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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by desouc Thank you ladies! I have been in touch with Mexican Wedding Photos and read about how good Eduardo is so I've booked him. But, they haven't asked for any deposit yet so I don't think it's official yet and I might just check out the other companies suggested by missbliss to compare. Tracy - did you have to put a deposit for Mexican Wedding Photos through Valeria? Would you share a link to your photos, or have you already? Yes I did have to put a deposit down with Valeria, it was only like 100 dollars I believe, but I totally loved my photogr
  2. Descouc, I have to say that the approved photographer Mexican Wedding Photos is a great company to use as well!!! We had a guy named Miguel or Mike.. who ROCKED!! I will totally recommend him to all brides using Karisma hotels!!! He was awesome.. and his 3 hour package is 1250... but so worth it!!! I also did a trash the dress with him and he rocked at that too.. that costs extra but he was such a nice and professional guy!!! Highly recommended on my end!!!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by desouc Hi Tracy & the rest of you El Dorado brides I just recently booked my wedding at EDSS and it's coming up fast!!! Feb 3 So, I have to get organized and begin planning the details fast. Still have to find a photographer (my budget is about $1000/1200) and considering the Trash the Dress shoot... Still need to determine welcome packages, thank you gifts, style of reception. At least I'm pretty sure I want the ceremony at the pier. I've read through most of this thread and there are great ideas and information covered. I'd love to hea
  4. Hey all!!! I am back!! And now happily married!!! The wedding was beautiful!!! It rained most of the trip and had the hurricane almost come there though.. so I wasn't able to have my beach wedding... which upset me at first until I seen how they decorated the back up location!!! I loved every minute of it!!! Can't believe its all over already!! The photographer we had was great! I will try and post some pics later... leaving in 5 days for a mini trip to San Fransisco! And then hopefully first week of decemeber we are heading out for our honeymoon!!! Loved my trash the dress photos! I will have
  5. Just wanted to let you ladies know that today will probably be the last time I am on here until after I am a married woman!!! OMG! I leave tomorrow night!!!!! YAY!!! I will tell you all about it once I return... hopefully someone will be here to listen this time around!!! Thanks for all your help ladies!!! BYE!!
  6. Wow!!! I am leaving in 12 days!!! I am soooo excited!!! I paid my final bill on Tuesday.. have my family coming up from Sask in 10 days!! And wedding in 16!!! I can't believe its finally here!!! Only 5 more days of work for me and then its adios amigos!!! Have a conference call with Valeria and the on site coordinator on Monday and then we are all set!!!! YAY!!!
  7. OM Gosh! My ticker is now down to days!!! I cannot believe its down to days now!!! EEEEEEEE so excited!! Not sure about the review thing or why it would have been deleted... cause many people had commented on it...? That seems strange... maybe you can email one of the admin people and see why it was and if your new completed one would get deleted as well Worth a shot!! Cause yeah no info at all really on this site for our resort!!!
  8. Not sure what happened to all my girls... I guess since you are all married there is no point to be on this website anymore .. well hopefully there are some new up and coming El Dorado Seaside Brides that would need some information or help!!! lol. I can't believe it.. today there is only 35 days till we are in Mexico.. and 39 days till the big day!!! I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED!!!! YAY!!! Let me know whats up with all you ladies since being married and moved on!!! Miss chatting with ya!!!
  9. I am so excited! Found and bought our groomsmen attire on Thurs.. just went and bought my wedding band.. found pocket squares at Le Chateau and my dad has his outfit bought already!! I don't think I have that much more to do... pay the final bill, get fiance's wedding band and attire and thats about it!!! yay!! Just to had to vent cause I am super uber excited! Thanks for listening!!! haha
  10. Any quick question... do you ladies know where I can go in store to buy pocket squares?? I am looking online, but if there are any stores that I could easily go to that would have them that would be much easier!! Please let me know!!! Thanks!!
  11. Oh ok thats cool! I think by the sounds of things the marriage certificate the resort provides is all the legal info we need back home in order to be legally married!!! So great news!! I had the resort do up a mock cake for me before the big day as the rumoured resorts aren't known for their cakes.. and based off my sketches and pieced together pictures of the details I want... they did a pretty sweet job! They got one color of the iced flowers wrong, orange instead of yellow.. and the fondant monogram of our initials I would like spaced closer together... other than that it was great!!!
  12. Is it still the tradition to pick out the grooms ring without him knowing which one you have picked?? I am going against what seems to be the tradition by going with my man to buy his ring... is there anything opposed to this?? Or is it a new trend? I just know how utterley picky my guy is and I NEED him to be there to pick his out or he could hate it forever!!! lol.. any thoughts??
  13. Hey all BDW members!! Please help!! I need some ideas as to what my dad shuold wear for our wedding?? My fiance hasn't picked out his outfit yet either, but has told me that he is not doing the formal suit and tie thing, probably an ivory colored shirt to match my dress.. or one of our colors? and black or khaki colored pants... what on earth should my dad wear then?? He keeps asking me and I really can't tell him anything until my fiance picks something!! Do any of you have ideas or pics of your dad's you could share and save me from my dilema Any help would be much appreciated!!!! Than
  14. Oh I love your rings! They look almost like how I want my band to look and how my E ring looks! And I am thinking that would be almost perfect for my fiance too!! Do you mind me asking where you found his ring??
  15. I like the way we did it, we sent out the invites in like Jan of this year, had an april deadline to put the deposit down for the wedding, and on Sept 14th the hotel deadline is due. We did land only through the travel agent, booked 6 flights with points, and bought the last 10 plane tickets ourselves. So we know exactly how many people are coming. Then they will just pay us before they get their tickets! Works out great! 18 in total coming! Its so perfect!
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