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  1. I just bought some stuff for our wedding cake online today Thought I would share... I found these cute edible butterflies (30) from Etsy. My colour is purple, so I thought this would be a great way to add some colour to the plain resort cake we get to choose from... ... Then, to add some sparkle (I ♡bling!) I bought some rhinestone banding off of ebay to place around the base of the 3 cake tiers ... And to top it off, off of ebay, I found these stainless steel w/ crystal encrusted monogrammed initials (M&N).
  2. We are getting married Varadero Beach at Sirenis La Salina on April 11th, 2012!! Less than 6 months to go
  3. Hi Everyone! My fiance and I will be getting married at Sirenis La Salina on April 11, 2012 :-) We would LOVE to bring our own photographer, however; the quotes we have gotten so far from photographers in Calgary have been just ridiculous & way over the top. I do not wish to use the resort photographer as the quality doesn't seem to be very good... Does anyone know of a local Cuban photographer up for hire, or a photography studio we could get in contact with in Varadero? Thanks so much in advance!! Melanie
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