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  1. It's funny that this thread popped back up today! I actually laughed when I saw it because I obviously stressed and obsessed for so many months, changed my mind a million times, and it never mattered because I had to change everything 6 weeks before anyway! Because my planned screwed us over and we had the wedding at home, we pretty much re-planned the entire wedding in 6 weeks. Really, it was so meant to be. Lesson learned...don't sweat the small stuff. When it came down to the day, I could care less what my flowers looked like, what the favors were, etc. It really was all about us and our gu
  2. The 3rd one is a J Crew dress. Unfortunately from 2004, The name is Celeste Pique. You may be able to hunt it down on ebay or craigs list though.
  3. Omg, I went with my gay friend to the gay bar and oh man do they do it up for Halloween! Lots of funny but raunchy costumes. There was a guy who was a restroom stall with a glory hole! I just ended up being Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany's.
  4. It looks great on you! Do you want to show it off? It is def revealing, but not trashy revealing. It looks VERY sheer. Do you think it will be transparent when wet? Other than that it looks nice.
  5. Thanks guys!!! It def was a blast. It was like it was meant to be in NJ. I was a little disappointed that we didn't get a lot of pics at the beach though. It was like hurricane windy outside and almost every picture has my veil blowing like a parachute or my hair flying all over the place! At one point my veil flew off and went sailing down the beach. I think we are going to trash the hell out of my dress in the spring on the same beach so we can get the shots we missed out on.
  6. I just got my pics today!!!!!!!! I know how the BDW'ers love their pics, so I figured I would share even though my wedding was in NJ. There are hundreds, so I took my faves and put them up on facebook. All the rest are in my Bella photos link under my siggy. Christina Caracappa's Photos - Wedding Pro Pics | Facebook
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by SDbeachgirl Thanks. The problem is that the stores alway have about 2 or 3 sizes too big and we have to clip it and just imagine what it will look like. So we never really are able to see how they will look. I like chiffon too. My bridesmaids are drawn to the satin and charmeuse. I didn't care for the satin as it seemed to formal for my beach wedding. I wanted something more flowy and light weight. Oh, well thats good then. Your girls are probably on the smaller side anyway if the sample size is big. My concern was putting a plus size girl in charmeuse
  8. My friend just had the same problem with her wedding last month. A lot of people who got save the dates never got invites, and some people questioned why, but for the most part they understood. With the economy the way it is, people understand. What she did was have primary, secondary, etc lists. As she got rsvp's back that weren't coming she would send out another round of invites. She also made sure not to invite any children unless they were in the bridal party. She also invited singles without a guest if they weren't in a serious relationship or dating someone. Cutting out children (even t
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by Tammy Host estella...dylan is so cute...those eyes!! Thanks! Your little ones are adorable too! Hopefully we both win and have our babers in the window!
  10. I keep trying to vote and the site is freezing up my computer I promise I will vote for them as soon as I can ! Here's my little guys entry. Good luck! Entries by estella1007 for the Gap Casting Call | Disney Family
  11. Hmmm...a few other gems....My best friend wore scrubs with a dr's lab coat. Wrote "proctologist" on it, put on latex gloves, and smeared brown craft paint all over the gloves, lab coat, and on his face. (apparently all my suggestions are gross!) Another good one I saw at a club. He was a "one night stand." He used a cardboard box to make a nightstand and wore it around his body, put a lampshade on his head, and glued condoms and underwear to the top of the nightstand. The guy won 1st prize.
  12. Maybe because it has the empire waist it will float away from the body a little more. Its hard to tell without seeing and trying on the dress. Thats my best advice is to make sure the girls have the chance to try it on before they commit to it. My girls wore chiffon and its also a very pretty fabric choice.
  13. my sis was a tampon one year. She wrapped herself in a tube of posterboard, wrote tampax on it, glued string to the butt, and made a hat covered in cottonballs! A lil gross but super funny.
  14. I am trying to convince the hubby to wear a vintage sailor suit, and I could wear a vintage nurse uniform so we can be the "Times Square Kiss" picture. http://www.historycooperative.org/jo...man_fig01b.jpg He won't go for it though I'm not sure that anyone would get it unless we kept smooching all night!
  15. Here's some info about the fabric... Charmeuse - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia I would be careful. Like I said, it's beautiful, but it's hard to pull off unless you have the body for it. It doesn't have any structure and it is very lightweight. It falls against the body and hugs your curves. Stiffer fabrics like taffeta and satin can hold shape and are much more forgiving.
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