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  1. Hello ladys, I found a lady who translated our certificate for 50$. She is in Sudbury Ontario. If anyone needs some one to translate let me know.. It save me from getting it done through the Cuban consilate.
  2. We had two different converters one worked and one didnt for what ever reason.
  3. Our wedding went great! more info and review to follow.
  4. Leaving tomorrow cant wait to get to Cuba out of the snow!
  5. Thank you everyone. I cant wait its so close now... Ill tell you guys about it when i get back.. and post pictures. You guys are great and made this so much easier.
  6. We leave in 6 days any last minute advice for a PP bride to be?? I am so excited and nervous..
  7. We are renting a white suit from tip top, because we couldnt find anything we really liked...
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by sarafish81 Oh thanks! I'm going to discuss with DH and perhaps ask one of the brides headed to PP if they would mind...I was wondering why my WC said "if you know someone coming to the resort, send the certificate along with them" - for $143.00 charge from DHL, it does seem easier/cheaper to have someone else drop it off personally. I am going to PP on December 5th if thats any help...
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by sarafish81 You don't need a marriage license - about 4 months after your wedding, Yaly will courier you your marriage certificate which you'll need to change your name in Canada. Hope that helps. Thank you for making that clear I am so excited! 22 days till our trip
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Amarillis I only have one piece of advice. Remember to TIP -- this can be the encouragement that is needed to make your day perfect. Money talks. Thank you very much for the advise.. i will remember this
  11. We are doing the legal ceremony too.. I was under the impression that we didnt need a marriage license.. that we only need to get our marriage certificate... Please let me know if i am wrong.. thanks
  12. We have 12 booked right now... haha but there are 5 that say they still are going to be booking... talk about down to the wire
  13. My mom got it at Walmart for like 30 dollars..
  14. Thank you! I think that i will get a section of the restaurant roped off. I am so excited its less then a month away!
  15. We only have 12 people coming and dont have enough people for a private reception and i was wonder if anyone had this issue and what you did. Thanks
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