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  1. I agree with talking to flight attendants!! I chose to play "dumb" and brought my dress in a garment bag (even though another bride on the flight was told to pack hers!!!! She was pissed when she saw me with my dress.) I told the check-in that I wanted to bring it as carry-on and they let me. I flew Air Transat and there were no closest, BUT what we did was lie the dress across all the bags in the overhead. It actually worked out REALLY well and the dress was fine. Mind you, mine was all lace (no silk to wrinkle), but I think it worked out perfectly. My good friend is getting
  2. WOW! Everything is so coordinated and gorgeous. You did some SERIOUS DIYing girl!!! Super impressive. Absolutely love the OOT bag treats and personalized goodies, and the sock tag!! Hehehe
  3. Wow, thanks ladies -- sorry I'm a bit slow to get back to you all!! It brings back great memories to see this thread again. *sigh* The bags I bought on special at La Vie en Rose (a Montreal lingerie store like Victoria's Secret). And the "Welcome to Paradise" letter; I'd love to share the template, but the laptop that I originally had all the documents on got a virus and crashed. I lost alot of docs, including that one. I'm so sorry! I can try and find an original and send you the text (I'll just retype it) if you'd like! Send me an email and let me know: miranda.lightstone
  4. Wow, stunning dresses ladies!!! I love popping into this thread, even though we were married 2 years ago!! Hehehe I love looking at the new styles and designs ... so beautiful. And you all make such stunning, original choices on your designs and looks. Love it. Congrats to you all!!!!
  5. Wow, congrats ladies!! Never thought I'd be on this thread ... but I'm 2 months pregnant (still early days, I know) and had to share the good news!! I get to hear my baby's heartbeat next Tuesday and I cannot wait.
  6. Wow -- incredible pictures!!! You both look amazing. Allie, you're stunning!!!! And what beautiful TTD shots as well (kudos to you for the sunrise photo shoot and waking up that early for it).
  7. Hehehe Just revisiting old threads and for everyone that said he loved them ... he really, really did!! I have a pic of him when he got the book on the wedding day and his face is priceless. I'll have to post it soon. I can't believe it'll be 2 yrs already this May ... how time flies!
  8. Wow!! Both ceremonies looked gorgeous! I absolutely love the train on the Catholic ceremony dress. Stunny. And you both look so happy. Congrats!!
  9. If there was any way to discover if other brides had their wedding the same week as you, you might be able to share their photographer ... I'm sorry that's all I can think of, short of finding another one and paying a higher price... I'm so sorry this happened to you. Why did you photog quit?! That's horrible 4 months before the wedding!!! I hope she had a valid reason ... then again, no reason is valid when it comes to ruining your wedding vision ... *huge hugs*
  10. Fantastic photos!!! You both look so incredibly in love and so happy. Love them. You're beautiful!!
  11. Hi ladies!! I know it's been absolutely ages since I posted, and I'm sorry about that. I have been trolling around though and lurking in threads over the months. So, my friend finally got engaged and she's decided to follow in my footsteps and is heading to Cuba to do the deed! She doesn't own a computer so I've been doing a lot of research for her and helping her out as much as I can. They chose Melia Las Dunas and will be getting hitched in June 2011. I am a guest and my husband is the photographer. Can any of you MLD brides offer advice? What she should do/shouldn't do?
  12. I had a lace dress too!!! It was a Mori Lee ... and I don't think the model exists anymore. Lace is perfect for a beach wedding ... I think it brings a bit of sophistication and class to a "fun" event. All your lace dresses are gorgeous, by the way. I LOVE the Allure one!!
  13. P90X - Legs & Back + Ab Ripper X tonight ... just a week away from my 30-day result weigh-in and measurements!!! Yay!!!
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