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  1. Hi Guys, I haven't posted on these forums in a while....anywho, I got married in Jamaica June 20, 2009 at Moon Dance Villas in Negril. It was fabulous to say the very least and I am gonna do a review soon...but I have a question....now that we have our paperwork from Jamaican Govt showing that we married in Jamaica, what do we do next? Is there anything further we need to do to be legally married in the US?Do we need to get a license in our state or is that unnecessary? Help me out!!1
  2. Hey guys, I am the Original Poster in this thread. My wedding waas June 20 and I decided to go with this dress, but I added my own twist. The flowers on the shoulder were way too much for me, but to my surprise, the flowers were actually removable. I decided to place the flower underneath my bust area instead and it turned out very elegant. Here are a few photos for you to see. Its not the best photo as I am still waiting on my professional pics, but it should give you an idea. Hope this helps someone out there.
  3. So I am leaving for my wedding tomorrow (ceremony is on saturday) and I have EXTREME writer's block. We are writing our own vows and I want it be perfect but I am having trouble coming up with the "right" words to say. Fiance has already completed his vows (months ago) but everytime I write something, I ball up the paper and start all over again. Anybody have some insight on this? did anyone else have trouble writing their vows? What helped you? I'm sure once I'm on the beach and calm and relaxed the words will just come to me, but right now I'm stuck. HELP!
  4. UPDATE Well, my wedding is officially a week away and I have gone through more drama with this than I could have ever imagined. My father insists on bringing the girlfriend and even told her that he would not come if she doesn't come with him. To my understanding, she is still coming to Jamaica but will not attend the wedding because she doesn't feel welcome. I don't really understand that as there will be activities every day that she will also not feel welcome to attend. which means my father will not attend. At this point, I really don't even care. I am so happy that I am gettin
  5. My BD shoot is this weekend and I am a nervous wreck! I'm very camera shy and I have never taken professional pics before. I wanted to do this for my husband to be and for myself and I want to get a little risque (i.e. nude) but I haven't really seen any photos of women doing tasteful nudity sooooo.... ....has anyone here done nude photos for their BD shoot? My photographer is very comfortable with doing nudes and apparently does this for many brides but I have never actually seen any so I don't have much inspiration to look upon. I want to do it, but I don't want to look awkward. I
  6. I started a thread a while back about whether or not I should purchase partyflops and I decided to go with partyflops afterall. I am VERY PLEASED with my purchase. They delivered them super quick (my wedding is 2 weeks aways and I ordered in the beginning of May and it got to me 2 weeks later from Mexico and it took about 2-3 days to arrive once shipped)! They are super cute and personalized exactly how they showed me in the pictures. THey are also very comfortable. You can purchase them with or without their logo, just ask them. Alex is great and he is very responsive and answers
  7. I just wanted to chime in and let you know that I too booked Paula and Damian and our wedding is June 20, 2009. I'll be sure to give you an update with pics so you can see how it turned out (I'm sure it will be nothing short of amazing)! I love Paula and Damian! They are really responsive and seem like a bunch of fun.
  8. so, we're getting married at Moondance Villas and four weeks and the wedding coordinator is so busy that none of our requests via email have been answered. Everytime we call her she says she's "been so busy" and has not had a chance to work on the things we need for our wedding. Obviously, this makes me a little nervous and so many questions are going through my mind. When is she going to work on it? Will all the things we need be available by the time she does start working on it? Oh an HOW MUCH IS IT? What if the cost is over budget? ETC ETC ETC Has anyone else experienced this? Has an
  9. Is there anyway an administrator can change my profile name? I posted some personal things on this forum and just realized that I am not that anonymous with my name. I wasn't really thinking about that when I first joined. Help!
  10. okay, I asked a total of 7 girls to be in my bridal party originally. As time went along, some of them expressed that they did not care about being in the wedding party and two of them even said they were fine with just being an attendee. One of them I don't speak to anymore. The others just don't really seem enthusiastic and weren't sure if they were still coming to the wedding and none of this is for any particular reason that I know about. It just happened this way. My two best friends who were maids of honor are still throwing me a bach party and bridal shower and have now confirmed coming
  11. Will do Jennyjen, and I can't remember if I responded to your pm, but your dress was gorgeous! You kinda had the same idea as me, except I was trying to combine the maggie ireland with the rd1044 but ended up figuring out a better look with the flowers. Will post pics tonight for you girls to see.
  12. Okay well my dress FINALLY CAME IN. At first I didn't love it because like some of you said, the flowers dominate my shoulders, but since the flowers are detachable (thank God) I opted to just place the flowers right underneath the bust area. It's gorgeous this way and now I love the dress. Its very fitting, yet flowy at the same time, perfect for the beach. I will post pics tonight so you guys can see.
  13. Oh wow, I didn't know they came like that! Even better. Yea, Alex has been a blast to work with thus far. Quick responses and efficient! Makes things so much easier. That's another check on my list!
  14. update!! I bought michaels flip flops and tried the DIY route. I bought paint markers, acrylic paint and stencils and tested the designs out on two flip flops. The designs turned out great, until I actually wore them. The paint started rubbing off (and I used an acrylic sealant to seal the paint). It was too messy and too time consuming, soooooooooooooooo.... I'm going with PartyFlops! Lol. Oh and here is our inspiration for the pink and blue wedding : Google Image Result for http://bumataystudio.com/Ventura/details1.jpg
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by RoryS Does your Dad know what his gf said to your Mom? Maybe he's only hearing one side of the story (hers), and doesn't know what went on. Also, when you told him use your discretion - he probably thought it was ok. Men don't read between the lines very well... Would it help if his gf apologized to your Mom? We sometimes say things in the heat of the moment and then later on regret them? Would it help if the relationship could be thawed out a bit before the wedding? Perhaps you and your Mom would feel more comfortable. It's still not an ideal situation, but
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