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  1. Happy wedding day Nat!!! Sending you good vibes for great hair/makeup and weather today.
  2. Toya, your pics are awesome!! You looked beautiful! Can't wait to see your review. Nat, good luck with everything! I will be thinking about you on thurs.
  3. What happened yesterday after you FI went to see her??
  4. Tam


    Quote: Originally Posted by bigboponthebeach My confession....... I don't like my engagement ring and it is not my style. I also don't have the heart to tell FI because he had it specially made. It is a great thought, but I DO NOT like it!!!! :-( What a relief to finally say that.....I've been pretending since March!!!! I hear you on that, and I got to choose my ring. It just didn't turn out as I had thought it would... so I might make some changes to it later on. I also confess that I did not enjoy my wedding experience. I want to do it all over again keeping it a destination wed. still but only have my immediate friends/family. There ended up being so much drama from certain people who came down and really ruined the night. That and I felt really sick all night so I didn't enjoy myself from that as well. I hate most of our pictures too and how I look in them. I have said this to my DH and told him I want to do it again, just another symbolic/vow renewal, just a relaxed atmosphere where we can have fun. Maybe for our first anniversary??
  5. Nat, I forgot your were getting married too! Sorry about that, but a BIG CONGRATS TO YOU! We didn't even exchange rings, we just kissed and had champagne too. How does it feel to join the married club?? Not much different eh?
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by drbride83 Hi Girls, I haven't had a chance to read through the whole thread to find pictures yet, but for those of you who have already gotten married at Dreams, do you have pictures of what your wedding cake looked like? I just want to get an idea what the WC means when they say the cakes are iced and simply decorated in white. You can email me at: cdn83@hotmail.ca Thanks! They try to make whatever you want. They can make a replica of a picture you bring too. I brought one and also brought the ribbon I wanted around it. It wasn't the greatest compared to the picture. They got the ribbon part correct, it was just that they tried to add some "pearls" all over it which I hadn't wanted on it. (the pic did have them, but they were really nice).
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by PynkLemonade Hey Ladies! Quick question that may have already been answered..but if you are just having a symbolic ceremony, you can have anyone do it right? I was thinking about asking my brother in law bc we are extremely close but he's not a pastor or anything...thanks Ladies! I know that one of you know the answer Misty, Yes you can have anyone do it if it's going to be symbolic because it's not a legal issue. That's great that you're going to get your BIL to perform it.
  8. Nat, I'm such a loser, just saw in your info you are having a legal date!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by nsbride2010 I'm starting to panic slightly, so I need to get together a good checklist (LadyDi already got me started) and make sure I have everything! Nat, Don't panic, you will be fine! When are you leaving? Just keep checking your list. I can't remember, did you guys decide to have a legal day too or are you getting married down there legally? I thought you're getting married here?? As I said to Toya, relax and just take everything in. The time goes by soooo fast, you won't believe it. I can't believe it's your turn ... seems like yesterday you guys still had 8 months to go and were giving me advice to relax!
  10. Toya!!! Good luck tomorrow on the legal day! I will be thinking about you. Have an amazing time away. Enjoy every moment. Try not to stress too much. I have said to my DH that we need to go away again and redo our vows. I don't feel I really remember or enjoyed what was going on around me.. partly because I felt sick and partly because I was too worried about everyone else. SO, don't do what I did and just enjoy your week, it goes by soooo fast.
  11. voted for you Nat!! I can't believe you and Toya are so close!! Seems like yesterday it was me and you guys were saying your weddings were so far...
  12. I totally bloat the week before.... which happened to be the week we got married, so I pretty much hate every photo of me from the entire trip including the wedding. My DH says he doesn't see it except in my boobs (no complaints there), but I see it/feel it. Never thought of diuretics though....hmmm.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by *Meagan* V- you will def see a difference... even though you are like a twig! you do not need to lose a pound! I just got up and did Jillians Fat Boosting Metabolism. I usually work out at night but I feel better doing it now instead of 1am when I get home from work! Meagan, Do you like Jillian's other videos? Which ones do you think are the best? I have the 30 day shred, but get bored of it quickly. Is the fat boosting metab. one good?
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by JackieandTim Oops accidentally hit enter by accident! Anyway I am getting married at Dreams Punta Cana on November 13, 2010!!! Wooo Hooo we can't wait!!! We are also doing the Ultimate Wedding Package. I am curious about the reasons why people are choosing the wedding gazebo over the beach. I am 100% set on doing the beach ceremony but a lot of reviews I have read recommend the gazebo. I thought the one of the points of a destination wedding was to walk barefoot in the sand! Any advice is appreciated. My WC is Carolina any reviews on her would be great too! Hi Jackie, I was like you in wanting to get married on the beach, but it was sooo windy almost the whole week our WC said everyone would have sand constantly blowing in their faces, so after much contemplating, we decided to go with the gazebo. It was really nice, but I still wish we had done it on the beach.. that's part of the whole reason for going down south right?? GOod luck!! Ps, the gazebo is nice too, don't get me wrong!
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