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  1. Clayton was awesome to work with..he takes great photos and was very fun to work with ...I chose him because I like his photojournalistic style There are others to choose from but WPA was more in our price range that Sungold was
  2. Just returned from my Wedding at Secrets Wild Orchid! Ladies..you have nothing to worry about it was FANTASTIC. In the planning stages, you can get kind of caught up in details and worried but they take care of everything, trust me! When we arrived we were upgraded to the Preferred Club for free and they took extra care of us all week. I just got back yesterday and already have a few sneak peeks from the photographer. My sister also did a trash the dress the next day. Here is a link to our photographer's sneak peek (Kyle + Kristen) and I'll try and attach a personal photo or two that some gues
  3. I can post some pics in this forum of St James...it was gorgeous, there's honestly not much of a difference between Wild Orchid and St James except for the colours of the room pillows!!..I changed all decor to the purple dendrobiums because I do not like daisies or carnations (they just aren't really "me"), so here is the breakdown for them: bouquet - $100.00 corsages (2) - $90.00 or $45 each boutonnieres (2) - $50.00 or $25 each cake flowers - $50.00 centrepieces - (3) - $225.00 or $75 each for my ceremony I have a little logitech iPod dock that is quite loud so I am using
  4. By the way ladies..I am now about 4 weeks away and I think I have ALL of the info that I will get from Secrets! If there is anything you need let me know specifics ...I will definitely post pictures once I am back Here are the details in case you have any questions! Date: Wednesday, March 13th, 2013 Guests: 20 Package: Secrets of Love Location: Secrets Wild Orchid Junior Suite Oceanview Flowers: Purple dendrobiums Photographer: Wedding Photography of Jamaica (through Sungold) Travel Agent/Airline: Selloffvacations.com group bookings, Air Canada Vacations Wedding Colours:
  5. I am having mine on the beachfront casita...My friend had hers at SSJ last year...we have 20 people so the gazebo is not big enough. She had 13 and the gazebo was so squished it was uncomfortable!
  6. Hey there! I am about 4 weeks away now! I went to Secrets last March break and stayed in the St James side...I am staying in the WO side this time, but I can tell you the St James side is still gorgeous!! I have TONS of pics I took myself if you want to see any
  7. Originally Posted by claruickie To ensure everyone knows how this works please go to the last post of this thread, select "quote" on the last entry Type in you & your OH name, forum name, wedding date & location in chronological order. Brides (& grooms) can see who is getting married on dates close to them . It is handy too as some wedding parties have shared the cost of some vendors (photographers in particular) FEBRUARY 2013 Tamara & Chris (tkuzma) February 7 - Azul Sensatori, Riviera Maya Miranda & Colin (mlite83) February 9 - Now Jade, Riviera Cancu
  8. Getting Married March 13th, 2013 Secrets Wild Orchid, Montego Bay!
  9. Getting Married March 13th, 2013 at Secrets Wild Orchid, Montego Bay, JAMAICA!
  10. Hi there! I have been to Secrets St James (in March 2012) for a friend's wedding, now my wedding is in less than 2 months at Wild Orchid! I know that each person above 20 people is about $70-80, plus if they are not staying at the resort, another $80 day pass..it adds up very quickly!!!
  11. I am now in the two month window and I have noticed that there responses are now within a day or two instead of a week! They seem to be on top of things
  12. Yay! Getting close! March 13th, 2013 - Secrets Wild Orchid! Yahooooooo!
  13. I am getting close! 3 and a half months! I am starting to put things together and am trying to do things myself to save some money! Does anyone know if the 4 hours that you are allowed for your cocktail hour, dinner and reception are enough? I just want to be able to have a first dance and a bit of dancing, then we can head to the disco. Also, does anyone know how much extra it costs to add an hour onto your reception? Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Kristen
  14. Hey there! Sorry for the long time to respond, I have been swamped and haven't had a chance to check!!! I am now all booked and confirmed for a sunset wedding at Secrets St James/Wild Orchid on March 13th, 2013!! Any questions you have about weddings/resorts, let me know I have been there for a wedding 2 months ago and have been in contact with the WC. I have a lot of information from her and she responds pretty quickly and in a friendly matter! I was originally booked at the Iberostar Grand Rose Hall but changed to Secrets after visiting (plus there is almost nothing including in the weddings
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