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  1. I think I messed up on my repost...sorry! It wasn't intentional! I'm just noticing now that I didn't get everyone's dates in!
  2. Welcome to the forum Jenni. Congrats on the wedding...I bet Aruba will be gorgeous! How are your plans coming along?
  3. April 2009 Fudgie - April 13, 2009 - Sol Palmeras, Varadero Sarafish (Sara and Jeff) - April 18, 2009, Playa Pesquero, Holguin May 2009 DWbride09 - May 21, 2009 - Sirenis La Salina, Varadero June 2009 Amelia & David - June 18 2009 - Iberostar, Varadero Nov 2009 itsfinallyhere - mid-November 2009 - Sirenis La Salina, Varadero Jan 2010 C & I - January 22, 2010(to be confirmed) - Playa Pesquero Feb 2010 Lori and Travis-February 14th, 2010-Barcelo Marina Palace March 2010 Michelle and Jason- March 17th- Location to be confirmed soon!! May 2010 Krista & Josh (K'osh) - May 4, 2010 - Playa Pesquero June 2010 Stephanie&Luke - June 2, 2010 - Melia Las Dunas, Santa Clara
  4. Hi Ladies, We are going to Varadero on March 13-20th for our wedding. We are hoping to get a March 17th date. We are getting sooo close to choosing our resort! Our 3 choices are now: Barcelo Marina Palace Iberostar Playa Alameda Blau Varadero Anyone getting married in March 2010? Also we will be soon hunting for a photographer...any suggestions? Thanks, Michelle
  5. FutureMrsRioux


    Welcome to the boards Taryn! We're looking at the Mayan for a honeymoon! Good luck with all your planning!
  6. We don't have a nice story LOL. We were limited with dates because we knew we wanted to do a DW. I'm a teacher so it had to be over the March Break. Our break next year runs from March 13-20th. We picked the 17th because we figured we would always have a fun anniversary!
  7. Hi Everyone, I am in the process of starting to plan my March 2010 wedding. I feel really overwhelmed by it all. A few weeks ago, my fiance Jason and I went to a travel agent to begin our search for a location. Since then we have had very little luck. She is only looking up places that I ask her to. I had two places in mind but because I am a teacher and we have to go on Spring Break, the prices were outrageous. So since those two places were a no go, she has only offered one other suggestion. I am not finding her to be very helpful at all. Last night, I was online and found a site for Nancy K's all inclusive resorts. Apparently they help you with the bookings at no charge as long as your guests book through them. I'm wondering if anyone has gone this route, with a destination planner or if I am safest to go through a travel agent, perhaps I just need to find a better one? I know once this initial stuff is taken care of, the rest will be much more fun! Any advice you have would be soooo appreciated! Thanks ladies, Michelle
  8. Hi Ladies!! My name is Michelle. I am a newbie to the forum, but not a newbie bride to be...we have been engaged for almost a year with no real wedding plans yet. We do know we want a destination wedding, we just don't know where. We also know it will be in March 2010, just not sure what day. I am a teacher so I am waiting for the 2010 school calendar to be put out. So far we have been considering Punta Cana or Ocho Rios as our destination spot. I really look forward to talking with everyone on here and hearing any suggestions people may have! Michelle
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