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  1. I've only been to Beach Palace as a bride several years ago. If you're looking for a very well run intimate hotel it's a great choice. I've been to three All-Inclusives in Mexico and this one really blew the other ones out of the water in term of service and food quality. The roof-top terrace is excellent and beautiful at every angle, plus no pesky tourists in your wedding photos. Again the space is not huge, I wouldn't put more than 50 or 60 people max up there (though I'm sure they've had more in the past). If you run through the Beach Palace thread a few people have had thei
  2. Agreed! Your dress came out so nicely and your wedding party looks amazing! So much money saved, which means plenty left to go shopping!
  3. I'm selling a full length nightgown made of silk that I purchased at a sample sale about a year ago but never got the opportunity to wear. It's very luxurious and shimmery, but comfortable since it is made of silk. Excuse the wrinkles, I'd recommend the same tips for smoothing out the veil if you don't have a steamer, just hang in the bathroom with the shower on for a few mins and it will be perfect! It is lightweight and would travel well so shipping would be affordable. I'm willing to ship internationally if the buyer is willing to pay for shipping. The gown is champagne color
  4. Coug on girl, your hubby is a hottie and you look great together!!
  5. Aww congrats girls, I got married at Beach Palace last year and it was really amazing. The beach was stunning and huge, we played in the waves often and the water is nice (though super salty lol). I loved the food and think about it all the time, I wanna go back just to eat!! I'd been to 2 other All Inclusives in Mexico before and this was my favorite. The hotel is much smaller than most so it's good if you want a more intimate venue, it was always easy to find my friends and family. I like the A la carte restaurants much better than other hotels I'd been to, I'm not sure if their standar
  6. Yah I figured this one out on my own since no one replied. I think you're right, the x is so you can delete, so just use the add pic button in the lower left corner when you're posting ads to add pictures, and submit, and they should show up just fine
  7. lol, yes shoes are our weakness! Prettypigpig - I notice the shoes in the ring shot, but not in any of the wedding photos, were they just for ring glamour shots? I just got some purple suede miu miu's but haven't worn them out yet!
  8. I just did a simple DIY and printed out a tree on craft paper and mounted it on another piece of craft paper. I framed it and put it up in the house and it's such an adorable reminder of the wedding day. Most people get them from etsy, but I was in a DIY kick so I did my own, etsy is probably the better route just so you don't have to worry about an extra project. I just got some individual handwipes from the dollar store and put them in a nice basket by the "guestbook". It's nice that it takes off the pressure for guests to write something brilliant, I always get a bit nervous when I
  9. Hey lovely brides-to-be! I've tried to edit this post before but always get stuck. I'm dropping the price to $50 and shipping for this two piece Pleasure State set. It's really such gorgeous lingerie, found at high end lingerie boutiques, your hubby will love it. All tags are still on, and I'll include the cute pearl hangers so it looks beautiful hanging in the closet too.
  10. If this dress is a good fit for you, I've decided to do free shipping within the United States and Canada. Just PM me with any questions or to chat! Hope everyones planning is going great!
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