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  1. Hi Sarah. I really like my TA - Brenda. She's very calm and patient. I think she works out of Atlanta or somewhere in TX. She does a lot of business with the Royal and recommended the resort to me after my first choice fell through. I haven't done a lot of planning yet, but Brenda is very responsive. She also does payment plans. Â Travel Agent: Brenda Potts Agency: All World Travel Phone: 866.978.6499 or 281.507.6376 Email: allworldtravel@nctv.com Fax: 281.306.0517 Â You can give her my name - Nadiah Rhines Â
  2. Hi Jennifer! So glad you had a great time at the Royal. Thanks for posting about the Blue Parrot. I am looking for a place to have my welcome dinner off the resort and now I have added the Blue Parrot to my list of places. Did you order any food from the restaurant next door? I looked at the menu and the place looks pretty good. How far is it from the Royal? Do you think it would be a good place for an early dinner. Sorry for all of the questions. Â -D
  3. This really sucks. Maybe your TA can ask her agency to cut some of the commissions that you are paying for due to all the trouble. They really should have known about this in advance. Â
  4. Â Hey msglave. Im getting married a few months after you at the same resort and need to find a makeup artist as well. Me and my girls range from yellow to brown lol!!! I need someone that is experienced with all different shades. Can you let me know who you end up going with for the makeup? I think we have the hair part set (weave, locks, braids - the end). Â Thanks! -D
  5. Hi Ladies, Â I can't believe this happened with the airline. Bankruptcy is not something that a business doesn't see coming. Mexicana should have communicated their financial issues to the tour operators so people would be forewarned. I'm glad this is working out for some. Hang in there Brides!!!
  6. OMG...A DIY wonderland in NJ?! I am thinking of the possibilities already. I live in Metuchen, but I lived in Montclair for years (MSU grad). I just looked up G&G. They're a little far but it seems like they're work the drive. I was thinking of the aisle runner and centerpieces as my next DIY projects. Plus it gives me an excuse to visit my favorite mall - Garden State (how I miss that place lol!!!)
  7. Jennifer - I love your invites!!! I just sent contacted April Twenty Five via ETSY. Is that how you reached out to them directly also? I hope I can get them to do my invites. Im a little worried though, I have a small budget and I only need 50 (maybe less). We'll see...Cross your fingers!
  8. Â I haven't figured out how to edit a post once I click submit, but I meant to add a thanks to jesmcan! As soon as I got your info I went back to my TA. I told her before I that I am on BDW forum. Now that she knows I can verify her information, hopefully she'll be more accurate...Lol!!! Â
  9. Hi Ladies - I got some info from my TA concerning the day pass pricing for Gran Porto guests to hang out at the Royal outside of the wedding day. Thought it would be good to share or let me know if anyone has gotten different costs...as it seems that this happens often with the Royal. Â "If you stay at the Gran Porto in a Gran jr Ste Bcft w/o room or higher there is no charge to play at the Royal. The day passes are: 12pm - 5pm $60.00, 9am - 5pm $85.00, 9am - 11pm $145.00" (I am assuming that w/o means walk out..) Â I am just concerned because some of my guests will be at the Gran Porto and others at the Royal. I am wondering if I am supposseed to split my time between resorts to avoid some guests having to pay for day passes. Â What is everyone else doing? Â -D
  10. Thanks Jesmcan!! My travel agent tried to tell me that there was no cost for Gran Porto guests but I thought she was off....
  11. Sorry if any of you ladies answered this question before, but does anyone know how exchange privileges work at the Gran Porto. I am getting married at the Royal but some of my guests are staying at the Gran. Can they go to the Royal bars and restaurants whenever they want or hang out with us at the Royal pool? Â Thanks so much! - D Â
  12. Hi Ladies!! We booked our wedding a few months ago and now I am ready to start planning. Our wedding is in April and I see on the forum that people have basecamps set up. Can anyone tell me more about this? I remember seeing a 1-800# posted a while ago but I was lazy and never called. Is that how you go about getting a Wedding Planner? Â Thanks - Dee. aka the Procrastinating Bride.
  13. I'm just curious, but are you ladies putting the shot glasses in your OOT bags or are these going to be favors or gifts? They look like such fun!
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