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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by desouc Thank you ladies! I have been in touch with Mexican Wedding Photos and read about how good Eduardo is so I've booked him. But, they haven't asked for any deposit yet so I don't think it's official yet and I might just check out the other companies suggested by missbliss to compare. Tracy - did you have to put a deposit for Mexican Wedding Photos through Valeria? Would you share a link to your photos, or have you already? Yes I did have to put a deposit down with Valeria, it was only like 100 dollars I believe, but I totally loved my photographer! As for our photos he gave me the album with all the printed ones included in the package we got, and then we have the cd's with all the extras plus the printed ones and I haven't uploaded them to any site or probably will not.. but I'm sure in a short while here my wedding will be on their website under the eldorado seaside ones.. if there ends up being a 6th entry there.. most likely that will be my wedding shots!!
  2. Descouc, I have to say that the approved photographer Mexican Wedding Photos is a great company to use as well!!! We had a guy named Miguel or Mike.. who ROCKED!! I will totally recommend him to all brides using Karisma hotels!!! He was awesome.. and his 3 hour package is 1250... but so worth it!!! I also did a trash the dress with him and he rocked at that too.. that costs extra but he was such a nice and professional guy!!! Highly recommended on my end!!!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by desouc Hi Tracy & the rest of you El Dorado brides I just recently booked my wedding at EDSS and it's coming up fast!!! Feb 3 So, I have to get organized and begin planning the details fast. Still have to find a photographer (my budget is about $1000/1200) and considering the Trash the Dress shoot... Still need to determine welcome packages, thank you gifts, style of reception. At least I'm pretty sure I want the ceremony at the pier. I've read through most of this thread and there are great ideas and information covered. I'd love to hear more about the experiences of some brides that have already had their wedding - what did you enjoy most? what would you change? Tracy - your wedding was fairly recent- any tips? Make sure you have back up locations selected... not sure how the weather will be in Feb.. but I got rained out of my beach wedding... but honestly they did an amazing job moving the wedding to a semi indoor outdoor location! Linda - Your wedding is coming up soon, and trials/tribulations you'd like to share? One thing I was surprised about was the blood tests - I didn't even know the bride & groom need to go through that until reading this forum. No chest xray though, right? There is definitely no chest xray.. and if you can handle a quick needle you should have no problems. I hate needles but had all my peeps around me to distract me for the 2 mins the whole thing went on.. not a huge deal actually. Nothing to worry about, all clean and very fast. Also, any comments on the food at the restaurant offered for the free package - at Los Arrefices? I think SoontobeE said it wasn't bad, but others have said it's mediocre? I wonder if it's worth it to do the private beach reception for $18 per person (formerly $11 per person). I did the private dinner reception... the stuffed chicken one.... AND boy was that GREAT! I would highly recommend it!!! So good! One of the best meals we had at the resort! Not to say the rest of the food we had at the resort was bad.. cause it wasn't! Just that my reception meal was the best!!! Highly recommend! lol Also, what's involved in the sand ceremony? The sand ceremony.. I bascially brought my vases and the colored sand.. or you can have them get it ready for you... but basically its as if you were lighting the unity candle. They give you a couple of options for wording and you choose the one you like the most, they read it off in Spanish and then they translate it right on site as you and your fiance are pouring the colored sand together... its over quite quickly but something to keep and cherish afterwards. Any of you not have a proper bridal party? I don't have one but I am thinking of asking my 14 or so guests to coordinate what they are wearing for pictures... What do you guys think? Any feedback would be appreciated : ) Hope that helped!! Let me know if you need any further information I am here to help you out!! Congrats too by the way!!
  4. Hey all!!! I am back!! And now happily married!!! The wedding was beautiful!!! It rained most of the trip and had the hurricane almost come there though.. so I wasn't able to have my beach wedding... which upset me at first until I seen how they decorated the back up location!!! I loved every minute of it!!! Can't believe its all over already!! The photographer we had was great! I will try and post some pics later... leaving in 5 days for a mini trip to San Fransisco! And then hopefully first week of decemeber we are heading out for our honeymoon!!! Loved my trash the dress photos! I will have to post some of those for you ladies to see as well!! But I better run, just thought I would update you all! Talk soon!!!
  5. Just wanted to let you ladies know that today will probably be the last time I am on here until after I am a married woman!!! OMG! I leave tomorrow night!!!!! YAY!!! I will tell you all about it once I return... hopefully someone will be here to listen this time around!!! Thanks for all your help ladies!!! BYE!!
  6. Wow!!! I am leaving in 12 days!!! I am soooo excited!!! I paid my final bill on Tuesday.. have my family coming up from Sask in 10 days!! And wedding in 16!!! I can't believe its finally here!!! Only 5 more days of work for me and then its adios amigos!!! Have a conference call with Valeria and the on site coordinator on Monday and then we are all set!!!! YAY!!!
