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  1. Who is the admin? I have not been on here since my wedding in 2011!
  2. How do you remove photos from one of your posts? One of my vendors contacted me and said that another vendor stole photos from here and is claiming the work as her own. I have been asked to remove the photos and I don't know how. I have removed them from my "album" but they still show up in my post. Help?
  3. I have 25-26 of these red satin chair sashes. They looked beautiful at our beach wedding in Cuba. I would prefer to sell these to someone in Canada to avoid shipping to the US and I would like an email money transfer and then I will ship with a tracking number. Buyer pays shipping.
  4. Hello, I had a beautiful beach themed wedding reception a few months following my Destination Wedding in Cuba. I have a box full of seashells, driftwood, river rocks and starfish for sale. I live in Hanover, ON, which is about an hour away from Kitchener, two hours from Toronto. I am asking $50 for this box of stuff.
  5. Red sashes are still available, the bride changed her mind on colour or something. The luggage tag set is sold and 10 of the photo books are sold. The birdcage veil has been taken off the market as my best friend wants to use it for her "something borrowed" Everything else up for grabs. Make me an offer, we are moving house and I want this stuff outta my house!
  6. The red chair sashes have been sold pending pickup...Everything else is still up for grabs. If you are looking for a birdcage veil, this one is seriously beautiful! And not easy to find here in Canada for a decent price anyway
  7. My wedding(s) are finally over and life can get back to normal! Sighhh of relief! Looking back, I'm so happy that we did it the way we did it. My dream wedding on the beach in Cuba and an AHR back home with my closest friends and family. Now it's time to reclaim my closet and office space and get this wedding stuff outta my house! I live in ONTARIO, CANADA. Shipping the heavier items may be more expensive to the States, but if you are interested in something, I can check on pricing. Buyer pays shipping. I prefer to ship within Canada, but like I said, I'm willing to work with you. I ca
  8. I had a ton of fun designing our wine labels for our At Home Reception. I used some stamps that I found on here (thanks Autumn, I believe it was from her passport invite template). I wanted a cool way to incorporate passport stamps into our AHR since I didn't have any use to do passport invites! I love how they turned out! Hope you like them.
  9. It was great to meet everyone...I had a lot of fun talking weddings! Even though I didn't like my food. LOL. And my husband def. put the guilt trip on me for dragging him along!
  10. my hubby and i will be there. if there is too much girly talk he'll just go to the bookstore! i ambringing Scentsy catalogs for everyone!!
  11. I am a past bride, but thinking I am going to come. I will only know for sure tomorrow as I have to play it by ear to see what time my husband gets off work. I am hoping he can join us too (or at least wander around the mall) Are any other husbands/fiances coming?
  12. Hope your meeting went well CBP.....they are sweet people and I could not say ONE negative thing about the pictures. I just love how they turned out!
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