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  1. FatCracker

    Finally booked! Carnival Destiny 2010

    Congrats, so exciting!!!
  2. FatCracker

    Melrose Place

    *** Spoiler Alert **** Sooo, I read on PerezHilton today that Ashlee Simpson and "Auggi" are gone from the show after episode 12 and the murder investigation will be over...if it makes it that many episodes. Also heard that Jane and Amanda may have the neverending "guest appearance", so that may help ratings. I'm disappointed about Ashlee leaving. Violet is carrrazzzay, loves it!
  3. The humorous ones are too funny..."nonrefundable"...lol! I'm going to have "Serendipity" engraved. It's been a cute inside thing with us since the beginning, and really describes our lives before and after we met.
  4. FatCracker

    St Thomas Brides - What Time?

    Since we're cruising, we're only docked from 7-4 so unfortunately sunset was not an option...although would have been our first choice for sure. We're scheduled for 10am ceremony, this way we can tour the island after. My wc recommended earlier morning because it's cooler and yes the water is bluest. But we will be doing sunset pics the night before at another port. Are you doing trash the dress? That may be a way to have the best of both worlds!
  5. FatCracker

    bottled waters

    I would check with your cruiseline, but I know Carnival will let you bring some, just not large quantities. I'm sure if you explain that it's not all for you, but for the individual bags, they may be more lenient if they give you problems.
  6. FatCracker

    May 2010 Brides!

    Yay, finally have a date twin...Crystal&David! My FI is also a David too...8 ) So does everyone have their dress yet?
  7. It's beautiful! Congrats and happy wedding next week! And I say wear them for a bit and switch back when your feet start to hurt!
  8. Shoot, sorry ladies...I was rearranging my album and deleted it....8 O 2009_0912BenVisit0008-2.jpg picture by fatcrackerz - Photobucket Sept-09_037.jpg picture by fatcrackerz - Photobucket
  9. FatCracker

    St. Thomas - Weddings the Island Way

    Glad to hear all worked out and you've found another w/c that you feel comfortable with!
  10. FatCracker

    St. Thomas - Weddings the Island Way

    "Shake" I really hope were able to get in touch with your w/c! Let us know...
  11. FatCracker

    Melrose Place

    I didn't think I'd like Ashlee at all, but I'm starting to like Violet's character a little more, she's starting to be more like Sydney! Yes Taylor had a baby by Michael, and she tried to say it was Kyle's. When they found out it was Michael's, and Kyle wanted nothing to do with her, she took the baby and left the show...
  12. FatCracker

    Great Shoe Find

    Very cute, and great deal!
  13. Try Dollarama or Buck or Two, or the Dollar Bin if you have one! I saw some there last time, but it was with the summer stuff.