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  1. Shes2013- Congrats and Welcome! Prices and open reservations will not be available for the resort probably 10 months outs. I remember planning my wedding and wanted to set a date right away but I had to wait until the resort opened the reservations for the next year. For the best costs, I would not recommend going throught the direct RIU site, I noticed their prices are a little inflated. For a party of 20 guests, try finding a travel agent that can book your flights, coordinate your car services to and from the airport, and have them find you the best deals. I had about 14 ppl tot
  2. finally some action on this thread!! It's been awhile since I've been on here.. anyways Welcome new Brides and Congrats!!! RIU was the best and you will not be disappointed. Hi Nicyx!! can you believe it was a year ago since we were on here planning our weddings.
  3. I don't have much left but I know these could use a good home: Thank You cards: $10 (SOLD) 3.5x5 top fold cards, qty. 30, comes with white envelopes Ann Taylor earrings: $15 brand new, never used. drop earrings Fans: $5 for all (SOLD) very simple paper & wooden fans, qty. 26 Glitter decor: $3 for all (SOLD) Green glitter palm fronds (2 small & 4 large) blue glitter accents (2) Coils & plastic holders: FREE (SOLD) Qty. 5 each Postcards: FREE I have about 50-70 of each
  4. Thanks ladies! Sherio- yes i have 2 bands on both sides of the e-ring. It worked out perfectly- one is engraved with our anniversary and legal day date.. and the other has our DW date.
  5. beautiful pics Nic! I love the ones when you both are jumping..looks like you guys are having a blast.
  6. NicMatt- Congrats & Welcome!! You won't regret your decision.. Riu is awesome!
  7. Riu was definitely a great resort!! My hubby and I are already planning on going back for our 1 yr anniversary
  8. Nic- Welcome back! and congrats! Did you have a good time at RIU?? happened at the airport? I sent you a pm.
  9. hi Cherriena! Welcome & Congrats! any questions about RPRM, don't hesitate to ask.. everyone here has been very helpful!
  10. Thanks again everyone! Just got back from Mexico and had the time of my life! Everything was a hit from the cups to the maracas! I will try to send the templates out tonight for those who requested.
  11. These cups were actually a hit with our guests! Everyone used them by the pool/beach and other hotel guests said they were a great idea to keep frozen drinks cold. Since I had only 17 ppl going, I packed in a large luggage. just make sure you bring receipts with you for customs..in case they inspect ur bags.
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