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  1. Hello Ladies!!! I just came back from a trip to the Melia in mid-May. The place was great & huge!!!! Our group was a pretty big check in group (11 people) and that was honestly the worst part. The lobby was a mad house! But once we settled in everything was great. To answer some of the questions I saw... **Kids: There were kids, but I felt they were mostly younger and not like the annoying splashing kinds. I don’t think anyone in the group was ever bothered by any children the entire trip. **Beach Gazebo: Honestly I didn’t even see this!!! I’m telling you this place is huge! **Locations: Just a heads up for anyone who is contemplating locations….. The gazebo on the grounds is pretty, but you might want to know that the tram runs right along it, so it’s not as private and quiet as some others may be. The amphitheatre is actually really pretty! It’s right by the beach buffet, but they close at night, so it should be pretty private. I think this would be a nice alternative to the beach if it’s windy. If you have any other questions, let me know! Good luck to any lucky bride who's getting married here!
  2. I'm just curious how long everyone took to plan their DW. I'm still in the planning process now and haven't commited to a day yet! I'm afraid to pick too early and then stress for a year! The date I like would give me a little over a year to plan. My second choice is 3 months later. Maybe I'm just used to long engagements because I've only been involved with big local weddings. So I wanted to see what you ladies think and see how long you've had!!!
  3. Thanks so much for the input ladies!! I figured the sand and set-up, but for some reason totally forgot about lighting! Twinkletoes, just curious.... which hotel did you get married at?
  4. I wanted to pick you ladies' brains on Beach Receptions! I think they look gorgeous, but it seems like 1. it's not a popular option for brides on here (from what I've seen at least!) 2. it's not something offered at a ton of places (also from what I've seen) I just love they way they look, I'm not sure if it's practical though! I wanted to see if the places you picked offered it and/or why you chose or didn't choose it! Thanks in advance for the help/insight
  5. Hey all!!! I'm actually heading to Melia in two weeks for a preplanned totally un-wedding-related vacation with a bunch of friends! Let me know if you have any specific questions or things you'll like me to check out or take pictures of!! It'll be my pleasure to help out!
  6. I'm still trying to decide on my colors and wanted to get some inspiration from you ladies! So...what's your colors!? I'm leaning towards.... navy & fushia! p.s. I'm so sorry if this is out there already somewhere, I'm still a little new. If I can find this somewhere else... feel free to point me in the RIGHT direction!
  7. SandDD

    Research Queen!

    Hello all!! I'm here shamelessly researching Destination Wedding info! I'm still in that stage where I love every location and can't commit! But once I found this forum, I had to join! It looks like exactly what I need to make a decision. I've narrowed down dates and I'm leaning towards early Nov/2010 or President's Day weekend/2011. Between the two of us we have a heavy amount of teachers as guests and want to plan around times they would all have off. We have a state convention everyone had off for in Nov, which is why I'm leaning to that! Seems far away but I don't have a ton of free time and don't want a time crunch to stress me too much. I look forward to asking a lot of questions and hopefully be in full swing of planning by the summer!
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