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  1. I agree. she looks terrible. she was so pretty before why would she ever think about doing anything. I bet Spencer had a lot of influence on her.
  2. gettinghitched2010

    OOT Bags done! (I think)

    Love it!! everything looks great!
  3. gettinghitched2010

    Tears Of Joy Tissue Packs

    those are really nice....
  4. gettinghitched2010

    Cupcake toppers *pic*

    they came out great. Really cute..
  5. gettinghitched2010

    Wedding Journal?

    I wasn't thinking about it but it sounds like a great idea..
  6. gettinghitched2010

    reception table set-up pic's

    Thanks for sharing the great ideas..
  7. gettinghitched2010

    Beer buckets as centerpiece?

    I think it is a great idea. I like unusual ideas.
  8. Great choices. Everything looks amazing..
  9. gettinghitched2010

    My petal bags PICS

    They look great. I am doing rose petals as well.
  10. gettinghitched2010

    Okay Ladies...Ceremony chair decor

    I am hanging petal cones..