  7. OM Gosh! My ticker is now down to days!!! I cannot believe its down to days now!!! EEEEEEEE so excited!! Not sure about the review thing or why it would have been deleted... cause many people had commented on it...? That seems strange... maybe you can email one of the admin people and see why it was and if your new completed one would get deleted as well Worth a shot!! Cause yeah no info at all really on this site for our resort!!!
  8. Not sure what happened to all my girls... I guess since you are all married there is no point to be on this website anymore .. well hopefully there are some new up and coming El Dorado Seaside Brides that would need some information or help!!! lol. I can't believe it.. today there is only 35 days till we are in Mexico.. and 39 days till the big day!!! I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED!!!! YAY!!! Let me know whats up with all you ladies since being married and moved on!!! Miss chatting with ya!!!
  9. I am so excited! Found and bought our groomsmen attire on Thurs.. just went and bought my wedding band.. found pocket squares at Le Chateau and my dad has his outfit bought already!! I don't think I have that much more to do... pay the final bill, get fiance's wedding band and attire and thats about it!!! yay!! Just to had to vent cause I am super uber excited! Thanks for listening!!! haha
  10. Any quick question... do you ladies know where I can go in store to buy pocket squares?? I am looking online, but if there are any stores that I could easily go to that would have them that would be much easier!! Please let me know!!! Thanks!!
  11. Oh ok thats cool! I think by the sounds of things the marriage certificate the resort provides is all the legal info we need back home in order to be legally married!!! So great news!! I had the resort do up a mock cake for me before the big day as the rumoured resorts aren't known for their cakes.. and based off my sketches and pieced together pictures of the details I want... they did a pretty sweet job! They got one color of the iced flowers wrong, orange instead of yellow.. and the fondant monogram of our initials I would like spaced closer together... other than that it was great!!! So excited! And so glad I had it done!!! I am stoked now! Makes it seem all the more real now!!! Only cost me 45 dollars to!! Its just been added to my final bill!! Which isn't coming out to near half what I thought it would be!!! 2 months and counting!!! SO EXCITED!!!
  12. Is it still the tradition to pick out the grooms ring without him knowing which one you have picked?? I am going against what seems to be the tradition by going with my man to buy his ring... is there anything opposed to this?? Or is it a new trend? I just know how utterley picky my guy is and I NEED him to be there to pick his out or he could hate it forever!!! lol.. any thoughts??
  13. Hey all BDW members!! Please help!! I need some ideas as to what my dad shuold wear for our wedding?? My fiance hasn't picked out his outfit yet either, but has told me that he is not doing the formal suit and tie thing, probably an ivory colored shirt to match my dress.. or one of our colors? and black or khaki colored pants... what on earth should my dad wear then?? He keeps asking me and I really can't tell him anything until my fiance picks something!! Do any of you have ideas or pics of your dad's you could share and save me from my dilema Any help would be much appreciated!!!! Thanks all!!!
  14. Oh I love your rings! They look almost like how I want my band to look and how my E ring looks! And I am thinking that would be almost perfect for my fiance too!! Do you mind me asking where you found his ring??
  15. I like the way we did it, we sent out the invites in like Jan of this year, had an april deadline to put the deposit down for the wedding, and on Sept 14th the hotel deadline is due. We did land only through the travel agent, booked 6 flights with points, and bought the last 10 plane tickets ourselves. So we know exactly how many people are coming. Then they will just pay us before they get their tickets! Works out great! 18 in total coming! Its so perfect!
  16. Quote: Originally Posted by SoonToBeE pinklady - here are some shots from our wedding: Jon Rennie on Vimeo I agree that the resort is stunning! Tracy - As for the marriage certificate I can tell you what the process is in Ontario. You'll have to check what the process is for your province, but I would be surprised if it's different for AB - especially since the process I used worked for changing my passport and my SIN number which are done on a national level - not the provincial level. We didn't do any Canada-specific paperwork for our wedding, but did make sure to get the legal wedding while down in Mexico. The official paperwork signed by the judge was enough to have the marriage recognised in Ontario. I had to get the paperwork translated by a certified ATIO (Association of Translators and Interpretors of Ontario) translator. I assume you will have to get yours translated by an ATIA translator. (ATIA Home Page). That is all the documentation that I needed. I did not need a marriage certificate - just the original documents and the translated versions - from there I was able to change my driver's licence, health card, SIN, Passport, banking etc. The process has been pretty good actually....much less painful than I thought. Actually, it's been much harder to get everything changed at work! That is such great news! I was starting to freak out that I needed to be doing more here in Canada before we actually left, and anyone I have contacted about this hasn't got back to me on it! So that works great! I am having a hard time right now trying to figure out what my dad should be wearing?? He has been asking me, but I have no idea what he should wear! Doesn't help that my fiance hasn't even picked what him and the GM are going to wear yet.. but any advice? Do you guys have pics of what your dad's wore?? I don't think he needs to match the boys, but I would like to tell him something he can wear... he's a rookie traveller too so all this seems to stress him out a bit... eek and my fiance has already told me he's not being fancy with a suit or anything so my dad shouldn't either! Any advice girls Help!! lol
  17. ok so I finished my programs finally today! I decided to make some just cause I loved the idea of the fan programs that a lot of other brides did... I also think I found what I will be doing with our rings during the ceremony since my fiance doesn't have a best man.. I bought a cool starfish from Michaels, and some white sand, and I happened to have a small glass cylinder that holds the sand and everything so I will put the rings on the arms of the starfish sitting in the sand! I love it! I can't wait to use it!!! I am soooo excited.. its coming up on 2 and a half months till the big day..... eek Oh question... do we still need to get a marriage licence from our province if we are marrying abroad If you could let me know that would be much appreciated!! Thanks all!!!
