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  1. Jenny one weird fluctuation isn't so awful. you probably just need to poop! ;-) but your attitude is great and if you continue to nip things in the bud, taking immediate action like you are, I def think the $170 and the hot bod are within your grasp! go for it girl!
  2. I totally get kinda not really but kinda wanting to punch him in the face! hilarious and true!
  3. i sent mine ann, but i gained so you can choose to ignore it if you'd like! womp womp. been behaving badly. gotta get back on track. i don't usually fall so far off so soon. gotta get my head in the game!
  4. not bad at all! keep it up! i weigh tomorrow but i expect to gain. did not have a good week at all. brushing it off and starting anew.
  5. also i giggled at the socks and the shoes in the weigh-in pics. you girls must be pedi-less like me! the difference is i actually subjected ann to my naked toes, haha.
  6. CHECK OUT ALL THE FREAKIN' LOSERS!!!! i don't weigh until tomorrow but just wanted to check in to see how everyone else was doing. i've done okay with food ... not so great choices, but managing to stay within my 1200 calories anyway. when i say "not great choices" i mean awful things like pizza or chinese food, birthday cake, or eating nothing until 9pm then stuffing my face. bad bad bad. a few days, i *was* even over my calories, until i exercised. that said, i got to the gym 4 times this week, so on that front, not too shabby. my next challenge (besides actually eating RIGHT) is to get back into drinking water. that always helps me soooo much, but once i fall out of the habit, it's so hard to get back into. i also need to be more diligent with tracking my food intake. i expect a big loss for me tomorrow bc that's how i roll. one huge week, and then it trickles. ann can attest, since she is the keeper of BDW secrets past.
  7. aw man, i didn't know we were inviting boys! i would have tried to talk tom into joining. this sh*t is much easier when the hubs is doing it too, especially since he's the cook in our household! i just started today (wednesday weigh-ins for me) and so far so good, except that i didn't go grocery shopping yet, so i had nothing healthy available for breakfast and ended up just having coffee. salad with grilled chicken on it for lunch. no idea what i'll be doing for dinner. carly, i made sure i tried one of those evil brownie batter donuts yesterday since i knew i couldn't have them anymore. kinda like a "last splurge." pretty damn good and probably 9574967591036453 calories. i don't even want to know. the gross thing is i felt like i could have scarfed down 3 more of them. my portions have gone totally out of control again, so i'm super glad we're doing this. and you girls are all so serious and on the ball ... inspiring and just the kick in the ass i need. back to the gym tonight! you girls are brave for posting your weights and pics on a public forum! let's just say mine is higher than all those posted (hopefully soon to be lower!) and leave it at that.
  8. I'm going to weigh on Wednesdays since that's what I'm used to from past seasons, so I figure I have the next few days to gobble down Super Bowl food and Girl Scout cookies and get all that crap outta my house! I'm somewhat old school on BDW as well; will have been married 4 years in may. I'm Lisa (cougs is a nickname some BDW girls gave me, actually--my hubs is a lot younger--and it just stuck). Nice to meet the noobs! for those worried about being a big bride, I was one of those myself, and I promise when you see your pics (at least at first) you won't see the fat. what you'll see is the happiness, the love, etc. and if someday later in life you're miraculously thinner (I'm still trying to get back DOWN to wedding weight), well then that's a great excuse for a vow renewal, right?
  9. oh and i use myfitnesspal to track calories and exercise. my screen name there is cougs28 if any of you guys want to follow along with my successes (and failures), lol. just let me know who you are here on BDW so i know who i'm friending.
  10. yay abbie! and good for you with the early start! i "started" last week and then promptly stopped. oops. like you, i definitely need the accountability.
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