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  1. Ooh. Did those pics not show up? I'll try again later when I'm not doing it from my phone
  2. After lots of dancing and kisses, I should have touched up my powder and lipstick but this was with no touch ups.
  3. Not saying she is not worth it but I had my hair and makeup done at the Riu palace and both were better than any job done here in the states. I just brought a picture for hair and it was perfect. The makeup I had then do a trial the day before b/c I never liked the way my makeup was ever done by professionals so I wanted to check ahead and it was soooo perfect that my friends had their makeup done too then.
  4. No Kary, they were not from the resort. Only the 2 ceremony/gazebo flowers were from the resort I had custom made "real touch" flowers. Everyone thought they were real, even touching them. It is so nice b/c they are much lighter and easier to hold (held the real bouquet the resort had made and they were heavy) They obviously don't wilt in the heat And you pick exactly what you want color and flower wise. I paid $300 for my bouquet, 2 bridemaids, cake flowers, groom bout, and hair flowers for me and our moms. There were little diamonds in each flower and a starfish rhinestone applique. Got to bring them home with me too!! There are different websites that do it but I got mine from plumeriasweddingflowerboutique.com
  5. Ooppps, sorry take the www. Out of the link. So it's Gregtalarico.com/wedding
  6. Katieharv, Didn't know or see any bonfires. We had welcome bags given to all guests at check in. Have a list for what guests come which day to give them. The resort was very good at getting them to the guests. I LOVED our photographer. But all you get is book mailed to you and a CD, but the CD was ready the Wednesday after the wedding (Saturday) so very nice to have it that quickly. I also recommend the salon, they were so good, better than the trial places I went to in the states. Check photos @ our website www.gregtalarico.com/wedding
  7. Ok ladies, I'm home!!! We are constantly posting new pics on our website. So many cameras. The wedding was AMAZING!!! So many details, I don't know where to begin. May need to break this up into multiple threads. Arrived on wed 11/2. Met with WC Adriana and the in house photo agent on 11/3 @ 9:30am, they were very detailed, we had no worries, so we had my mani and pedi and couples massage this day since included in Caprice package. Also, I could not hold back on all the free food and alcohol, it was amazing that I fit in my dress. 11/4 Had trial makeup, such an amazing job, better than everyone in the states did. We were given the option to a rehearsal before the dinner but we actually opted not to b/c we only had 2 bridesmaids and groomsmen and the explanation of the ceremony was so detailed we didnt need it. I had my hair and makeup done at the resort, I loved both (look at website pics to see) hair at 1pm, makeup at 2pm wedding at 4 pm, no rushing at all. CEREMONY We lucked out on having an officiant that spoke english and had a great sense of humor. Our suite was 3030, the dome with the jacuzzi, which is on the best side of the resort view wise, but opposite of the San Jose gazebo so I walked in flip flops but switched to my heels. There are 2 options to get to the alter, 1 walking down a VERY long ramp but it is straight down to the aisle. 2 come from the side, no ramp and just turn down the aisle. I chose 1, it is very intimidating but looks by far the best, highly recommend. We had a sand ceremony which was very nice. Ceremony lasted approx 20 min. PHOTOGRAPHY We hired the photographer for only 2 hrs to save money and it worked perfectly. He was there 15 min early to take pics of family as they arrived at the gazebo (my friends were with me to take pics of us as we got ready) Photographer Mauricio (Mao) was amazing, our friend used a FLIP video camera to record and the pic and sound are amazing, looks professional. Photographer took all family and friends and bridal party pics (over 400) in 2 hrs. The sun was then set after this and the reception was starting and by then the family and friends have all the picture taking under control, no one needed to be designated, pictures were taken at every moment, funny but the guys were better at it cause the girls are dancing. Dinner started as soon as we sat down 6:30 RECEPTION At Steak house terrace below the steak house. I wouldnt want the steak house b/c even if you have enough people for them to close the restaurant, it is so large you need over 100 ppl to fill it and it is very spread out, it doesnt look natural. I LOVED the terrace and the beach together, very private and spacious, only people I saw outside our wedding group we people looking down from the steak house restaurant to the dance floor as we danced but that was b/c we had such an amazing group dancing they HAD to be jealous. Dinner was delicious, desert even better, cake beautiful and tasted great!! We opted to pay for a Mexican/Spanish coffee table to show off the fire show but this actually wasnt needed since they do the show for the dessert but people like the coffee. We also decided not to have an open bar which I was really worried about b/c our friends and family live off alcohol more than food but it was perfect. We asked the wait staff to get us anything and that we would take care of them and they more than took care of us. They were absolutely AMAZING!!!! We saved $600 for an open bar so we tipped them $250 instead b/c they were that good!!!! YOU NEED TO ASK FOR WILLIAM (WILLY) he normally works at the Mexican restaurant but we needed a waiter that would MC for the DJ, just to announce stuff (dances, cake, last call) He spoke english and has a great personality, we had him on the dance floor with us, he got everyone drinks, he was fantastic, he