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    Hi Jen, I got married at OBB in July. I also never wrote a review, but fortunately I had a much better experience than DGG. I really loved the resort, everyone was so nice and accommodating, and it is (I imagine) a much better experience than getting married at a huge resort because not only is it gorgeous, but you have the place to yourselves, it is much more intimate, and it is easy to get around and find other people, which is nice when you have a smaller group. That being said, you really can't have people staying at other places on the island. The hotel is simply too far away. We had about 50 people at our wedding, everyone stayed on property for at least 2 nights, some for more, and no one seemed to mind being secluded. We had lots of events and the staff is very friendly and easygoing about letting everyone stay up and hang out by the pool, on the beach, etc, so we never got bored. I would write a whole long review but I don't think enough people are looking into this resort for it to be worth it. Feel free to message me privately if you have other questions!
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    Old Bahama Bay Brides

    Oh Kelly, I am glad you liked it! We picked OBB because it is smaller and we thought it would be more intimate. DGG, I agree about the negative reviews, but I drove myself crazy with tripadvisor so after a while I just let it go We got great feedback from the references they gave us (not surprising I guess!) So far they have been really nice - although I am pretty laid back so I haven't been very demanding either. Let me know what you decide, looks like the OBB crowd is small so far! We are getting married in July.
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    Old Bahama Bay Brides

    Hi! Wondering if there are any other OBB Brides out there? Would love to chat about your experiences so far, advice to a newcomer, etc. We could even start an email list to be more in touch - the way I feel, the more info we all have, the better for all of us! Hope to hear from you... Leigh
  4. Hi All! Just arrived here - what a GREAT forum! I'm so excited people actually respond. I am considering Half Moon - has anyone tried the food there? Had a wedding catered there? Is it good? We would go with Oleander Terrace for the reception - not sure if the catering differs depending on the venue you choose. Anyway, good food is a high priority for us so if anyone has any input it is welcome! Thanks!
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    1) Leigh 2) July or August 2009 3) Hmm... good question!