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  1. Thanks Joanne! You're right though I'm glad we have 9 months from the time we found out until she is here because there is so much to do haha. We ordered our nursery furniture like 2 weeks ago so we probably wont be receiving it for another 4 to 6 weeks, so the nursery will mainly be on hold until that happens lol. My husband can now feel the kicking too, but no tummy moving action yet. I am excited for you guys! Glad you are feeling great, hope it keeps up like that for you! Although I'm just about 6 months I'm starting to really feel pregnant with this more pronounced belly lol. Hope all is
  2. Hello Ladies! I am so sorry I have been so busy and not able to get back here very often! We have been so busy since the wedding with the holidays then finding out that we were pregnant! I just wanted to stop in and say I hope everyone has been having the most amazing last 6 months! Can't believe it's already that long haha. Congrats to you all! Joanne Congrats on the baby... so happy for you guys! Hope all of the baby prep is going well. And I hope you are feeling well! Pucca I am very sorry for your loss! At least your Dad will look down on you now and know that he has left
  3. Hey ladies! Congrats to all of you soon to be brides! I got married at BP back in November. I have been super busy since, so haven't been on here to much but then again i am 21 weeks pregnant lol. I would love to help some of you with any questions or concerns that you are having with your planning. I can't give you an input on the new wedding collections because they weren't an option then lol. But just PM me or post on here if there is something I may be able to help you with. I don't get on here too much these days but will try to keep up for you guys! Happy planning ladies!
  4. Yes I got married there November 5th, and it was amazing!
  5. Leigh you looked gorgeous! I'm jealous that you've seen your photographer's pictures already! I don't get mine until at least next month! And I really wish James would have done a TTD...but he hates getting his picture taken! Amazing pictures!
  6. Sarah that's all pretty normal! I was super nervous right before the wedding when I was getting ready and definitely not acting like myself. I didn't sleep much the few nights before we left for Mexico. Once I got there I'm pretty sure the alcohol allowed me to sleep easy. I went down 6 days before the wedding and I was totally "off " right up until the wedding. But once I walked up the staircase to the terrace and saw my husband standing there all my stress just floated away. You'll relax when you are ready! Try not to stress ( although i wanted to kill people when they'd say it to me lol.) E
  7. I just got married at Beach Palace on November 5th and Ivan was great!!! Every one of our guests were dancing all night long! Everyone keeps telling me how amazing our wedding was and what a great DJ we had! He busted out the mask and balloons which were a crowd favorite. And they even had the fireworks go off at our first dance, I was super impressed!
  8. Hey LPerry, I just got married at the Beach palace on Nov. 5th and you will not regret making that choice. The wedding was gorgeous! The Sky Terrace is so amazing! All of my friends were in awe at the ceremony and reception locations up on the roof. They said they will never be at such an awesome place for a wedding again! Although the resort is small it is perfect because you can find all of your friends and family in just a few minutes. I will post plenty of pics for you if you want them! Good Luck with your planning, and just know there is another Beach Palace bride who loved it ther
  9. I'm Backkkkk!!! And my wedding was amazzzzing! I'll be putting together a planning thread and review soon with all of the details, but if you ladies have any questions before then I'll be happy to help! I hope you all have as great of a time as I did, and remember that no matter how stressed out you are now...your wedding will all come together and feel like a dream! Wish you guys all the best! Congrats to everyone with their upcoming weddings, and those of you just married!
  10. conplimetary package comes with the white fabric...you get colored with the other wedding packages
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