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  1. Here are some pics of the lobby of the Marquis Los Cabos - which seems like a gorgeous property. Then sopme pics of the Westin which is HUGE but just didn't like the feel of it for some reason. It's very contemporary styling which I just don't like...
  2. gkashmira


    This place is really beautiful. The onyl reason I liked the Hilton better was because you can swim in the water there. The property here is actually more lovely - feels a lot more private. The prices aren't low though...
  3. From the album: Sheraton

  4. We just showed up and askedd to walk around and see the place. They were actually setting up what might have been a wedding. This is a nice hotel - especially since it's AI.
  5. gkashmira

    Marbella En La Playa

    This is cute and inexpensive hotel. It isn't luxurious like the rest of the resort on this area but the rooms/food/open bar are cheaper. A nice option for a more budeget concious reception.
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