loved us too, asked our families all week "where are Michelle and Greg, and do you need more tequila" DJ/DANCE FLOOR Only wedding glitch was my ipod crapped out and I insisted on only my playlist, me and my friends love OUR music. Greg forgot the 2nd ipod in the safe, and the safe key in his friends room so we used my iPhone which doesnt have crossfade, but no one notices that but me. Dinner ran a little longer than I timed so my music had to be cut short, the DJ let me pick songs to cut out and Willy allowed us to go a few minutes longer to finish all our songs. The DJ lighting is beautiful on the palm trees, the music volume was GREAT, we thought they would control the volume since people were eating dinner above but it was so loud and we were even louder with our singing and no one came to quite us. The music did though blow a fuse, all lights and music shout off but for less than a minute and we took it as a compliment that we over did the resort, no complaints. Ask for cocktail tables if dancing on the beach so you can put drinks down, they were used but I had to request them Dance floor about 10 feet from terrace so had to walk in sand to get there. Dance floor very sturdy, kind of an eyesore but since its on the beach, kind of matches the sand and most people are happy a dance floor is put in the sand so again, no one complained. They get rid of you pretty quick to clean up so we originally planned to go to nightclub there but most the songs we had are just replayed at club so just went up to 24hr bar. AFTER WEDDING Room decorated beautifully with champagne too. Breakfast in bed was a COMPLETE joke, just go down to buffet. Resort drinks were never hard to find, we had no complaints about anything at this resort, food is good but not without flaws, but there is soooo much to chose from your plate will always be full, even if your not hungry. We ziplined, AWESOME, use Cabo Adventures, and we snorkeled. 1 MAJOR DOWNFALL, but this is not about the wedding.....last day, checking out, I forgot my wallet, went back to room right away and it wasn't there but neither was the tip we left for the maid. Went to nearest maid to our room and asked her if she saw it, NO, brought her to our room to make sure she knew what room we were talking about, and NO, showed her a wallet to make sure she knew what we were looking for and NO. My HUSBAND (hehe) thought something was suspicious and asked her to empty her pockets. She acted like she was taking everything out and only pulled out pesos, he saw more bulk in her pockets and asked again to empty her pockets, she said "no this is all", he went and forced his way in her pocket (normally he would never do this) and THERE IT WAS!!! She had my wallet!!!! I tried to report this on the phone with her there but the person on the other line wanted to talk to her and of course all you get is "NO COMPREHENDO" so I left and went to the front desk and told them in person. Her name is ANA, hopefully she was fired but I had a plane to catch so all I could do was write a report. No other theft happened besides my friend left her camera to go to the bathroom and by the time she got back, we all left the wedding area and the camera was gone but we can't blame that on anyone specific. WEBSITE: PLEASE FEEL WELCOME TO LOOK MULTIPLE TIMES B/C WE WILL CONTINUE TO UPLOAD MORE www.gregtalarico.com/wedding THIS IS ALL MY BRAIN CAN THINK OF NOW, any questions you can think of feel free to ask. Weather was perfect by the way!! Michelle Talarico
  8. Leah, I am having the mexican coffee table set up. It is an extra $5 per person per hour if you are paying for the open bar which is $15 per person or the coffee table is $7 per person per hour if you are not having the open bar. I just decided to not have the open bar from hearing Crys and her mom saying how the regular bar was so convenient (and great waiters, if tipped) I had until 2pm today to tell Adriana that I changed my mind so the coffee price now went from $5 to $7. Whatever, I am so annoyed with this all inclusive not being all inclusive at all. EX. They asked if we wanted cocktail hour before dinner, so that means, not only to you pay $16-20 pp for appetizers, you need to pay $500 for the bar location fee, thats $1300 for 1 hr. I asked what that gives you and she said PRIVACY, otherwise you just walk up to the same bar and order a drink or appetizer, it is just that others can do it too, not just the wedding. Now, I'm a brat, but I'm not that bad that other people can't come near me or my family. $2500 package turned into $6500 in no time, not to mention tax and tips added to that We got our marriage license today, get married tomorrow, leave for Cabo Wed. morning, so excited to just get there and relax! Michelle
  9. I did ship 2 OOT bags b/c 4 guests get there before us, but everything else, centerpieces and favors, other OOT bags all are going on plane with us, extra baggage fee only. Just, I think we need to declare our custom hot sauce bottles. Crys- I got an email from your mom with more details (she is great) and we are probably going to eliminate the open bar as well since I'd rather give the servers that money than the resort. I do have everything set. We are getting married here legally so we dont need to go through the finger stamp thing. We are getting married on Tuesday to have a 11/1/11 wedding date (besides our 11/5/11) My only concern now is the wooden dance floor. We have a secret flash mob dance we are doing and splinters or tripping concerns me. Plus the floor does look tacky, wish it was painted. We leave early wednesday morning, our meeting with Adriana is thursday morning. I have appt for nails, trial hair and trial makeup as well as our couples massage all between wed/thur/fri. So excited!!!! Crys- what was the best drink made at the resort? Do you remember the name of any of your waiters?
