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  1. SilverQueen, I'm so excited that you posted this. After my horrible experience coordinating with SM I asked her to let me out of my contract and decided to book Neysa. So far my experience with Neysa and her staff has been wonderful! They are responsive, so nice and most importantly willing to work with me, and not make me feel like I'm just another bride. I'm sooo glad to hear that you had a great experience with her. I will keep you girls posted as to the overall experience. Thanks again!
  2. Hi Sonia, Just curious how the hair and make-up was with Neysa Berman. Did she end up coming to your hotel or did you have to go to her studio? I'm in a similar situation where I'm having a small party get their hair and make-up done so I'm deciding between Neysa and Suzanne.
  3. Hi Girls, I'm getting married in May and I'm having a pretty big wedding weekend (because I'm combining two ceremonies over the course of three days and haveing another special event) and will need a hair & makeup person both days. I've been told Suzzane Morel is the go-to person, but she's so expensive! Plus she requires that I have a minimum of 4 services per day in order to have the artist come to my hotel to get me ready. Is that right?? Considering I'm having 5 services over the course of 3 days it seems a little unreasonable that she won't provide me with a hair and make-up artist to come to my hotel. My question is...is she really worth it?? let me know PLEASE!
  4. Thanks so much Rebekah! That really puts me at ease.
  5. How was your overall experience with Enrique? Did you love your photos? I'm considering Enrique for my May 21st 2011 wedding (photos and video). Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Hi All, Can I get the contact inforamtion for Luz maria for booking the Sunset Cruise on the Sunrider? I think that's a great idea!
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