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  1. Hey, I just got back from Varadero 3 weeks ago and did a couple really great excursions. We did a Havana trip but because we didn't like the idea of going in a big tour bus with all kinds of other people we asked at our resort about other options. They were able to set us up with two vans (there were 15 of us) and an english speaking tour guide that took us where ever we wanted to go...best part of all, it was only $45 CUC per person as opposed to over $100 CUC per person for many of the tour bus excursions. Our guide was fantastic and we had a blast. We got out and walked around alot an
  2. Hey ladies! I haven't really been a regular poster on here but alot of information on here has helped me so I thought it would be nice to be able to help others too! I just got married at the Barcelo Marina Palace two weeks ago and if anyone has any questions about it or would like to see pictures of the resort feel free to PM me! To keep it short on here I'll just say the resort was beautiful and the staff was incredible-we were treated like rock stars! They upgraded us to the most beautiful (not to mention huge!) suite for the entire stay, decorated the wedding gazebo beautifully, ga
  3. My fiancee got his linen pants and ivory shirt at RW & Co for less than $100!
  4. Hey, I actually made that post about the sunset reception to Cayo Blanco...I'm not on here a lot so I'm just seeing this thread now! I'm staying at the Barcelo Marina Palace and that was included in the wedding info package they sent me, if you want I can forward the info to you, not sure if it helps you though where you are staying at a different resort but if you want it just let me know!
  5. Hey, I'm getting married at the Barcelo Marina Palace in Varadero and for $40 CUC per person (free for the bride and groom) you can take a catamaran to a private island and have a reception on the beach with a sunset dinner followed by drinks and dancing on the boat on the way to back to the resort! I'm hoping to do that as long as I can convince FI!
  6. I was told contracted rates for Cuba won't be out now until August!!!! I was given rates last month but they are still WAY higher than I would like my guests to have to pay, especially those travelling from Vancouver! Anyone else have rates yet?
  7. I'm getting married in Varadero, February 2010, and I am also still waiting on rates. I've spoken with a couple different TA's that said companies such as Air Transat and Air Canada Vacations are still in negotiations with many resorts, that are taking much longer than normal right now, and rates with early booking bonus's won't be out until sometime in May! So frustrating!!!!
  8. Hi! I'm getting married February 2010 at the Barcelo Marina Palace! I've heard lots of great reviews for it and it sounds beautiful! The only real drawbacks to this resort would be that it is located somewhat away from everything as it is at the end of the peninsula and tends to be a little windy at times! Nothing that bothers me too much though! If your looking for pictures or a great review check out Amarillis's planning thread! I'm actually trying to figure out what to do about a photographer as well so I'm no help there! Good luck with all your planning though, it can be overwhelming at
  9. April 2009 Fudgie - April 13, 2009 - Sol Palmeras, Varadero May 2009 DWbride09 - May 21, 2009 - Sirenis La Salina, Varadero June 2009 Amelia & David - June 18 2009 - Iberostar, Varadero Nov 2009 itsfinallyhere - mid-November 2009 - Sirenis La Salina, Varadero Jan 2010 C & I - January 22, 2010(to be confirmed) - Playa Pesquero Feb 2010 Lori and Travis-February 14th, 2010-Barcelo Marina Palace June 2010 Stephanie&Luke - June 2, 2010 - Melia Las Dunas, Santa Clara
  10. I'm so happy to have come across this thread...I've been looking for a while now! Thanks!
  11. Awesome job with all your planning! I also wanted to do the cups for my guests....just wondering what quantity you had to order? I looked on the 4imprint website and it seemed like it was all large amounts!
  12. Thanks so much for the awesome review! I'm getting married there in 10 months and its great to hear it was so nice for you!
  13. Amarillis-I am another Canadian bride getting married in Cuba next year...also at the Barcelo Marina Palace! We came across it a few months ago and I can't imagine wanting to go anywhere else! I know your review will be up soon but I was just wondering of I could ask you a couple other questions about getting married there! What did you do for music? Did you just bring an ipod? Did you have music for the ceremony or just the reception? AND Did you actually get married there or did you do the legal ceremony at home first? Sorry for all questions ( the last one is kind of personal and you don't
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