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  1. Hi there, I've been doing more or less the same thing myself but didn't realize it actually had a name :-) I've started making everything from scratch using non-processed foods, such as yogurt, ice cream, soups, salad dressing, cookies, etc... It does take a bit more time and organization, but in the end it's so worth it! And it also gives me an excuse to play with the new kitchen appliances we got as gifts :-) Good luck, and I'd be happy to share recipes! Chantal
  2. After my experience with Sunquest during the H1N1 crisis, I've vowed never to use them again and am spreading the word of their very poor handling of the situation so that everyone is aware that all they care about is getting your money... I did see the special in the Metro as well and was flooded with feelings of anxiety just at the reminder of that company!
  3. Been delinquent in posting my progress. Was away on holidays last week. Since then, this is what I did: Friday: 1 hour Wii Fitness coach (upper body) Saturday: 10 minutes running and 1 hour circuit training Monday: 45 minutes circuit training Tuesday (yesterday): 1.5 hours ashtanga (power yoga) Today: 30 minutes Wii Fitness coach (core) My AHR is on September 6th and I'm trying to lose 3-4 lbs before then, to make sure I fit in my wedding dress! I had gained 6-7 lbs since pre-wedding time... Back down a bit now and only 3-4 more to go.
  4. I think it's a good idea to wait a bit to order your dress and see how much weight you lose between now and -say- October. That way, you may be able to order a size smaller than your current size, and still have it ordered on time. I had a goal of losing 20 lbs before the wedding, so I did order a size smaller than recommended. For me, it was extra motivation to lose the weight. By the time it came in, I had lost 15 lbs and it needed to be taken in to what would have been 2 sizes smaller than the original recommended size. I also had hired a trainer and was very serious about the weight loss g
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by jkcz0702 Congrats to all you new mommies and mommies to be!!! All the babies are so beautiful. I have been stalking this thread for awhile because DH and I have been TTC for only about a month now, but on Friday I will become a Mommy. We are adopting a 1 year old little boy, this all began only 2 weeks ago (my head is still spinning) when my DH 2nd cousin was looking for someone to adopt their grandson and we said we would love to, so we hired a lawyer and have started the adoption process. I am so excited and nervous it is going to be awesome. We are st
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by AmyandRich Chanti - Did you also work with Aurora? What did you think? Amy I think she's fairly recent there, she came on while I was planning during the winter. She was a bit disorganized: I'd receive documents she wanted me to fill, which I promptly returned to her, only to re-receive the same email and documentation to fill a few weeks later. But she was great at responding to my communications though, and put me in touch with Javier, the head concierge, when I asked for his email. She might be getting better, as I said, I think she just
  7. Thanks autjo! Ankle is slowly but surely getting better. Still waiting for the darn MRI appointment. Will likely be healed by then! Just did 30 minutes of Wii Fitness Coach (lower body) and am in the middle of finishing up my circuit training (taking a breather!). Maya, the PT on the Wii Fitness Coach, is starting to kick my a*%!!!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by AmyandRich Jerzygirl - On a different note.... Aurora responded to my request in under 24 hours to schedule a date and time for a meeting with her on October 2! I still haven't figured out if she is a coordinator or not.... does anyone know for sure?? Amy Hi Amy, I think she is assistant to the WC. That's what I kind of figured out while there :-) Chantal
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by AmyandRich Chanti, Did you rent a sound system/speakers to play your ipod during the ceremony? Yes we did. The sound of the waves would have drowned us out without it I think!
  10. I wasn't as impressed with last night's auditions as I was about Wednesdays, but there were definitely a few really good dancers. Good to see some more familiar faces from last year's finals! Jean-Marc is a typical French-Canadian guy (I am French-Canadian so can say that, LOL), soooooo cute! His colleagues literally have to pick his jaw off the floor when the sexy girls come onstage. Loved his face when the two Pussy Cat Dolls wanna be's came on: they were interesting, looking forward to seeing how far they get. The stripper girl: wow, how do you do that in heels that high??
  11. We thought about using the violinist for our ceremony, and the cost was $400 USD so we opted to just use our iPod with selected songs. Turned out great nonetheless! Chantal
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by KPEG I was thinking about paper laterns too, did they work out ok for you? Thanks for the compliments :-) I loved our lanterns, although it was a bit of a hassle to transport them there, assemble them for the reception and then take them apart again to bring back here. But now they're in our family room in the basement, a nice reminder of our special day :-) PM me if you want the link for the website where I bought them. Chantal
  13. Hi ladies, I haven't forgotten to write my review! I will be on holidays next week, lounging at a cottage, while my DH participates in his saxophone retreat (I tease him and call it "band camp"!) so I'll have free time to write it up and post upon my return :-) Sorry for the delay... Chantal
  14. You're not alone! I didn't have any centerpieces, did not plan to make special bows for chairs, or any other detail... We just got a wedding package from the resort, chose our meal, cake, flowers and that's it. We brought down some paper lanterns for the reception, but didn't do anything other than that. I wanted a DW in order to minimize planning and just enjoy myself, and there is nothing wrong with keeping it simple! All we needed was the beach, our family/friends and a great day, which worked out beautifully! Good luck :-) Chantal
  15. Crazy! I can't believe she had the audacity to ask you to MC and presented you with an invite that clearly makes it known that you wouldn't have been invited in the first place. I totally agree with what Jersey said. Tactfully decline to MC.
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