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  1. I know a lady named Shirley Shirley. How bad would that suck?? I honestly don't think it will be that bad, it's just going to take some getting use to! I think it's kind of cute.
  2. I bet she will regret not going. Try to have a great time! She is the one missing out, not you!
  3. Who was the dude in Chicago that was shot at the end? And the dude that drove the shipment to Chicago was the al Capone dude right? Or was it someone else?
  4. Ryan and I watched it "together" well, he was about 7 hours away. I thought it was decent. I am excited to see the next show because it usually takes me a while to get into shows. I was a bit confused through part of it.
  5. WOW you girls have added a lot to this thread since I was here last... I need to start checking some of these out. That Angel Chicken looks awesome Andrea! Putting it the pork and the pot roast on my list of things to make.
  6. I have never heard you can't travel... in fact my dr allowed it all the way until 32 weeks. If you don't feel he is a good fit I would def look for a new dr. I agree with Carly that he sounds high maintenance. I'm sorry you feel so bad. I would really look into another dr though.
  7. If you feel like something is up I would for sure go talk to someone. It will make you feel better either way.
  8. Congrats on your dress. I am glad you went and didn't wait around for your Mom.
  9. Yeah, they put it in right afterward. But if you think about it, it's going to be all goopy everywhere and you aren't going to really know if the goop is on one side or the other side. At least I wouldn't. So gross but true. What I did is I just tried to stay laying down for 15-20 min afterward if I could. I would prop a pillow (with a towel over it) under my hips so they were a bit higher. Worked for me!
  10. Some people believe that the soft cup will keep the spermies up there and give them more of a chance of getting to the egg because the sperm doesn't come back out... it could work who knows. But my dr told me that it can do the opposite too. You can put it in and the sperm will be on the wrong side of the cup and it can keep it from going up. It's all in how you look at it I guess. Some girls swear by it.
  11. Girls I don't know if you know about these websites either. Every day they have new stuff. You can add them on Facebook too and it will remind you when a new item is available. I will put the time they appear in Central time. Babysteals.com 10 am Mamabargains.com whenever item sells out new one is posted ecobabybuys.com I think this one is 8 am greenbabybargains.com I think 12pm babyhalfoff.com 9 am I buy a lot of stuff from them. Also, if you decide to cloth diaper (which I do part of the time) they have some great deals every so often.
  12. Congrats! Girls are so much fun!
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