  3. hey! thanks for input. photo souvenier said that they would pick us up and drive to a secluded beach and drop us back. i just hear mixed reviews about going off resort so not sure if its safe to jump in a car with a stranger in a totally different country!! im going next week but need to secure a photographer!! ill have to look into Phil! how much does he charge? $300 is pretty steep for outside photographers!!
  4. Hi, Anyone have suggestions on photographers in Punta Cana, DR? Have spoke with photo souvenier. I really love their work but still would like to see what other photographers you ladies have used and love. For those who have used photo souvenier, how was your experience with them? My husband and I are renewing our vows and looking to have a photo session on the beach. Photo Souvenier suggested to go off the resort to avoid resort fees. We are staying at the Majestic Colonial. What would the fee be to have an outside photographer come onto the resort? Secondly, how safe is it
  5. Thanks for all the advice!! My husband looked up stuff on the internet about Dominican Republic and there are a few scares about tourists going off resort and their complaints. It is a very poor country and at times Police are in on it. It just makes you cautious because laws are different in the US. Photo Souvenir seems to be a reputable company due to reviews but you just never know. So I was just hoping to see if anyone has experienced the island or with photo souvenier!
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    thanks ladies!!!
  7. Hi, Contacted Photo Souvenier due to many great reviews about them. We wanted to book a photo session with them. Reno suggested going off the resort to avoid resort fees. Is it safe to go off the resort because many websites have emphasized that it isn't safe. How reputable is Photo Souvenier? I have heard horror stories with safety and want to be secure since rules and laws are different than US. If we opted to stay on the resort and brought outside photographers in, does anyone know what the cost is? Any suggestions would be great! Thanks!!!
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    Hello Everyone, My name is Anne and I am a Newbie and I just wanted to introduce myself! I have been married for 5 years but we are planning on renewing our vows in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic next month! We are staying at the Majestic Colonial. I would appreciate all the insight from all you specialists who have gone through this process or is going through the same process now as they plan their wedding/renewing vows! I have been in contact with photo souvenier about a photo session. I spoke with Reno and he had mentioned going off the resort to avoid paying a resort fee
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