  10. I went to send all my favors, OOT bags and center pieces. I was told that nothing that says made in china can be shipped to mexico b/c of some trade issue. Also, they said I could ship our custom hot sauce or coffee packs b/c they were food. After eliminating that stuff from the boxes, the price still came to $350, to ship 2 med size boxes. I havent heard anyone talk about this issue, not sure if it was just ups being lazy or what. I am just paying to have each of us have an extra bag fee.
  11. I was wondering that too. My basic wedding package is 2500 but with, extras it comes to 5000, not including photographer and dj. But even if we just use the 2500, we really tip 20%, thats $500 for a tip. Guess I'm cheap b/c that seems high.
  12. Jen I'm there until the 11th, so I'm sure we can meet at some point. We will have drinks by the pool!!!! Are you doing any excursions? We want to zip line Michelle
  13. Ladies- My wedding is in little over 2 weeks, 11/5/11. I promise to make it a priority to have pictures up by the end of that weekend! I know, can you believe it!!! We have all spent many a time on here as BRIDES before our weddings but never hear much from the Wives after. I have lots of family that can't come and wish we could have live feed of the wedding so we are going have pictures and video put on our website the day after the wedding. I promise as well not to only get pictures of the people (for myself) but of the set up of everything. I would have loved this info before the wedding so I want to give it to everyone else. Now, by posting this, it obligates my to be hubby to follow his word and get everything posted, now it won't be filtered, just quickly uploaded, as we are on our honeymoon, so I apologize for any inappropriate pics!!! So, I will come on here and repost my wedding website once the pics are up (11/6-11/7) I will also put a review Happy planning! Michelle
  14. Kary, I will send you all the info I have today. There will be several emails with attachments, some may have duplicates. several are from Crys's mom, so props to Maureen and Crystal for their help. I have not heard from Crys, I was going to email her after the wedding but wanted to let her decompress, then my craziness kicked in, 3 weeks left. We have a website with a countdown and all info guests may need including links to excursions or the spa reservations. I will post that link too for all to see. http://gregtalarico.com/wedding (copy and paste if it doesnt let you open) We have 40 people including us. The terrace can fit up to 70 but then there is not much room for dancing. The WC even said for our 40 to have 1 long table instead of several round/square tables to save room if we were going to have the entire thing on the terrace but since we have the beach (which they do put a wooden dance floor) we are having separate tables. The beach is just 1 step down from the terrace so people can stay or sit where they are and watch the others dance or we are having them put the taller cocktail tables down below for drinks to sit on. No extra cost. Just pay for the 2 location fees, 1000 and 500. We are paying for the open bar as well 15pp. We are not doing the extra appetizers or cocktail hour. I thought that was crazy 500 for location fee then 16-20 pp appetizer, that comes to 1200+ for 1 hr, thats more than the 4hr dinner reception. I asked why would anyone do this when between the ceremony and reception people can use the all inclusive and go to the pool bar (the location they would have the cocktail hr) and drink and eat something small there, she said just for the privacy, to keep not wedding guests away. Thats not worth it to me. it will be 5pm most people are getting ready for dinner themselves. We are paying extra for a 1hr mexican coffee table at desert time. Not sure if you ever had a mexican coffee but the are beautiful to watch being made and taste delicious, also keeps u warm on those cool cabo nov nights. I have never been a really big flower person so we are using more candles and large seashells as our table decor. Nothing that anyone needs to look around to see the person across from them. Romantic clear/blue gel candles with shells inside and down on beach I bought these different colored mexican glass bowls for those large glass beads that reflect light and these small little battery lights that hide inside. Not much light needed though, they hang lights across the palm trees and the dj has colored lights and i checked the moon will be close to full so that will light up the sky and water....OMG I am so excited as I type and think about this. We are doing a rehearsal dinner but not really sure why but the WC asked where we wanted it and felt maybe a good time for my girls and his guys to spend time, they don't really know eachother too much. It is not extra, we just chose to have just the wedding party but some people have everyone invited. Ours is at the mexican rest. On another note...Use the WC to get you reservations at Krystal, if your interested in eating there. Only up to 4 ppl can sit at a table. think the rest only holds 16ppl but its really hard to get into so i had the WC use her influence. We made out of town bags that will be given to the guests at check in. We have little maracas with name tags for the favors to tell them what table we have little straw like fans that will be at each chair for the ceremony. My jewelry still isn't set, wanna keep it minimal, my dad passed away 3 months ago and I had a bracelet made from his funeral roses and his birthstone, want to wear that. I have a tall floating candle and picture of him that i need to have them set up, at ceremony and reception We do have it set to have a sand ceremony Instead of guest book we have the large picture and frame around it that everyone signs to hang on our wall. Thats all I can think of now. Hope that helps but doesnt bore, we love talking about our own weddings but then i feel bad for boring someone else. I will send you that email today Take care Michelle
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