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  1. Everything looks great! Glad to see the travel mugs worked out for you!!!
  2. Ladies, I went DIY with my bouquet and I'm ready to trim the stems. But, I'm not sure how much to trim off!! How tall was/is your bouquet
  3. Okay ladies, I'm less than 3 weeks out and I'm fresh out of creative wording ideas! I need your help! I'm looking for some wording to use for the Guest Book table sign. We're using a beautiful photo book of St. John, but I want a sign on the table. Can anyone share their ideas or what they used for their own sign?
  4. I'll be selling a bunch of stuff after my wedding too! My colors are fuchsia, turquoise and navy!
  5. Sorry, all the natual totes were sold! I bought them from cheaptotes.com Quote: Originally Posted by nicburn Hey! Have you sold the natural totes? If so, can you share with us where you purchased them? Thanks!
  6. I found the blue heels on e-Bay. The seller is Bella_Belle_Shoes and I think they also came in black and red. Quote: Originally Posted by Shoesiesluvr Hi Taghan, I soooo wish I were a size nine (Im a 7) so I could purchase the blue satin shoes!! Would you be able to tell me where you purchased them and if they come in different colors?? Thank you so much!
  7. I PM'd you! Quote: Originally Posted by Bella24 Hi Taghan! I LOVE those pink shoes!!!!!!!!!!! I see that you have already sold them, but wanted to know where you bought them I have been searching for weeks now! I spent two hours last night searching online for them and couldn't find them, I googled Anne Michelle. Please help!!!!!!!!
  8. It's really going to depend on the measurements of your chuppa, but I had to get at least 21 feet worth of organza for mine. Our arch is about 7 feet high and 4-5 feet wide.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by mrs.timpone very pretty! how do you plan on packing it with you? I can pretty much just roll them up. One idea I had was to wrap them around a paper towel tube or cut down wrapping paper tube. But I'm either going to send them ahead of time to my WC or just bring them with me in one of my suitcases. When they get unrolled on the beach, they'll just need a little fluffing.
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