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  1. Hi; We have finished our Save the date cards but i dont know what to write in the letter asking guests to attend and explain why we chose a destination wedding. Does anyone have a template or example please? Thank you
  2. Hi Everyone; Does anyone have a template or example of what they wrote to guests along with the save the date cards explaining that we chose a destination wedding and we would love for them to come but if they cant we understand? AS well how do i word it that we didnt register for anything as we dont require it for the people that cant make it and still want to send us something? Thank you Melanie
  3. Hi i just booked this resort for May 2010 and found that it does take a day or two to hear a response but i was able to get everything i wanted pre-booked. If you need any assistance go to my website at Denny&Melanie - wedding website by mywedding.com feel free to copy whatever you want from it
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    Melanie and Denny May 26th, 2010 Barcelo Solymar in Varadero, Cuba
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