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  1. Here is a link to my pictures from my wedding last month. I posted before, but i think it got lost in all my writing. www.bestdestinationwedding.com/gallery/album/view/id/11579/user_id/27417
  2. Hello Brides!!!! Here are just some pictures from my wedding! Enjoy! Ska Ska http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/gallery/album/view/id/11579/user_id/27417
  3. Thank you Melissa! I am really glad i was able to meet you and talk to you! Like i said that day, it wasn't worth the headache at all! =) I'm sure your friends had a great time no matter what! You also looked really great on your wedding day! I saw the torrential downpours on you wedding day, but in the end, it was just as beautiful! =) Thanks again for your kind words! I wish you and your hubby (who is really a great guy!) much wealth and happiness!!! =)
  4. Hello All!!! I'm back from my wedding and honeymoon! I wanted to give a full review of my experience here at DPC. All in all, i had a wonderful experience and so did all of my guests! We arrived to the resort on November 1st. I had emailed Deyanira (my WC) two days prior to my arrival asking for us to meet her on the day of my arrival. She ended up being able to meet that day and let me know via email. During our meeting we had confirmed everything i had spoken to her about for our wedding. (We had been planning for over 1 year). Everything we discussed via emails through out the y
  5. they ask that you send it to them at least one week in advance. I sent them my playlist like 2 weeks and then they told me if they needed me to get them songs that they didn't had. They pretty much had everything, one of mine was a Polish song and they had it.
  6. Oh no Melissa, hope your mom does get better prior to leaving on Tuesday! Good luck on your travels and wedding day! Hope all goes well. We just finished packing and OH MY, will be paying the extra $35 to be able to bring an extra luggage (cheaper than paying the $50 for over weight luggage for only an additional 10lbs). Anyway, good luck to all the brides in the planning stages, if there is anything you need while i'm there, i can try to help, so just PM me or post here. =)
  7. Leave in 4 days and get married in 8 days! Can't wait, all is set on my end! Just now ready to enjoy the vacation with friends and family and then the wedding day! I'll post an update/review when i get back to the states the week of the 14th! Good luck to all the brides getting married next weekend, i will look out for you when I'm there!
  8. Love your post Ms Manners. You summed it up so nicely! I think this post makes me want to donate more! =) Thanks for the great words! You definitely put it in a way i would've never thought to!
  9. the whole bar thing can be confusing. If you are going with the Ultimate wedding package, on the bottom of the menu states that the gold bar is included for 1 hour in the cost of the reception. If you want more than an hour, then you pay the $8 per person per hour (or dependng on which package you choose Gold, Silve Platinum). so yes, $160 per hour for 20 people with Gold. If you want bubbly, i am buying like 12 bottles and i was quoted at $17 per bottle. Wine is $20 per bottle, which i thought was rare that it was more expensive than Champagne, but whatever.
  10. Hey Mel! I'll be seeing you around as i will be there too and getting married on the 5th!!! =) Tell your mom to stop being a worry wart. it is not worth it nor will it help any situation. Just go with the flow. Yes, things may go wrong, but in the end, mostly you and your groom will notice and no one else. either way, your guests will have a fabulous time. As for your concerns below. The spa is great, i have been there and also have spoken to many past brides who only have raved about it. Just bring pictures with you if you are concerned and also your products if you are conc
  11. Wow, i know i posted on the DPC Brides page and no one had a response on tipping (except one was that their parents did the tipping, so i wonder how much that was), But this whole tipping situation quite frankly worries me that brides do not tip. I find that pretty ofensive and i also think it's so wrong that people recommend not tipping certain vendors. I feel that if a service was performed, then a tip should definitely be rewarded. I am going to go by what the standard tipping procedure is for a wedding in the USA. It should not matter if you are getting married in a different country
  12. Hi Subbi or Mel, Did you guys tip your WC at the resort? If so, how much did you tip? Thanks!
  13. Last year I went and did site inspections before choosing Dreams Punta Cana. We rented a car from Budget and had no problems whatso ever. The roads were just fine. One time I did get lost and we stopped at a resort and they were so nice that a motortaxi had us follow him (a twenty minute ride) to the door of the resort we were looking for. I say go for it and rent a car, you have more freedom!
  14. Here is my timeline for the wedding. I have cocktail hour from 6-7 and then reception from 7-11. 6:00-6:55pm | The Cocktail Hour 6:55pm | People move inside for reception and take their seats 7:00pm | Intro of Parents, Bridal Party and Bride and Groom. 7:10pm | Bride and Groom First Dance 7:15pm | Bride & Groom Thank everyone for being here 7:20-8:45pm | Oldies are played – Mix in some 80s – 90s songs toward the latter half) 7:30pm | Appetizer Served 7:45pm | Salad Served 8:00pm | Sorbet Served 8:05pm | Speeches 8:30pm | Entrée Served (Slow down music f
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