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  1. I got married here on Feb 6, 2009. The best decision we ever made. We only had 8 guests too, and just did it with the basic package.. it was so windy we didn't hear what we agreed too.. lol.. but the pictures turned out fantastic. All the best!!
  2. Oh yeah AHR was awsome.. wore the dress again... AND have since sold it already.. YIKES... I am kinda sad I sold it... so I was asking for more than I paid (cause I got a killer deal)... and sold it for $650. to the first person who come to look at it. (would have cost $1300 off the rack). haha but I just noticed my photographer used our wedding on thier wed site, check it out.... IMO there were LOTS more and better pics.. but these are the 'different' ones... Mexican Wedding Photos & Videos | Wedding photographers
  3. I just noticed my wedding is one of thier slideshows.... p.s. there were a TON of excellent pictures that were not added.. this is a very basic sampleing and IMO not the best ones... Mexican Wedding Photos & Videos | Wedding photographers
  4. got married in Feb, only needed passports and tourist cards. We our witnesses (4) and had to get blood tests done as well. All documents were in spanish, once we returned we had then transalated into english, and notarized, and I have changed my bame and documnts no problem.
  5. This can sooo easily be solved... especially if you want your hair 1/2 up 1/2 down. By the looks of it you have a 'full' head of hair lol... Same as me.. so here is what I did... p.s. I didnt want a veil.. my mom wanted me to have one... 1. Don't get a big veil.... if it is breezy... the big the veil, the more it will pull in the wind. Mine came to just mid back, it was perfect. 2. Buy a used veil. There are lots of girls who are selling wedding dresses.. and veils too... I bought mine for... $20, but i think she paid $200. If you REALLY don't want a veil... the details
  6. don't worry.. bustle it... the most important thing IMO is that it's not super heavy material.. something lightweight so you don't over heat in mexico and that the bustle isn't weighing you down all nite... and if for me.. my bustle was fine in Mexico, at my AHR.. we bearly got in the hall, FI stepped on my dress.. and the bustle broke out... so I danced all night holding my dress where it should have been bustled.. and really.. it didn't bother me at all... I could even two-step no problem, just holding his hand and my dress all in the same hand.. lol
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Tracy_S Ok so we were talking budget last night, and have decided to go with the free wedding package... really what is the difference in the silver package and paying the 2500 for To us that seems outrageous for the exact same stuff, well except the bouquet, boutineer, petite cake and champange... but I was going to be paying for those anyways... what really is included in that 2500 does anyone know?? I think its a rip off and can't believe I was going to pay to have the same thing as the free one!! That now should free up some extra money for whatever else I
  8. Jodz10... don't stress you really do have lots of time... You would probably feel better if you were talking to the resort yourself (rather than through your travel agent.. I didn't even use a travel agent). But with that said... you have US! Anything that may cause you stress just ask... and if your still stressing, don't focus on 'how bad it could be' focus on how to work with what is dealt to you... and make the best of it. (is it obvious I was on a 'focus positive energy' seminar??) we're here to help.. personally i don't know what I would have done without this group.. cuz my family
  9. Heather007 Wow.. I started my own thread which is pretty much the same as yours.... post wedding blues - Anyone? We were only married 6 days apart and are from SK.. you think it's the crappy weather I know I had to start a thread cuz my FI didn't know what my problem was.. and really neither did I... I was lucky however... my FI's parents wanted to stay with us for the second week.. AHHHHH... but we discussed and moved them to another resort... I was wondering... did you find it hard to change your name I think that's when my 'blues' kicked in.... I'm a bit older than
  10. Jodz10 I completely agree 5pm is too late. I was married at 3, pics until 5 and then at 5 the sun was already going down. You still have 9 months pior to the wedding, but I honestly would change my date before I took that time slot. There shouldn't be many weddings scheduled for your day, so I would definately get the wedding bumped up to 1 or 2pm. Don't ask them for a better time TELL them... lol.. be forcefull.. your the bride, get what you want... your bringing alot of business to thier resort!!
  11. Oooo.. I'm not gonna be much help, as my wedding was VERY simple... 1. IPOD for your dance.. We didn't even have a dance there was only 8 guests and we hung out at the Spa Bar all night and had a blast, doing shots at the tequila bar and just joking with the bar tenders and staff... 2. Did you guys see any other brides using the wooden aisle runner? Didn't see the wodden runner, just keep in mind flats or thongs would be fine to walk on this runner.. but if you happen to be wearing a high heel.. I think it would be very difficult to walk on, with the sand underneath
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by Malisa Hey Prarie Girl - I just wanted to check in and see how you were doing. Your co-worker sounds like a jerk. Have you figured out how to get around him yet? How is the job search going? Malisa, you are a sweetie!! things are good.. I am much better than I was... I have adopted the 'suck it up' and 'get over it' policies... (kinda working...) I don't even deal with my co-worker, he comes into my office and all he gets is 'yes' 'no' answers... Am waiting hoping to get an interview from a position I applied for.. but know it may no happen so I
  13. I wore a veil... my only suggestion.. don't make it any longer than say mine (see my pic) and you must ensure it is SECURELY fastened.. and if need be can be removed easily. I kinda like how mine looked blowing in the wind (and it was REALLY WINDY) but I also removed it 1/2 way through the pics. veil over your face.. could be annoying if windy.. the veil may get pushed into your face and you may get makeup on it...
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by edssbride09 I should mention however, that though i loved our wedding, i did see 2 weddings during the week that were definitely not up to my standards. Both did their ceremonies down the beach (in the permanent and the portable gazebos). We were going to do the portable gazebo, but you really don't get any privacy there. If you care about privacy the dock is the best place. We had absolutely no looky-loos! I got my dad to go out and save the beds close by that morning, and we had such a private ceremony. Both also did not have a private reception, and bot
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