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  1. Hey gals - I was married recently (on Nov.15,2010) in Cabo, Mexico at the Barcelo. Our experience was all in all very good with a combination of lowlights and highlights. The biggest disappointment was our wedding planner at the resort. We had been working with another planner but found out a month before our wedding that she up and quit (didn't tell us). The communication between us and the resort was so abysmal and we were so annoyed with them that the manager finally said she'd take on our wedding. We went through all the details for the next few weeks with her and thought we had a good solid plan, but once we showed up at the barcelo, found our hard planning was all for nought as we were passed over to another planner who was brand new and very incompetent. We had 70 guests (80 at the actual weddding), and the two big dinners we had planned for everyone prior to the wedding didn't happen as a big corporate group who was at the resort took our spots for our gettogethers!! super annoying! We had everything in writing (we'd printed off all our correspondence emails) yet it didn't help our case at all. Our wedding was great but only b/c we had many capable guests who pitched in on the day of. If you can, I'd recommend having your dinner and dance right on the beach. This was the very best part of ours. The banquet rooms are big and very cold (A/C) and often have no windows. We were so glad we opted to have all events outside. Our resort set up a dance floor and the sound system was great. I brought a photographer with us. She was great because after every few pictures, she would look at the shots and even showed us so we knew how they were turning out. We didn't do OOT bags but I did purchase 80 beautiful pashminas online and the guests helped themselves. we had 3 different colors and we tied them over the back of the chairs. it looked really nice. the pashminas were only 5 bucks each from a place called wholesale rainbow pashminas. Anyway, gals, good luck with your planning. I'm sure you're all on top of all the deets, but if there's anything you wish to know about our wedding experience, please just let me know. Best wishes! Linzappa
  2. Hi gals - Well our wedding is November 15th ..3 wks from tomorrow...and we've been severely disappointed with the Barcelo. Not sure if you guys heard, but Violeta up and quit about 3 wks. I guess this explains why we were getting No responses to calls, emails, etc. Her replacement, a woman by the name of Anna Maria, is nice but brand new and walking in to a big role. I think she's there day and night but understandably, so has not been organized. We decided to take things to a higher level and have been in communique with the sales manager (Sandra). She sounds pretty on top of things, but the prices they are quoting us are outrageous. We have 80 guests coming, and for each additional hour of drinks (after the 3 hour allotment for the reception), they want to charge us $12 USD per person per hour. Why charge so much when the drinks are free everywhere else on the resort? And I was surprised to hear that someone was offered a free wedding..we're paying $3500 in the strawberry package. Sandra also said we'd pay $45 per person for the hour between the ceremony and reception when our guests would be drinking champagne. Seriously! $45 per person for a glass or two? We've since had her lower this price for the champagne but we're continually disappointed at the gauging costs. I will let you all know how things go and will not be shy to recommend that no one book here if we continue to feel taken advantage of. Ugh- Lindsey
  3. boo - Â ono, that sucks that you're left in this dilemna! can you get a second opinion before you commit to the nip and tuck of your poor dress? maybe you can get pregnant before the wedding..that should fill you out in all the right places! lol . linz
  4. welcome senecabride! where and when are you getting married? Â girls - sorry for the frustration over your guests booking. ugh! Â we're getting married in cabo san lucas, at the barcelo, on november 15th. just bought my dress yesterday! i found a cute one at ethos. it's not the yellow dressed i dreamed of but it's still unique and i quite like it. such anxiety buying the dress! i woke this morning w/ a feeling of dread..wondering if i should've checked out more, but i'm sure i'll really like it again when i pick it up on friday. Â enjoy the rest of your smoky weekends!
  5. I'm getting married at Barcelo Palace in Cabo San Jose del Cabo on November 15 of this year. I hear good things about violeta but she does take waay too long to return calls/emails. we're likely going to get married on the beach and will also have our dance down there (they will bring a dance floor to the beach and decorate the area w/ lights, etc.). i'll report back my experiences!! Good luck to you all! Lindsey
  6. gals - thanks for the all the great tips on my yellow wedding dress! i'm hitting the streets of calgary on saturday ...the hunt is on!! Â are there any other must-visit bridal shops i should know about ?? Â thanks!!
  7. Hey gals! Â I get married in Cabo, Mexico in November of this year and haven't yet gone dress shopping. aaah!! I actually would like to get a yellow dress..maybe something that flows and possibly with a bohemian style... a tall order i know! Â any suggestions on where in calgary may have a dress to this description? Thanks! Lindsey
  8. I think it kinda depends on how many guests who will be having. If it's a super small number, than its easy to switch plans at the last minute and your wc should be able to help you out. i'm having about 70 so i'd be worried if my plans had to change. good luck! fingers crossed for sunshine for you!!
  9. Hey gals! Sounds like there's another lindsey on the thread. 'e-y'? or 'a-y'? heehee We're getting married in Mexico but haven't nailed down a resort. We're looking mostly in the Riviera Maya..places like azul beach, cieba del mar, and my wc is pushing barcelo colonial and dreams tulum. It sounds like some of you guys are doing the RM as well. Linds - nice choice with Cuba. I've backpacked around the island and it definitely holds a special place in my heart. Great music!! If you guys are doing drinks - I'm in. Have you guys picked a time and spot? I'm moving into mission this week but am flexible. Bye4 now - Lindsey
  10. Hi - I looked through this thread and didn't see any reviews of the Azuls. If some exist, could someone direct me to them? If not, could someone post something? The smaller of the two Azuls appeals to me more I think. Thanks y'all! Happy planning ps. I had a nightmare last night I couldnt' go to my own wedding as I didn't have a dress and I hadn't written my vows or speeches! I literally woke up in a cold sweat.
  11. Thanks for the great review! very helpful! wondering if you found it at all a nuisance to be on the corrider rather than right in a city. i'm considering dreams but thought we should stay closer to town to guests could have better access to san jose. what do youthink??
  12. Hi - We will likely get married in Nov.2010 (possibly in October) and are trying to decide between Mexico and Cuba. I'm looking fwd to reading some reviews on this forum for both. I've been to Cuba twice but never to Mexico and i don't know all the cool spots there.
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