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  1. Just an update, I used the program pages used only on a Mac. Here is the direct link to the template... Family newsletter - "by the numbers" | iWorkCommunity - Templates Exchange I wish I could edit my original post but no luck (
  2. Kate, Your so lucky that you've started early enough...I can't prepare you on the patience that you'll need when it comes to dealing with some businesses in Hawaii. It was sooo frustrating ( I can't speak for Loulu Palms Estate as I don't know much about it. When planning from afar I can't tell you how much you really need to rely on your instincts about something and opinions from those who have no ties with businesses or anything to gain from promoting anything... I'd read as much as possible about other brides experiences and what worked or didn't work for them...good luck!
  3. Oh, sorry I didn't answer your initial question. They ended up charging me a $150 event fee and they stated that if I didn't have a porto potty that they would charge me another fee. I didn't do the porto potty and I don't remember them charging me the extra fee. One thing I will say that was VERY frustrating the entire time I was planning is how laid back most people are in Hawaii..I guess that's why it's such a great vacation spot but it was absolutely HORRIBLE when it came to trying to plan a wedding from a distance (
  4. Hi, CarpeDiem, The property I ended up using was in Laie and I found it through VRBO. The property name is Hale Kekela and the direct website is Laie, Hawaii vacation rental by owner: 6 bedroom House rental that sleeps 20. Hale Kekela - Beachfront Hawaiian Vacation Rental. It believe I paid $750 a night. I'll give my pros and cons because it's not the location for everyone. It was great for me because I wanted my ceremony on the beach and reception on location. I had a little over 100 guests and the ceremony on the beach was cramped. The picture shows a lot of beach space but it truely depends on the tide at the time of your ceremony. We rented for a whole week and had our wedding on the a Saturday. If I could go back I would say to do it on a weekday or even Friday. Through out the week it was great because it was our own private beach but on our wedding day there were people swimming in the ocean. Not as many as Honolulu but I would of loved a more private ceremony. Another thing I didn't know or couldn't tell from the pictures is that the ocean is not directly viewable from the house. It's accessible but there is some type of bushes/plants that gives the house privacy from those walking along the beach. Just something to keep in mind if you thought that you would be able to see the beach during the reception. If you plan to use the beach for your ceremony, you'll probably need to do some cleaning up. Just picking up some trash here and there and clearing the beach of branches/leaves. It will give you more beach space for set up. The estate itself is older so don't expect any of the amenities to be modern. My husband and his boys were in a condo at Turtle Bay and we checked them in first so when I got to the estate I will admit I was a bit disappointed. For instance all of the TVs in the house are still the big box televisions, so don't expect to see plasmas. The kitchen is bit outdated as well. There is a ton of space to have guests live there and enough space for parking. Looking back I wouldn't of changed my option to have it there especially since price was a factor for us but those are some of the things I would of liked to know ahead of time. There is a park nearby for parking which worked perfectly but be aware that it closes at 10 pm. Also if you have your wedding there then you'll need to be sure it ends by 10 pm because it is a residential area. Another thing to keep in mind is Laie is a mormon city so you won't find alcohol at any of the stores nearby, you'll need to go to the next town but it's only 5-10 mins. Overall it was a great choice, but if money wasn't an issue I would of had my wedding at Turtle Bay in the glass chapel or possibly at a different estate. At the time that I was getting married there was something pending about getting permits to get married on the beach. I didn't do it and I thought it was partially because the space backed to the beach but it could of been my horrible wedding planner, luckily it wasn't an issue. If you end up using it or contemplating it then pm or email me for more info so your better prepared. good luck!
  5. Your totally right! The codes are 548 for 25% and L25 for free shipping...yes, you can use both codes...I tried them out and they work. Brings the price down to right under $10 and you can't beat free shipping.... Great deal!!!
  6. Your totally right! The codes are 548 for 25% and L25 for free shipping...yes, you can use both codes...I tried them out and they work. Brings the price down to right under $10 and you can't beat free shipping.... Great deal!!!
  7. Congrats! you have more than enough time to explore and get everything in line...wishing you the best~
  8. Welcome and you've definitely come to the right place for help and support...it'll get better the more you seek advice...good luck!
  9. Welcome! I don't know specifically about Negril but I do know about the last minute stress ( Good luck...
  10. princessina


    Congrats and Welcome to the Forum!!
  11. Hi, Ladies, I just love shopping! I found this tote bag with beach mat attached on sale at Newport News..it's reduced from $34 to $12.99. I wish they would of had this deal when I was getting married because my BM's would of definitely got one each. Looks like a great price for someone having a beach wedding or heck a destination wedding ) Happy Shopping...get them while they last ) Newport News
  12. There's a beautiful place called Byodo-In Temple it's a Japanese Temple. I would definitely check it out...I've never been there but it photographs so well. (not sure where your wedding location is and how far it is from the temple)
  13. You will have more than enough time to do photos after. I had my wedding at 3pm and had a cocktail hour while we did all of our photos. It was more then enough time. I had photos from getting ready all the way through to my reception. It's definitely do able...good luck
  14. Great! Yoeshi...I'm glad it worked out for you. I definitely believe a WC is the essential piece to your destination wedding. My wedding was definitely not memorable and we even refer to it as the party we funded and not our wedding day. I advise anyone and everyone to definitely do your homework when it comes to WC and don't ever be scared to walk away because you feel you have so much invested. A bad WC is something that you'll never get over. I'm glad it worked out for you but it somehow would not surprise me if it's just some other young college student that took Martina's place...I mean why not start your own company instead of inheriting someone else's image? To everyone else...take heed to all the advise you get around here and make an informed decision or else you'll regret it...
  15. No, I'm not sure that it's even an option. You could probably find out from your local post office. I shipped to my WC but if your staying at a hotel...I think you can ship there but don't know for sure.
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