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  1. I also got partyflops for our wedding - it was expensive b/c we had 60 guests, but definitely worth it.. Alejandro was great to work with and they came out great. All of our guests loved them! It's been over a year and some people are still wearing them
  2. I think you should definitely choose Grand Isle - yes, the condos really are as nice as they look in the pictures.. We actually booked a honeymoon package and at first got a regular condo, which was nice but we wanted an ocean view - all we did was ask and they upgraded us to a 2 bedroom penthouse, which was amazing Both condos were decorated beautifully and had all top-line appliances, washing machines, etc.. We kept saying we wanted to move in there The food was good - part of our package was a private dinner made in our condo by one of their chefs, if you can get that as part of your package, definitely do that.. That meal was so delicious - and our chef met with us ahead of time, so it was all our favorite food (lobster tails, conch chowder - yum!) While the place isn't cheap, I was surprised it wasn't more expensive given the quality of everything (hopefully it hasn't gone up a lot). The pool is nice but average - there is a jacuzzi but I think a regular above-ground one, but it was so hot that no one used it. When we were there, Sandals wasn't opened yet, so the beach was really quiet and there were nice lounge chairs.. There wasn't beach service, but it was only a 1-2 minute walk down to the beach - everyone was so accommodating that I could easily see them bringing you drinks down if you asked. We usually had the beach to ourselves, but I'm sure that's different now. The bar was opened at night, but it's definitely not a party place - probably depends a lot on the crowd though.. We usually ate dinner late around 9pm and there were a few people at the bar when we went home. There isn't much else nearby, or not anything you can walk to - although I don't know if that changed with Sandals. They give you golf carts to ride around in and you can ride them to the plaza nearby - I think there was a little grocery-type shop, a pizza and ice-cream shop, and I think a liquor store.. We rented a car and drove to another restaurant about 10-15minutes away, but the roads aren't great so you couldn't take the golf cart there.. Let me know if you have anymore questions - will you be able to do a site visit?
  3. We got married on Grand Bahama Island, but went to both islands on our honeymoon. Both islands were beautiful - much nicer than Grand Bahama or Paradise Island in my opinion. Great Exuma was amazing - that was our favorite island in the Bahamas - every beach was breathtaking and so peaceful.. We were there just before Sandals Emerald Bay opened up, so I'm guessing that beach is a lot busier now.. We spent a week at the Grand Isle Resort which is also on Emerald Bay and that beach was amazing.. I kept saying I wish we got married there instead.. definitely look into that resort - it was one of the nicest places we have ever stayed. The main reason we chose one of the main islands was b/c we wanted ppl to have easier flight options since we had about 60 ppl coming.. although I think there is a direct flight to Exuma now.. Good luck - I'm sure you'll love it
  4. Sorry you are dealing with this.. We were in a similar situation - we got married May 23rd of last year and didn't get our marriage certificate until mid-November.. We heard every excuse and got the run around for months.. At one point our resort told us the wedding coordinator was no longer with them, so there was no one to help us.. I was so upset - thinking our wedding was a joke, etc.. so I feel your pain.. but it worked out (eventually) for us, so I'm sure it will eventually work out for you too - things take longer in the islands I guess My suggestion is to keep calling and try to go higher up - we called the owner of the hotel at one point.. I'm sure it will all work out in the end - good luck
  5. I have 54 lilac colored organza chair-tie backs that I would like to sell - PM me if you're interested..
  6. I stayed at the Rose Hall Resort (Hilton) in Montego Bay and we loved it - it's a beautiful resort and the food was great.. It is pretty close to the airport and isn't all-inclusive (although I think there is an option to pay extra for all-inclusive if ppl want it) so hopefully there isn't an expensive daypass. I don't know anything about weddings there, but there are lots of great places for pictures ... if you want to check it out, the website is Montego Bay Jamaica Resorts & All-Inclusive Beach Hotels - Rose Hall Resort & Spa. Good luck with your plans!
