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  1. Qamea Spa and Resort! YOU WILL LOVE IT! Fiji Accommodation : 5 Star Hotel, Qamea Luxury Beach Resort, For Getting Married, Honeymoon & Weddings, Hotels, Resorts I got married there. The owner is awesome. Its a boutique resort. No other resorts around. Very intimate. We got married there.
  2. thanks ladies!!!! i had baby duty last night and was tired..... i actually fell in love ...vs feel. opps
  3. I gave birth on Tuesday! Elijah Keegan 7lbs 7 oz 21.7 in Im a bit bummed that I had to supplement my milk because it hasnt came in. He has brought so much joy and excitement into our lives. I cant even begin to describe it.
  4. I gave birth on Tuesday! Elijah Keegan 7lbs 7 oz 21.7 in Im a bit bummed that I had to supplement my milk because it hasnt came in. He has brought so much joy and excitement into our lives. I cant even begin to describe it.
  5. I feel in love on Tuesday with my son Elijah Keegan. I never ever ever imagined love feeling this way. He was born March 3 @ 11:31pm 7lbs 7 oz 21.7 in long
  6. about 6 months before we got married we discussed when we would try. we actively started trying in June, a month before our wedding... actually almost 2 months. Our first try, we conceived and I was pregnant before we got married. (10wks) its not a big deal but the first half of my pregnancy i was kinda jealous of the baby because i would only have hubby to myself for 9 months! lol Sick and selfish huh?? DH is so excited because hes 41 and is stoked that his boys can swim... lol and hes even more excited that its a boy. He even goes into the baby's room to touch his clothes and admire them. I got over the jealousy, Im just happy that I can actually make DH this happy just by housing and pushing out a baby... its so strange to me.
  7. my resort doesnt allow tipping but i think we tipped her 50 bucks. they make like 2 bucks an hour....
  8. i havent changed mine yet! its so much trouble. id have to change my ss card, tx drivers license, and all of my passports, and account info. it pisses me off when people ask me if i am going to change it.... i want to say... when dh decides to contact that DPS and go to the embassy and do all of the paperwork for me then i will! lol I will do it but im not in a rush. I am dropping my middle name and making it my maiden.
  9. Well, I didnt have a bridal party. In fact only DH's mom and dad paid to come (until the agent took our money and ran... another story) We did it without anyone. It was extremely romantic. It was so relaxing and casual and I remember EVERY moment like it was yesterday. I felt like no one was talking me to death or trying to get my attention. I didnt worry about a thing when I got there. Since I had no guest I didnt even have to worry about making them happy. It was just about me and DH. I did go through a sad period when I really wanted a bridal party. Its natural.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by lil_miss_frogg My two cents....If they are paying for the room and flight themselves I don't see a problem with it. If you had intended on this friend to bring her boyfriend to begin with then it's not really an extra plate. Quote: Originally Posted by JulieG I had 3 random guests at my wedding and it was not an issue, in my mind, at all. They paid for themselves to come and were keeping friends that I teally wanted there company. If I had any issues with the people I would have said they could not come to the wedding, but I have no say over who goes to the resort, and I would not even try to tell someone no. So I think IMHO they have every right to bring a friend, but you have to tell them politely that they can't come to dinner due to costs and your friend should totally understand and respect that. I agree with these two ladies. You probably wont even noticed the friend... or many of the guest. The day is going to go by so fast that you might not get a chance to adsorb it all in especially if you have a decent size wedding. It was just the two of us, but actually alot of the resort guest sort of showed up at our wedding - a little far away or watching from their bures (houses) - but I didnt even notice or get mad enough to care. In fact I wouldnt have minded at all if they were closer.
  11. I would go with a Mexican theme shower but if you like all sorts of food I remember having a lot of Filipino foods! Not that I was getting married in the Philippines a lot of my friends are from there. It was so yummy. I think you should go with what you think you and your guest are accustomed to. If I was in the states, I probably would have had a BBQ.
  12. Go ahead and put a few things on the registry for the shower or have a theme - Wine & Spirits - Everyone brings wine or something for wine, william and sonoma gift cards, etc. Entertaining - have people bring gifts having to do with entertaining - platters, fun glasses, etc Outdoors - something to do with sports Romance - lingerie or couples games etc The reason why I say have something for the shower - I told the party hostess that we didnt need gifts and would prefer money and I STILL got a load of crap I didnt need. Seriously. Ugly useless crap. Some people gave money but most people just dont get it. In my invites I put a little poem about us having a wishing well. No one came to the wedding but they did mail us checks. Weve put that money away for something big.
  13. You dont have much time for alterations, so get it done now! if you afraid of trying it on, just go straight to the seamstress and try it on with her there.
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