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  1. Bumped this up for TraceyB and any other Cuba brides out there. Roly is still going strong and is very active in the Varadero community. DH and I spent some time with Roly and his beautiful family this past March (2014) while visiting Varadero for my sister's wedding (Ocean Varadero El Patriarica - H10). He did not shoot the wedding for my sister (she brought a Canadian photographer with her). Above you will see examples of work that Roly had done for our "Cuban engagement photoshoot" - I see those photos and it feels like yesterday -- rather than six years and two beautiful babes ago. When we visited Roly in March he showed me some of his more recent work, he is always acquiring new gear and still does a wonderful job. He also takes people on private guided tours of Havana with photography... could be a cool excursion to offer to your guests. Peace out Brides! xox Mrs. Amarillis.
  2. I have raved about Roly many times before on here. He now has a facebook page "Havana Memories" it is loosely set up... but it can be a contact point for him. He is a great photographer and friend of mine. Please feel free to check out my wedding website, you'll see pictures of some of his work there. www.mywedding.com/chadandamy2009 Photos 8 and 9 of our 'pre wedding planning trip' http://www.mywedding.com/chadandamy2009/photo_61802_10928394.html were taken by Roly. He was also in attendance at the wedding and took pictures of what he liked to call "the making of Chad and Amy's wedding' (this was due to the fact that we brought our own photographer with us from Canada). In a nutshell, I HIGHLY recommend Roly. Feel free to contact me by email for more info. Ciao
  3. I am thrilled to hear you had a great experience. I would totally agree with everything you've said. I too was subject to terrible bug bites, but I experienced the same thing at all of the other resorts we've been to in Varadero. Some people have reactions.... bottom line. I too loved that they only had one wedding per day and made us feel like royalty! Glad to hear you had a great experience!!! Congratulations!!
  4. This is what we used -- it was included inside our passport invitations: The journey of our love began on the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean. We find it fitting to have our wedding there as well. We look forward to sharing our day with those who can join us. It is our hope that you hear the sound of the ocean as loudly as we hear wedding bells. Although it would be fantastic to have all of our loved ones there as witnesses, we understand that limitations exist. For those who are unable to join us, it is our hope that you look south on our special day and say a prayer, wishing us well as we begin our new lives together. Hope this helps!`
  5. Karla, Your planning thread is awesome! Congrats girl!!! only one week to go!
  6. Beach Wedding Shirts | Guayaberas, Linen Pants, Boys Linen Shirts, Mexican Wedding Shirts. Alexis is a BDW vendor... this is where we got all of our guyaberas for the wedding! He was awesome!!! The quality is stellar and the guys looked amazing.
  7. Some of you may remember that a while ago we were chosen as a feature 'REAL WEDDING' on weddingbells.ca! http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...ngbells-44858/ Well ladies -- the time has come!!!! Weddingbells.ca | Seaside Love | slide 1 I am hoping that with a lot of positive feedback in the comments section that we might be chosen for the print edition!!! Maybe some of you could plant the seed?!?!? This is such an exciting time for us!!!! Thanks for sharing in my excitement!!!!
  8. Our mugs were the HIT of the wedding. I think we paid @$700ish for 100 mugs. From 4imprint.ca. Everyone loved them!
  9. Jess!!! Great Planning Thread!!!! I love all your attention to detail!!!!
  10. DHL is your best bet... But the better bet is to either bring it there yourself, or find someone going there to take it with them. I send a lot of stuff to my Cuban friends using family and friends as "mules"... I would trust this FAR more than sending with DHL. You'd be surprised at how many people head to Holguin for vacations, and dropping something at the resort with your WC wouldn't be a big deal. If I was planning a trip there... I'd do it for you!
  11. I was sure to pack scissors! Everyone in the wedding party, and the parents cut theirs off. Everyone that cut theirs off, went to the front desk with the cut one in hand, and was given a new one... not a big deal. Remember to pack scissors!
  12. I only have one piece of advice. Remember to TIP -- this can be the encouragement that is needed to make your day perfect. Money talks.
  13. Very heartfelt. We are all real people, with real lives, and although our worlds collided through the happenstance of having a DW. We are all compassionate women, wedding planning may have brought us here, but it is the friendships and comradery that keep us coming back. Good Luck on your run!
  14. Great rates!!! YAY for wedding planning progress!
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