  7. I did get married at OBB - my wedding overall did turn out great, but I would definitely not recommend getting married there.. They dropped the ball on so many things on our wedding day - I was lucky to have a great MOH and family to help, but I hate to think how things would have turned out if not for them.. They also overcharged me by at least $5k - things that were supposed to be included ended up not being, they charged me for more ppl than were there, etc.. I never wrote a formal review in large part b/c of how upset I was with them and just couldn't deal with doing it... AND we didn't get our wedding certificate for at least 6 months after the wedding - supposedly that doesn't usually happen - but not only did it take so long, but our phone calls and emails were ignored for months.. We still never got the certificate that we signed as part of our ceremony - we were told the wedding planner would hold onto it and give it to us before we left.. she never admitted it, but the wedding planner must have lost it.. pretty upsetting considering how much that would have meant to us.. she almost lost our sand ceremony vase as well - thankfully, my friend found it lying on one of the tables off to the side.. To answer your question about the distance, it is about 45 minutes away from everything and a taxi costs about $60, so everyone really does have to stay there.. Some family tried to stay in Freeport, but ended up just getting a room at OBB for the night of our wedding b/c they weren't comfortable driving back late at night.. it's a shame b/c it is a beautiful property and I think other people have had better experiences, but I would definitely recommend you look at other resorts...
  8. If she is not contributing toward your wedding, then I don't think you should feel like you need to get her a gift.. especially if you are already paying toward her trip.. that is already a more than generous gift.. I can't believe she is hinting at what she wants you to get her - even if she was paying for your wedding, I would think that is rude.. sorry you have to deal with that I think the best way to handle it, is to have FI (or both of you if you are comfortable) explain to her that since you are paying for the entire wedding and have to stick to a budget, that your contribution to her trip will be your gift to her.. maybe if you and FI want give her a card that day, but that's up to you.. My parents contributed some to the wedding and FI's family contributed a small amount also, but we didn't give them gifts on the day.. we are going to make photo books for them, so that is sort of a gift but we haven't done that yet..
  9. These items are still for sale --- hair flower, garter, shell candles, white purse, red photo albums, calendars, lilac organza chair tie-backs, ribbon, bags of shells (2 bags), paper cutter, adjustable circle cutter, pencils, sheer tulle Prices are negotiable - make an offer... I need to get rid of everything soon..
  10. I'm so sorry for your loss My husband's mother passed away several years ago, so we sort of had the reverse situation. I debated back and forth on whether I should do a father-daughter dance b/c I didn't want to risk upsetting my husband or his family (thinking it might draw more attention to his mother not being there). We discussed him doing a dance with his grandmother or his aunt, but he didn't really want to and in a way, that would make it more hurtful. In the end, I did a dance with my father but it wasn't an official "father-daughter dance." We didn't announce it or anything - we just asked the dj to play something appropriate and I danced with my father. A few other people were on the dance floor with us - which was actually more than okay b/c we both hate to be the center of attention. Talk to your FI - maybe he doesn't really even want to do a mother-son dance anyway... or maybe he would be okay with just making sure to dance with his mom at some point during the reception... if you explain that it would make you more upset, I'm sure he'll want to find a way that you'd feel better about..
  11. UPDATE - still for sale - hair flower, garter, shell candles, white purse, red photo albums, calendars, lilac organza chair tie-backs, ribbon, bags of shells (2 bags), paper cutter, adjustable circle cutter, pencils, sheer tulle
  12. I also have another box of Tylenol packets - 50 packets (2 pills each), exp 2012 - for $10.
  13. UPDATE - I have the following items still available and need to get rid of them.. 100 of the 3-4" starfish, garter, bride iron-on, shell candles, white purse, red photo albums, bubble wands, calendars, lilac organza chair tie-backs, ribbon, bags of shells (2 bags), paper cutter, adjustable circle cutter, pencils, toothpaste, sheer tulle.
  14. Americans are only allowed to go to Cuba with a special license from the US govt - for educational programs/volunteer/journalism, etc. You have to apply ahead of time and be approved. Even if you are approved, there are restrictions on travel. I have a friend who went to Cuba on a medical volunteer program in medical school - not only was it a lot of work for her, but she didn't know if it would even be approved until the last minute. So, I think it is fair to assume that an American would not make it there for your wedding... hopefully those restrictions will be lifted soon though..
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