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  1. That is very pretty, someone who wants a light flowing beach dress can even wear it for their wedding!
  2. Sorry to hear about the accident, especially soo close to your BIG day!Im glad that you are healing and that you were able to go to the shower looking good! Continued blessings for a speedy recovery. That was very sweet what the BDW girls did 4 u! So sweet!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by estella1007 So FI flat out refuses to do the tv show. Oh well. There goes my 15 minutes of fame Are you still going to go to the interview tomorrow?
  4. Love your dress, It Looks really beautiful on you! COngrats!
  5. Bikini : something I will never wear
  6. They are both beautiful! I voted for the 1st one. It make you look Tiny!
  7. Great Find Congrats! I LOVE your First dress, very beautiful!
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