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    let's start a MIL from hell thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by michelle6114 Just want to post an update in MIL from hell. Sunday was our AHR. After not giving us a card in JA, refusing to contribute to any of the cost of anything, my MIL shows up at AHR with still, NO CARD or gift and told everyone in her family to sit wherever they wanted since a few of their clan didn't show up. NO CARD NOT EVEN AN EMPTY ONE? Not even a small check to maybe cover part of their dinners that WE paid for? We had a few cards fall out of bags in the car, so I had my husband call his mother to ask if they gave a card, in case it was lost. Her response was "no, I figured going to Jamaica was enough". What kills me is that this woman goes on 2 exotic vacations every year. She was complaining at the AHR how she does not know what cruise to go on, since she has already been on most of them?! Then she takes all the leftover favors and drives home in her Lexus!!! What did I get myself into? I am so sorry you are going through this! She has a lot of nerve not even getting you a card, or AT LEAST writing you both a letter! You have your own family with your husband now and that is all that matters! You are not alone either, look how quickly this board filled up, LOL! Good luck!!
  2. ebdaniel113

    Gifts for parents if they aren't paying?

    Bride2b10, I know!!!! I don't know why she feels like we owe her another gift! She does, however, send her bills to my FI and asked that I stay elsewhere the night before we leave for Mexico because she wants one last night with FI! Uhhhh, no, don't think so!!! Ahhh, it is so frustrating!!!
  3. ebdaniel113

    let's start a MIL from hell thread

    Thanks so much for the advice! I am going to call our TA tomorrow and see if we can change hotels and we will definitely not tell anyone!!! I love this board, so nice to have some support : )
  4. ebdaniel113

    Gifts for parents if they aren't paying?

    Thank you for the feedback! I just wanted to make sure I wasn't crazy for not wanting to get FMIL a necklace that I couldn't even afford to buy for myself! OY! Weddings sure do bring out the crazy in people, LOL! Thank you!!!
  5. Hi everyone!! I don't know if my FI and I are supposed to give gifts to our parents if they are not contributing financially! My parents have given a little money (and I mean LITTLE) and HIS parents have actually taken money from us because they thought we should pay for their trips. FMIL gave me some "hints" about a diamond necklace she wants us to give her for her "gift" and my parents asked that we not give presents to anyone. FMIL is kind of a princess, but I don't think she deserves anything from us, especially because we already gave her a lot of money for her trip. Help!!! Thank you!!
  6. ebdaniel113

    let's start a MIL from hell thread

    My FMIL is driving me crazy!!! She is upset that we are getting married bc she thinks my FI should take the place of her ex-husband, both financially and emotionally! She sends her bills to our house to be paid, tells us how much she wants for Christmas, had FI's uncle call us and tell us she needed us to pay for her trip and then said the amount of days we offered to cover weren't good enough because she needed a real "vacation"! I was also just informed that she wants me to stay elsewhere the night before we leave for Mexico because she wants a "mother/son night" with FI! What? We are leaving for two weeks and you want to kick me out of my house the night before we fly out for OUR wedding?! And to boot? FI's father will be there with his adorable girlfriend so FMIL bought the most LOUD, awful, revealing dress for our wedding "to make him realize what he had". She left him! Uggg, so glad you started this thread! She is staying at the same resort until the day we leave too! We won't get a honeymoon bc she "needed a vacation" which happened to be the exact dates we are going to be there AND we had to pay for her! I swear she is doing all of this bc she is mad we are getting married! Sorry, just wanted to vent with you : )
  7. I am getting married at the Blue Parrot on November 14! I will post pictures when I get back, but my friend Ashley got married there last year and it was amazing, which is why I chose the BP. They got married in the Beachfront Palapa because the beach was very short then. I was there in March and the beach was a perfect size for a wedding! Paula is great though, and is allowing us to decide once we get there on November 9 to look at the beach and decide. We are then having a cocktail hour and appetizers in the Skyview Terrace, which is upstairs overlooking the ocean. Our reception and dinner will be in the Lounge area and we get to use all of the spaces for the price of one! It is perfect for us and our 45 guests! Let me know if you have any questions!
  8. ebdaniel113

    Wedding in Mexico..... Newby here any tips?

    I am getting married in November at the Blue Parrot Beach Club in Playa Del Carmen. They are awesome! We are getting married on the beach, having cocktail hour (complete with a Mariachi Band) with 8 different passed hors de voures in a beachfront palapa, having our dinner in a lounge area with sand floors and dancing on their skyview terrace all for the same price! My FI and I went scouting back in March and this place just fit us so well! Very affordable and very flexible so we can have the wedding we want. There is also a very well known fire show that is amazing and they set up a private area for you on the beach! Paula is our wedding planner there and she is great! Our guests are staying at the Riu Palace Mexico and we are having them shuttled to the Blue Parrot. Let me know if you want more details!
  9. Hello! For those of you who made your own passport invitations, did you print them on decorative paper or did you apply the "passport" background and then print on white card stock? I have been searching for the right background to apply to my invites, but have had no luck. Any advice you could give would be very much appreciated!!! Thank you! Elizabeth
  10. I found one through Aylee Bits that was really nice. Passport Invitation template - Aylee Bits You can also order a pre-designed one for $10 and just fill in your information. Hope this helps! Elizabeth
  11. Hello everyone! How did any of you get a reply from these people? I have called, emailed and written and no response. Anyone have any ideas? Thank you in advance!!!!
  12. ebdaniel113

    Rosehall Resort and Country Club?'s

    I am also looking into RHR for our wedding. I created a RFP with the things I wanted for my wedding and asked them to price it out and send it back to me. I have yet to receive it : ( I will attach the proposal and then you all can personalize it. I was not receiving any pricing information back so I created my own proposal so I could REALLY get an idea on prices for 50 - 100 guests. Any info from those of you who were married here would be very helpful. Thanks!
  13. Congratulations!!! I am also looking at Rose Hall Resort! What was the determining factor between RHR and other resorts? Have you visited the site? It looks wonderful and I have read MANY reviews. Is it still under renovation? Congrats again and any information you can pass on is very much appreciated!!
  14. Hello BDW brides! I am looking into getting married at Half Moon Resort in MoBay. I have contacted the hotel for a RFP, but have yet to hear back. We will have 50 - 100 guests, but I keep hearing about how expensive it is. Has anyone received a ball park for a wedding of this size from Half Moon that they would be willing to share? We don't have a ton of money to spend and I would like to look at other resorts if Half Moon is way too expensive. Any information would be very much appreciated! Thank you and I love love love this forum!!! You guys are they best!