  18. First of all I have to say... today is my 3 month MARK!!! AWWW!!! So exciting!!! Second I would like to ask where all my girls go?? Haven't heard from you ladies in a while! Question... what did you guys carry your rings in at the ceremony before you exchanged them? Did you have ring bearers? If not any suggestions would be helpful at this point.. trying to come up with maybe a shell that closes with sand in it to hold the rings? What do you guys think
  19. Quote: Originally Posted by SeasideBride09 Hello!! I've been procrastinating on so many of the little details with my wedding coming up at the end of September. September 24, 2009 is our big day in the Riviera maya at the El Dorado Seaside Suites, and we leave on the 20th of September!! Only...44 days to go! I've been somewhat organized in this whole process but, any helpful tips and/or advice would be greatly appreciated for any past brides that wed in the Riviera Maya, or even more helpful, past brides who wed at the El Dorado Seaside Suites. Anyways, I only came upon this site a couple of days ago and I totally love it! It's helped tremendously with final decisions, especially with the reception! I just wish I found this site sooner, my final count down is already on!!!! Welcome! I to am an El Dorado Seaside Bride... you should check out our own thread there is loads of information on it!!! Any Eldorado Seaside Brides Come on over!! I love this forum too.. been a life saver for me early on in my planning days!!!
  20. Quote: Originally Posted by Hoosierfan My bachelorette is next weekend - the 15th. Can't wait! Hey mine is too!! I am sooo excited!!!
  21. So now I vowed not to have any chair covers to save the expense, and hope that they just put the covers on like you said anyways.. or when I am down there I will simply ask if it can be done without payment anyways! Hey question.. how long does it take to get the wedding bands? My fiance and I haven't got ours yet and its coming up on 3 months.. should we be worried? Or is that lots of time still?? He is not usually a procrastonator but in this instance he is ERG.. frustrating! Also is it still the tradition that the guy not know what his ring looks like till the day of the wedding? I am going with my fiance to buy his ring, as I don't want to get him something he would never wear... thoughts??
  22. Ok seriously.. the white chair covers and bows aren't included in the the private dinner reception?? Is that what you were told?? She still wants to charge me 3 dollars a chair for the white covers... didn't one of you ladies say they added those gold colored bows for no charge...?? Did you pay for white chair covers? Or are they just trying to screw me over? Should I wait till I am down there before adding that amount to my final bill?? Need some advice or help here!!! TIA!
  23. Ok I think its settled now.. sounds like the Ipod hookup is a great idea! I was just hoping to cut that cost but if you two both say its worth it then thats what we will do!! And its great to have someone have their makeup done to.. cause I was so curious... did you have a trial run before the big day as well?? Or just trusted them on the day of? I think I will still get them to do mine, but now I am debating on whether to pay for the trial and the day of! So many small decisions that I have to make... its frustrating! So I have decided for my private beach reception that I am just going to use the white bows and chair covers cause they are still trying to charge me twice for the same chairs... whatever white is fine, we are using colored table runners for only 7 dollars each anyways... I am so excited I pick up my dress from alterations on Friday! Then its ready for Mexico!!! AHH sooo exciting!!! Any advice as to what I should be doing now with 3.5 months left
  24. I just thought I would update this.. I have since taken my wedding dress to them and she said it would be ready in 2 weeks! She made the bustle look great, knew what she was talking about and and really easy to work with. I would highly recommend her. I don't need mine for at least 3 months.. and I was thinking it would take at least two.. so I was shocked when she said it will be ready in 2 weeks.. I guess it depends on what you need done.. but she is fairly priced to! Not sure if you got quotes from anywhere else but mine in total is costing 250 and thats it! Its wicked! And my dress is SOOO detailed... just some thoughts!!
  25. I am going to try and upload a pic of me in my dress.. so we'll see if it works. Its a Pattis Designer dress. I absolutely love it!! Also I am getting so frustrated with Valeria, she never seems to quite grasp what it is I tell her I would like with certain things! Did this happen to you guys at all? And I was wondering if you guys used their IPOD hookups.. or if you just were able to use their cd player and bring all your music for the ceremony and dance and reception on discs? I am trying to avoid paying the 250US for the rental of that stuff.. specially if we either bring our own IPOD player or just the discs and use their cd player... any input ladies?? Help!!! dress.doc
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