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  1. Update: The orchids are sold. I am holding the floating candles and umbrella picks, pending payment. Everything else is still available. Anybody who as messaged me about things and are still interested, please give me some sort of indication. I don't want to to step on anybodies toes, but I really need to get rid of this stuff. All items are OBO!
  2. This is pretty upsetting. The only picture I have of my centerpieces in use at the AHR... the candles aren't even lit. ugh. and here is a picture from when I first bought everything and setup a preview...
  3. (2) 4-tealight holders $5/each ( 7.5" tall glass vases $1/each Gallon sized bag of polished rocks $3 for all shown in picture (9) dried palm fronds - various sizes $3 for all (3) 6-pack belani (2 marine, 1 bleached beige) decorative balls About a third of a gallon bag worth of large grain decorative sand $2 New, unopened package of (24) umbrella picks. Colors are a teal, sage and beige. New, opened 24 ct. glass bottle favor kit. We put these in everybody's OOT bags so they could collect their own sand as a souvenir.
  4. So, almost a month after my AHR, I really need to part with some of these decorations before I move. Please PM me for shipping charges or any questions. Make on offer on anything. Thanks for looking! (10) I Do! "Green" favor boxes from Michaels - plain -$5 for all (4) I Do! "Green" favor boxes from Michaels - with tiffany blue ribbon hot glued on top -$2 for all (9) Silk orchid picks $1/orchid and a close up to get an idea of size (4) Round 15.5" placemats - khaki and beige $1/placemat and a close up for color (1) box of 20 floating candles. Box is opened, but they're all new, unused $4 (18 ) Square tealight holders $0.50/tealight or $6 for all (2) 6-tealight holders $6/each
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by goodtoglow I'm wondering what everyone thinks of Lindquist aka Smith Bay Beach? We are going to have 70+ guests, which makes chairs completely unaffordable for our ceremony - although, that many chairs wouldn't have fit on Lindquist Beach anyway, according to Janelle from Island Bliss. For those of you who have been there, do you think it is big enough to fit 70+ people? We really want to get married on this beach! Just got married on Lindquist on June 6. It is a gorgeous beach. The area we did it was definitely not big enough for 70+ (we had 20, no chairs), but I feel that maybe further down the beach, you could possibly spread people out? If you want, I can send you some pictures of the beach, that may be easier to help make your decision.
  6. It was soo successful! My fiance, best man, maid of honor, and myself got home from the jack/jill party at 3 am... we got 1.5 hours of sleep and were back up and out to be at Old Navy by 6:30. What troopers! I actually had a blast, as weird as it sounds, maybe I was just overly exhausted and was getting giggly. 20 pairs later... I'm a very happy bride to be!
  7. I just came up with what I'm having my guests throw. I am absolutely OBSESSED with it, maybe my favorite thing I've thought up in this whole wedding process. Please, feel free to steal it. Shredded coconut. LOVE itt!!!! I tried it out, it flies sooo well, it looks amazing coming down, and it's tasty! haha.
  8. No problem! I've been checking every few days, so I'm really glad I saw this before it happened -they didn't give us much notice! My bachelorette party is the night before... and my MOH and I are probably waking up about 5:30 for this... OMG - what am I doing?!
  9. Didn't see any other posts on this, so I figured I would update it! "Old Navy is back with their $1 Flip-Flop sale this coming Saturday, May 22nd! This will be a One-Day sale, while supplies last! The flip-flops that are on sale are the solid colored classic flip-flops, which are typically 2/$5. This is a very popular sale – so make sure to get there early if you want the good colors! There is a limit of 5 per customer!" The ad says that stores open at 7 am! Here's the link... Old Navy – $1 Flip-Flops on Saturday May 22nd! | Thrifty NW Mom
  10. These are soo cute! And so special and unique! Your guests will love them!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Angel-in-Law Lol. I'm sure your guests will appreciate them too! Great job! Haha! Maybe some of them? But I was over at my FMIL's yesterday, and the thing she commented on was... the stamps?! That was it! lol
  12. Thank you everybody for your kind words! If anybody could appreciate these invites like me, I knew it could be all of you on this board! lol
  13. So I decided to save myself some money and DIY my invites and I ordered supplies from cards and pockets. I made some truly bad decisions while making these invites (knowing that ink doesn't stay well on metallic paper, I still insisted on having metallic Tiffany Blue invites, and metallic envelopes) Needless to say, I dealt with it - laid every invite and envelope out flat to dry for 2-3 days, to be safe. I still had some smudges, mostly on the envelopes, but nothing too major. Even though it took so much work and soooo much trial and error, I don't think I would have done it any differently if I could go back. I know that my invites are exactly what I want and totally 100% original. DIY Bellyband & monogram Invites drying Envelopes drying I apologize in advance, these are pictures of my VERY rough draft (not finished edges, printing just a bit off). I mailed out all of the good copies yesterday, and had no invites left over except for my draft. Hopefully I can borrow my sister's copy to get pictures of the real final product. Pocketfold & bellyband Invite, Ceremony Insert, Reception Insert, RSVP Card Inserts Feel free to leave any questions or comments
  14. Michael's has travel candles (in the tins) for $1, they're a good size too, and have tropical scents!
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by Sheree10 one suggesttion is to number your rsvp's... not all guests remember to put their name on it. Also, they may not answer all of the questions( they may just respond to the wedding and not the AHR) so be prepared! This is a wonderful idea - I can imagine some people in my family just deciding not to put their names on and sending it back along. Thanks for the suggestion, and I guess I should start tracking down my phone number list now, just to be prepared!
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