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  1. Jannae - So glad to hear things are changing for the better for you I am trying to figure out this new layout too...it's confusing now but I am sure it will be way better in the long run!
  2. I got the maracas at Genuine Maracas - PartyMart: party supplies They were not personalized when I bought them though. I just got a stamp that said our names and wedding date and stamped the handles of each maraca (if you do this make sure to spray the maraca with a lacure after so the stamp does not smere)
  3. I just wanted to say that the mugs we got were a huge hit! Yes, a few people did forget theirs by the pool and on the beach but I had brought extra's because I knew this would happen. Most people I know still use the mug daily for their morning coffee. greysgirl - Thanks so much for the review/pics, I miss it so much and I want to go back sooo bad!!!
  4. Your photos are amazing and you look stunning!! I love them so much!! I wish I would have done a TTD now!! Maybe one year when I go back and renew I will do it Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos!!!!
  5. Too funny, I just looked at my ticker and I have actually been married 8 months, not 7... time really does fly. It's been a fabulous 8 months
  6. Nic - You had mentioned you got your fans from Kerry but would you happen to know where she got them? A friend of mine is looking for fans so I told her I would look around. Also, I like the fans without the bows and I love the jewelry you got! Linds - I definately know how you feel, I want to be back at the the RPRM soooo bad!!! It's 7 months today since I was married there (I can't believe time has gone by sooo fast) I can't wait to go back one day! Jannae - congratulations on being a MRS!!!!! I will make you a facebook friend after work to check oput your photos, can't wait to
  7. Nic - We had our ceremony at 1pm and it worked out nicely, we had photos right after the ceremony till about 3pm. Then we just relaxed by the pool (some people took naps and there were children that needed naps too)...me I hung out in my wedding dress by the pool but most people changed and got into the pool. Then we had our cocktail hour from 5-7 and dinner at Chili's at 7pm. It worked out great. We got the 7pm dinner time though because we had over 60 people. Not sure if the rules have changed but you had to have over 60 people to get the early dinner, otherwise dinner wasn't un
  8. Jannae - Your dress looks fabulous!! Less the a month to go!!! sooo exciting
  9. Congrats Samira!! Too bad about the hiccups like Jen said but your attitude is great! I can't wait to see your photos and reviews, I am going to add you onto facebook.
  10. samira - Have a great time!! I can't wait to see and hear all about your wedding experience!! You are going to have a fabulous time!!! Oh, I am very excited (and a bit jealous, I wanna go back) for you!!
  11. Oh my goodness, it seems that this is the way life goes...just grip the horns and hold on tight, you will make it through this!! I would be exactly the same as you right now!! You obviosly know that this is the best thing to do for your family but it's just bad timing. Right after everything settles down you will look back and think about how it wasn't as crazy as it seemed. We are here for you at all if you need to vent!!
  12. Hey ladies...I haven't been on for a while now but it's great to see the photos tos andfrom all your weddings, oh how I miss the RPRM!!! Lindsey - Congrats on being a Mrs!!! I love your dress and your BM dresses and your new siggy pic is great!!! I am going to add you on facebook to see all your photos! I can't wait to see your review. Paige2010 - Just wanted to wish you the best before you leave to get married. You will have such a great time and I can't wait to hear all about it when you get back and of course see the pics!! Adrienne - Your invitations are great, I also lik
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