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  1. Hi ladies; Looks like I haven't been on here in over a year, wow how time flies. My hubby and I are planning on finally taking our honeymoon this Christmas- we don't really know where we want to go but we know that we don't want to go to the Mayan Rivera again [my husband has been there numerous times and would like to try something new]. So, I came to this place [because you all rock] to see where you all suggest since we have all researched so many places for weddings/honeymoons already. Here is what we are looking for: excursions 4+ star all inclusive resort
  2. Thanks for your suggestions. We went and put our name on a raincheck list for a breadmaker because our two stores, where we have gift cards for, are completely sold out. It will be really exciting waiting for it to come!!!! ~~
  3. Go to Xe-hal. We went there for a day and we could have gone for more. It has amazing snorkelling, it is stunning, and we absolutely loved the view of everything. The park is huge so you can do almost anything there. We suggest going early in the day, we arrived at 8:30 a.m. right when it opened and there was hardly anyone else there for like 2 hours. It was great. ~~
  4. Thanks so much!!!! I'm having such a hard time finding reviews on bread-makers, but plenty of yummy recipes. ~~
  5. Amy- you are BY FAR the sexiest vegan!!!! I voted for you!!!! Oh, and I love the fact that you used your BD photo, love it!!!! ~~
  6. Way too cute!!!! I already give to our local humane society, plus, that's where my 4 little cute kitty-cats are from!!!! ~~
  7. Hey man, I would totally do a porn if someone offered me one million dollars. With that money, I would move to Mexico and watch destination weddings all day long from the comfort of a beach chair. Ha!!!! But, on the topic of this lady, I will try not to judge her because I do not have enough information to make a decision. However, with that being said, I think it is "odd" that she would have 8 more babies when she has 6 at home. My question is, being a university student myself, how on earth does she plan on going back and finishing a masters degree, which is very difficult and time con
  8. We recieved a Black and Decker Bread-maker from our registry as a gift. However, we don't know if it's any good or not. It's a discontinued product, B2something is it's item number. We do have the option to return it and pick out another one [i really want a bread-maker]. I plan on using it a lot, we love home made bread, but I don't want it to crap out on us. Does anyone know if this one is okay, and, if not, which one do you recommend? Thanks!!!! ~~
  9. Our wedding was at 3:15 p.m. and it didn't seem to warm at all. It was a beautiful day. Plus, you must remember that the breeze off of the ocean cools things down a lot. ~~
  10. I agree with IndianBride for the best beach. However, the beaches are all beside each other so people staying at all of the Barcelos' are all over the different beaches. Check out my reviews in wedding reviews for the Colonial, plus my thread on the hints and tips. ~~
  11. Oh, thanks Linsday for the suggestions. I'm totally going to go and check out their websites right now. ~~
  12. We are planning our honeymoon for February 2010 and want to go somewhere in Mexico. But where? We got married at the Barcelo Maya Colonial and I would be more than happy to go back there again, but I want to keep our options open. Where are you going? What made you decide that place? What are you hoping to do on your honeymoon? How different is it planning your honeymoon as opposed to your wedding? ~~
  13. Oh, I forgot to mention that I do hang up dresses and skirts. Plus, I always have an ironing board nearby. ~~
  14. I hear you. Francis and I used to live downtown in a high-rise condo [we live in a very small city so we were able to see the outskirts of town from our view] and we absolutely loved it there. We had a corner unit, so we got great views and could watch the sun rising every morning. However, it was only 900 square feet and we have company from out of town a lot, so it just wasn't working. We ended up buying a brand new townhouse in a new part of town. It's great, big, and once again a corner unit so we have plenty of sunshine. Although, I personally wanted a house, something with a yard where I
  15. Linsday, Francis and I are planning another trip to somewhere in Mexico for this time next year. We both feel madly in love with snorkelling, thanks to Al and Noelle, who are in Cozemel right now, so jealous. Did you know that after spending two weeks at the Colonial they treked over to Cozemel, then are on their way to Peru on Friday? I'm so happy for them that they can do that, they were so excited!!!! ~~
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