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  1. Congrats girl!! There are tons of helpful ladies on this forum with sooo much info that will def help you with your decisions!! Welcome to the forum!!
  2. Congrats!!!! Welcome to the forum!!
  3. Congrats Lindsay!!! So glad everything went well!! I cannot say enough great things about Michael as well.. he was absoluely amazing!!
  4. Hey Ladies - Thanks for the support! Well the new lady said that the other lady appeared to not know what she was doing in the back so basically made a mangled mess (I didn't even see all the mess til I went to the new lady) but the good news is she said it will be good as new by Friday and I leave Sunday so YAY!!! I did pay the first lady 1/2 of what she wanted because she did hem it and take the top in nicely, it's so beaded and intricate that I think maybe it was either too hard for her to get the waist right, or was having a bad day or something.. oh well I will just cut my losses and move
  5. Just need to vent a bit... so I went to get my dress today... the lady that has been altering it wasn't there... but the first thing the lady that was there says is "She told me to tell you that this is all she can do, so hopefully this works" Hmm that doesn't sound very good.. so I put it on, and not only is it STILL TOO BIG... but now it also has a gap in the back... kinda looks like a hole almost! NICE! Oddly enough, I have remained completely calm.. (probably bc if worst comes to worst i can wear my TTD - I like it a lot too - and it fits good!) so anyways I'm heading to another town about
  6. Happy Wedding Day Jenn!! I hope you are having the best day of your life!! I can't wait to see your pics and what a stunning bride you are!! CONGRATS!!
  7. Congrats to your friend and to the forum!!
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