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  1. Here is the finished product!!! I actually used Champagne as the center instead of the baby bottle. You guys are awesome. oh yea - and i owe my husband BIG time. I ended up doing this sooo last minute so there were items that i wanted but did not have. Traveling for work, crazy schedule etc! LOL We will see. The shower is in the AM!! diaper castle on Flickr - Photo Sharing! 80 diapers Ribbon Craft paper construction paper Styrofoam box Bottle of Champagne Rubber Bands Clear rubber bands Covered the box in blue craft paper to make the "moat" Rolled 73 diapers. DH created a mini box out of cardboard to surround the champagne. Without it, the rubber bands made the "Castle" too round. Placed the rolled diapers in a square around the champagne. Rubber banded those together. Repeated for the second square (still the first "floor"). For the second floor, rubber banded a square of rolled diapers, but then stuffed 7 (2 for each side - 1 for the front) UNrolled diapers in between the champagne and the rolled diapers. This makes them a little further out than one square (top floor) but not as far out as two sets of squares (first floor) For the top floor, place one square around the champagne bottle and rubber band it together. Use the ribbon to cover the rubber bands. I used one black and two aqua and layered them. For the towers: took three of the rolled diapers and rubber banded them together. Took the black ribbon and tied it in the back to hide the rubber band. Took the smaller aqua ribbon and tied it around the black ribbon for the accent. Cut out a circle of construction paper. Find the middle of the circle and make a cut from any outside point to the middle of the circle. Then fold it around to make the tower roof. We stapled it together and then placed it on the towers. The towers on the top are just three rolled diapers place at different level. Flags: toothpicks with construction paper. I wrote the Baby's initial on the flags. Drawbridge: cut out a rectangle in brown construction paper. Attached the accent ribbon to each side of the drawbridge. Kind of folded the ribbon in between some of the diapers. OMG - it is so simple but took FOREVER!!! but it was fun. xoxoxo
  2. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!! i was googling all over the place and could never really find directions for the diaper castle that i found the picture for. this helps a ton!!! i will make sure and post pics and directions!!!
  3. yummy!! my brother (a bartender) made watermelon martinis for our gym pool party and they were a hit. i was not drinking the month of June (after we got back from jamaica i swear my blood was pure rum) so did not get to try the adult version. if it weren't sunday i would go get the vodka and make this now! it sounds so refreshing!
  4. Paleo / Primal /Low carb Enchiladas DH and I opened up a crossfit gym, so we are trying to eat "paleo" which is basically, meat, veggies, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, no sugar. Quick and easy! brown some grassfed beef or chicken. Add some fajita seasoning. Get a can of enchilada sauce and mix it into the chicken or beef. Then add onions, green, red, and yellow peppers. (if you dont have the sauce, it is easy to make too - just olive oil, tomato sauce, basil, cumin, chili powder, garlic and chicken stock) In a separate pan, make an eggwhite omlette, filling it with the meat and sauce mixture. roll and put into a casserole dish. Keep going until you fill up the dish. Dump the rest of them mixture over the top. Add some extra sauce to make it juicy. Add cumin and cilantro over the top. You can add cheese if you want. Put in the oven at 350 for 10 minutes. Yummy and quick! PS - the "tortilla" will probably fall apart all over the place until you get good at it. No worries, just stick it in the dish and smoosh it together. It tastes the same i promise.
  5. thanks Andrea and Leah!! I will get those clear rubber bands tomorrow. LOL queendiva - i know how you feel. Andrea - your friends did a really good job on yours!
  6. DH is 3 years 11 months and 20 days YOUNGER!!! i always joke that i saw the baby in the cradle, snatched him and started running and now the state probably won't let me live next to an elementary school. he he. I am 34 and he is 30 (he is the same age as my younger brother - eeek) but people joke with him all the time that HE is the one robbing the cradle. crazy!
  7. I am hosting a baby shower this month and wanted to make a diaper castle. any one know how to do this?
  8. thanks tracy! i will definitely have a look at that site. we are planning on making a diaper cake because i am sooo on a budget......
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by Laura22610 I was just at a baby shower with a cute different game... It was The Price is Right and they had a table with diapers, baby wipes, dreft laundry detergent, and other such baby items. Everyone (all of the guests) had to guess the prices of the items and submit a total price. The person who came closest to the actual price, won a prize. And...the mom-to-be got all of the baby stuff!! I thought it was a good idea for a game! OMG - that is a GREAT IDEA!!!! i think i am going to use this one.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by kerrij I want my hubby to have a baby party but i can't really throw it for him! hahahah HA!! i think maybe an email to the best man should be in order! LOL.
  11. 9 months!!! that is awesome! i lOVE your sig pic btw - super fun!!!
  12. I am planning a baby shower and looking for some cute ideas for games and gifts. this forum has such awesome DIY and etsy ideas. i did see cute tea bag "sleeves" on etsy that says a "baby is brewing". but was not sure if this was cute or cheesy! HA!
  13. hey natural - i totally understand and was in the same boat. i like your theme!!! how cute. you can do a lot with that.
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