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  1. I was rifling through my boudoir pictures I got at almost two months ago as I am putting together a photobook for DH's birthday coming up. I had wanted to give it to him on the wedding day, but seeing as how I didn't get to do my boudoir shoot until the day before we left for Mexico, it wasn't going to happen! I thought I'd share them with you wonderful ladies as I always loved seeing other people's boudoir pictures (the reason why I wanted to get them done in the first place!). I had a thoroughly enjoyable experience with Gina from Butter Boudoir in Vancouver during a marathon shoot in
  2. Hi~ I would try looking at the recent wedding photo posts and seeing what photographers' styles that you like: http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/f76/ I loved having del Sol as our photographer, but I know over in Cabo that lots of brides have been very happy with Juan Carlos Tapia and Gilda Baldillo etc., Happy hunting!
  3. Wow Magalie! What an adventure You'll have to keep us posted on where you two lovebirds are from time to time. I am turning 28 next week... haven't reallly thought about how I feel about it or anything, but I think every year gets more interesting and that I am more secure in myself, so really, better and better. I swing back and forth on the kids thing, sometimes I really want one and then a few weeks later I'd be like -- am I nuts? Maybe I am still a bit too self-centred to have a kid right now. We shall see!
  4. No worries at all! Although I knew I wanted to get married in Mexico a year and a half out, the planning process for the actual wedding (not the trip booking stuff) and reception only took me 3 months before the wedding. And I had changed my mind about the location a bunch of times too! 7 months is lots of time in my mind. Plus, the bride-to-be who is buying my wedding dress, is getting married in September, only 2 months away! and doing a large local wedding at that~
  5. Wow wow wow!!! What an opportunity! Very exciting, can't wait to see who the lucky couples are
  6. Although my parents were very supportive of whatever we wanted to do, they were super uninvolved with the wedding planning process. However, they were generous with our wedding present, which was money. I don't think it helped that they live in another country most of the year, but I did feel a bit sad that I didn't get to go dress shopping with my mom. Yeah, there is just something about emotionally connecting with your mom when it comes to buying "the dress" for sure.
  7. I was planning to walk myself down as well, but my dad ended up walking down the aisle with me. I am glad we did this because I was so nervous, and my dad reminded me to slow down (apparently I was speed walking) and breathe....
  8. Sorry to hear about your change in plans Erin, I am sure you will have a fabulous experience either way! For me personally, if I were a guest at a wedding I'd rather help myself to food from a bar than have passed hors d'oeurves... maybe its just previous "cocktail" events that I've been to but they never seem to be distributed evenly amongst the guests and you never get to try everything you'd like to try!
  9. Having Del Sol capture our wedding was amongst the top 2 decisions we made in regards to the wedding-- comes right after deciding to get married in Mexico. I don't think I pictures of me always turn out that great, but Sol sure made me look photogenic on the day it counted!!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by FutureMrsRobart I have tried contacting them twice off of their website contact link but no response. Is there a phone number that anyone knows of? TIA :-) Hi there! Wondering if the link maybe didn't work... Try emailing info@delsolphotography.com--Melissa at Del Sol has always been super prompt in getting back to me etc., I can't stress enough how great Del Sol is, will be one of your best wedding decisions seriously!!
  11. I tan *really* easily and didn't mind having color but didn't want to be super dark either. For the 3 and a half days before the wedding I wore a really wide brimmed hat out in the sun, and slathered SPF 60 on my face, neck, shoulders and arms (wherever the wedding dress would show skin) and also wore strapless bikinis and dresses etc., so I wouldn't have tan lines. It worked great! I can tell that the higher SPFs totally make a difference because my body (which I used 30 most of the time) is a few shades darker than my face/neck, which I used SPF50+
  12. Being a bride not too long ago, I can tell you that the travel agent you pick can save your sanity (or not!!). I went with a local Flight Centre TA, and I can tell you by the end of it I was ready to strangle someone (preferably her)--she caused me a lot of grief through the 9 month process re: booking errors, changing from a direct flight to a non-direct flight back to a direct flight, announcing to our guests that I was getting married to DH's brother on email etc.,. There has been some fairly mixed reviews about Destination Weddings.com, I suggest you do a search on the forum for them and d
  13. Jenn, I would love to know what designer/brand your dress is~ so beautiful
  14. HI Angie, there are sooooo many endless options for off-site receptions in the area it is not even funny! If you are interested in a sunset cruise, you could try Paradise Catamarans (Sail, swim, snorkel, parasail, and enjoy the Mayan Riviera with Paradise Catamarans. Our private catamaran charters make every outing a memorable event. do seem to have done weddings before. Or you could check out some of the restaurants/beach clubs in Playa Del Carmen (i.e. Kool Beach Club, Casa del Agua, YaxChe to name but a very few). Cruise the Mayan Riviera forum and I am sure you'll be ins
  15. Your review made for good reading with a glass of wine after a super long day!! Congratulations Karen, fellow May bride! Your wedding is super lovely. You illustrated your wedding week so well with the pics you took! I can't wait to see more from Fer!
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