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  1. I had some people who wanted to stay at a cheaper resort. I told them they were more than welcome to, as it is their vacation, but if they wanted to come on to our resort and hang out with everyone they would have to pay a day pass each time they came. (it wasn't in out budget to pay for day passes for people). It turned out that they didn't realize that you aren't just allowed to go spend some time at an AI resort that you are no staying at. They thought it was more like hotels in North America where you can just walk in anytime.
  2. jackobelle

    Blau Varadero

    Quote: Originally Posted by pkitch ok,we have now sent about 10 emails to the blau and not had one reply,we have sent to sales,sales manager and reservations-has anyone had any success emailing them? Have you ever gotten an email from them? The WC (she is at the sales email address) was usually very quick at replying. Maye try sending one from a different email address. We did have a problem where her emails were not getting to my work email so I switched to hotmail and everything was fine after that.
  3. jackobelle

    WARNING for those bringing a photographer to Cuba!

    Quote: Originally Posted by jax_the_beach_bride oh i almost forgot... jackobelle... what do you think about forwarding some of your moms pics to the photog for him to edit.. kind of like a good will gesture or something for you guys.. this way he can create truly amazing pics out of something you might have considered as mediocre before hand.. just a thought Thanks Jax - Yes our photog had already offered to do this for us. Other than this issue, we did enjoy the resort. It would have been nice if the hotel had let him take photos of our wedding, and then taken him to immigration to make sure he had the proper permit etc. But what will be will be. We still had an amazing wekk and wedding and have some great shots from friends & family!
  4. jackobelle

    Blau Varadero

    They don't have a CD player or speakers on the beach. We wanted to use a microphone, but couldn't. They have a 3 person band you can hire. The price was 200 CUC for 30 minutes.
  5. jackobelle

    Calling all *Curvacious* women!!

    Brandy! You look beautiful! Those are great pics! Annoying about the coats and crown (WTF?) With such a big wedding party it must have been difficult to see what everyone was doing. I will try to figure out photobucket to post some pics this weekend.
  6. jackobelle

    WARNING for those bringing a photographer to Cuba!

    Thanks for the comments! I am sure that puts future wedding couples bringing a photographer to Cuba more at ease!
  7. jackobelle

    WARNING for those bringing a photographer to Cuba!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Hopelesslyblissful I am getting married at the Blau Costa Verde in Holguin in October and as soon as I read this thread I e-mailed my travel agent (and sent her the link to the thread) to find out if I was able to bring MY (possible) photographer. My photographer would be coming with my group and staying at the resort with us for the whole week, and my travel agent forwarded me the e-mail today saying from them saying it is fine as long as they are staying at the resort/one of my guests. You should be fine. Our photographer didn't stay on the resort with us, he was coming in on a day pass. Have a wonderful wedding!
  8. jackobelle

    real touch flowers, enchanting memories

    I got my flowers from there too. I have to say that at first I was a little bit disappointed. Not all the flowers were real touch. They added some orchids that looked and felt really fake. The orchids even had rough, frayed like edges. The other flowers in my boquet were of varying quality. The calla lilly bouts we got were what I was expecting real touch to be, you couldn't even tell they weren't real, they were fabulous. They did do a beautiful job arranging the boquet though. And the bouts and corsages we got were also beautiful. It all worked out because in photos you can't tell they aren't real. I love how they look in the photos, (even close up ones) they just pop and I have gotten several compliments on them from people who have seen my photos. I would still recommend this company 100%. They are an absolute pleasure to deal with, and are great at responding quickly by email and phone. The prices also seemed very reasonable. My advice would be to go see the flowers they are going to use in person if possible, as the quality in mine varied quite a bit from flower type to flower type. If you are too far to go to the shop, just specify very clearly that you only want all real touch and absolutely no silk or other types.
  9. jackobelle

    WARNING for those bringing a photographer to Cuba!

    I just heard from my photographer and since our wedding, he did 2 more weddings in Varadero with absolutely no problems. So future brides probably don't have to worry. It looks like the Blau is probably the only resort checking passports and enforcing this permit thing.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by sunstarsmoon this is a great site Photobook Canada | Custom made books from your digital photos That site looks awesome, thanks!
  11. jackobelle

    WARNING for those bringing a photographer to Cuba!

    Tilly, you should be fine. I think if they are staying with you for the week and they don't do regular weddings in Cuba they for sure won't be on the 'black list' of those being watched. I think the people who need to be concerned and look into it further are those with weddings at the Blau (this was the only resort our photog had problems with) and those who use a "destination wedding photographer" who works more regularily in Cuba. In the case of wedding couples using photographers who have done a fair bit of work in Cuba would be to email the Cuban embassy and ask what the requiremnts would be and ensure your photographer follows suit.
  12. jackobelle

    WARNING for those bringing a photographer to Cuba!

    Thanks, everyone. I just wanted to give a "heads up" to other brides so this doesn't happen. I think that if you are bringing a photogapher from Canada or the UK and they are staying at the resort with you for the week as a guest and friend, you wouldn't run into this problem. (I hope!) It also seems like the Blau is enforcing this rule and other resorts are not. My photographer did 2 other wedding that month in Cuba with no problems. My advice would be to not even tell the hotel they are a photographer. The only reason we told he hotel "we needed a day pass for our photographer" was because at an earlier meeting they said we could bring an outside photographer. We did go off site with our photographer the following day for photos and did get some beautiful ones. We were planning to do this anyway for a TTD shoot. We ran out of light though before we could TTD unfortunately. My mom has a really good camera so we have some good photos of the wedding day with the family and wedding party, but they are not the same as professional. We took this situation in stride and didn't let it ruin our special day. My only reason for posting this is to let other wedding couples know what could happen, and for them to take precautions so it doesn't.
  13. jackobelle

    WARNING for those bringing a photographer to Cuba!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Dmitri_Markine I read it and it made me smile a bit. Well us as the wedding couple who found out 1 hour before our ceremony that our photographer is not allowed to photograph our wedding were certainly not smiling. Maybe you are correct and our photographer should have known better, or maybe this is a new regulation they are trying to enforce (our photog never had problems before). Regardless of the reason, we didn't have a photographer on our one special day, and I find your comment a little insensitive.
  14. This is a warning to those getting married in Cuba and to photographers: We found out the hard way that Cuba is cracking down on people using a tourist visa to take wedding photos in Cuba. Apparently they are going to check the passport of your photographer and check if they have any sort of photography website. Our hotel (Blau Varadero) did this to our photographer and didn't let him photograph our wedding. Our photographer said that he shot 2 weddings a week before ours in Cuba with no problems. The Blau seems to be one of the first hotels enforcing this new regulation, but our photographer was told that the government is going to ensure the rest start doing it too. They will be giving a large fine and will take away your photographer's equipment if they find a photography website with their name (easily done with a google search) or if they have been to Cuba several times which makes them think they are coming back often to work. We were really upset as because of this we found out about an hour before our ceremony that we had no photographer. What made us even more upset is that during our research trip last year we asked the WC at the Blau if we could bring an outside photographer and she said "yes, no problem" she then changed her mind after we booked over 40 guests. We, along with our photographer even tried telling them that he was a friend and guest of the wedding and they still wouldn't budge. We are not blaming our photographer at all. He felt just as bad as we did about the situation. He takes stunning photographs and I would recommend him for destination weddings in Mexico and other places he is allowed to work. Apparently there is going to be some sort of permit the photographer must buy well in advance in order to be able to take wedding photos. I don't know anything about it though. quote from photographer removed at request of poster.