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  1. I bought my dress from dressilyme. If you're flexible in the end product you'll love your dress. If you want the exact replica to the dress you tried on or your favorite dress in a magazine you might be disappointed. My dress wasn't like the picture posted on their site BUT it was a beautiful dress than made everyone cry at the wedding. Best bang for your buck. Do yourself and order your dress in the size you are today.
  2. I became Mrs. on June 28th and Beach Palace was hands down the best hotel for a wedding!! I'll give a quick summary--inbox me for in depth details. Airport Transfers: I used Cancun Transfers...effortless. True A+ service. Just make sure you have the right company (they wear burgundy tops with khaki pants). Hotel Check-in: SUCKS on busy days. I got there by 12 on Thursday and had to wait until after 4 for a room. I didn't mind because I went to the bar for food, drinks, and then talked to Marco (my wedding planner). However, the bulk of my guesta came in the next day. Dear god, I felt bad. Folks waited until 4:45 almost 5 for a room. There's a serious missing link between housekeeping administration and the front desk management. The employees were working as fast as they could but they needed more help. Best place for the ceremony: HANDS DOWN the sky deck/rooftop. The first time up there is breathtaking. I initially had a 4pm wedding scheduled but when I arrived I realized it was still quite hot at 4p. I was lucky enough to have it pushed back to 6pm (ideal time). The weddings on the beach were entirely too close to the old man in speedos! Hair/make-up: I used the hotel spa and Minerva did a wonderful job. I literally showed her a picture from google and she re-created the look effortlessly. As an African-American bride this area was of great concern but I had nothing to worry about. Did I say how much I LOVED my hair and make-up. Resort Credit: This was very hard for me to use. I booked 4 nights (Thurs-Mon) however, with greeting my guests, welcome dinner, wedding, bachelorette party, I didn't find time to use more than my hair/make-up. As the bride you will receive an additional $100 to use in the spa. Side note:If anyone sits in on a timeshare presentation you will get an additional $50. When I got my bill I literally paid $10 for my hair/make-up!! The photo credit was a rip-off. When I read the brochure I was under the impression that a half hour photo shoot included 3 CD pictures for $250 resort credits. Well the 3 pictures, copied and pasted to the cd,---unedited was $40. I liked the pics but just know it's not completely free. Photography: I chose Ceclia Dumas because she was budget friendly and responded quickly to my e-mail requests. I enjoyed working with her associate photographers. I LOVED my pictures. Music/dj: I booked JSAV the day before the wedding. They were okay but not mind blowing. We ended up hooking up our phone playlists to his system for 75% of the reception. Wedding planner: I worked with Marco. He did a great job of keeping everything together on my wedding day. Even if the wedding coordinators don't get back to you quickly rest assured you're day will be beautiful. The food: There are 3 restaurants. Honestly if you stay more than 4 days the food is great but redundant. I used Wok for my welcome dinner and farewell brunch. Make sure you reserve these in advance with you wedding coordinator. The wedding food was great--I chose the caribbean buffet. There was something for everyone. Room service was a delightful treat and there's nothing mini about the mini-bar. The ONE thing I would do differently---reserve a wider window for your guests to book hotel dates. Let me explain. I reserved 10 rooms from 6/27- 6/30 figuring most of my guests were booking extended weekends. Well, low and behold, some decided to extend their reservation another 3-5 days. I then get a phone call from my travel agent that the hotel was sold out for my week. Panic set in because some bought their plane tickets and didn't have a definite on the rooms. To make a story short I had to wait 3 weeks to find out about the definite room reservation. Quite nerve racking as folks call you to complain. SO all this to say...add a few days before and after to your reservation window. I wish someone, specifically the travel agent, to have a little room in the reservation window just in case the hotel sells out---at least your block of rooms would be safe!
  3. This was my second time wearing a weave but I wanted a certain look for my wedding day. I was hesitant before putting it in but I"m happy I actually put it in. The hotel spa did a great job curling my hair (vintage hollywood glam). If anyone is getting married at the Beach Palace I highly recommend Minerva. As for humidity and frizz....when the curls fell ( ever so slightly) it was still a beautiful look.
  4. I jumped the broom 25 days ago!! I drove myself crazy searching for an affordable broom. I ended up purchasing a broom on Amazon for less than $20. The same broom is at JoAnn's if you have one near by. To personalize the broom I had my guest write their wedding wishes on strips of ribbon that I then tied to the handle of the broom. It was a hit!
  5. I trashed my dress in Mexico and had so much fun doing it!! I laid it out on the balcony and it was completely dried within a day.
  6. Please note that JetBlue will not put your dress in a closet on board. I had to fold my dress in half and put it in the overhead compartment. Although I was quite nervous the dress was fine. Just hang it up as soon as you arrive at your hotel.
  7. I used Afloral.com to order 4 calla lily bouts and 24 medium calla lilies for my bridemaid's bouquet (just the right size). Loved how they looked and they transported well to Mexico. If you're ordering calla lilies for a bridal bouquet order 36-48 stems. Happy planning:)
  8. Hi ladies, My wedding colors are teal and champagne. I'm having the hardest time finding a dress for my mother. What dresses/ designers were you able to find?
  9. Yes, I'm working with Teresa. Someone else mentioned asking your wedding planner for complimentary shuttle service. I"m going to try this as well. I"m working with Elizabeth @ Beach Palace. What is everyone doing for reception table decorations? Initially, I was going with the white table/chairs/linens from the hotel. Seems a little plain since I'm moving the reception to the ballroom. My wp suggested using a Colin Collie collection but I don't like the linens or centerpieces offered. For $300 I was expected a better centerpiece arrangement. Did anyone use fake flowers in their centerpieces? Were they offered by the hotel? I'm trying to avoid bringing DIY down on the plane.
  10. I was quoted $525 for the fireworks..seems a bit much to me since it's only 30-45 seconds! Hi, I had the same concern. My travel agent is going to handle transportation to/from airport. These are the rates I received: Prices are quoted "per vehicle" depending on number of guests as follows: From 1 to 3 passengers: $55.00 roundtrip From 4 to 7 passengers: $65.00 roundtrip From 8 to 10 passengers: $75.00 roundtrip
  11. I'm having my ceremony on the rooftop terrace of the Beach Palace. The beauty of the ocean without any sand in my shoes!
  12. @@TuffLuv...where did you purchase your clip ins? I want to avoid a weave but I want a little more thickness for an updo. My hair is relaxed and I'm having a hard time finding unique but elegant wedding hairstyles for black hair.
  13. Hi 2014 BP Brides!! I"m so behind in my "to do" list. I have the TA and wedding website completed. STD were sent in November. However, I still have to send out invites. I have them...just haven't had time to address them! I started conversations with Ocean Photo, JSav, and the decor company (the name escapes me at the moment) but I haven't followed through with the contracts. I think I am in sticker shock. I"m thinking of using Real Touch flowers vs. using BPs florist. I guess it's a matter of how much I want to be responsible for on the day. Did anyone get a chance to sample and of BPs wedding menu? So stressssssssed!!
  14. I"m so happy I chose to use Vistaprint. I printed the invitation and accommodation card on glossy stock and the RSVP on the 100lb matte. 80 of each, 260 address labels, thank you cards, postcard magnet STDs and personalized STD envelopes for approx. $140.....One happy bride on a budget!
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