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  1. Hi guys!!! Please go to http://cancunphotosblog.com/ and check out my teaser wedding pics by Sascha Gluck!!! He's amazing!!!! if anyone has any questions please let me know!!! Also, I wanted to tell you ladies that I have joinned A Ticket To Paradise as a wedding consultant!!!! If anybody needs help planning the little details of your wedding I would love to help you!!!!! www.atickettoparadise.com xoxo D
  2. here are some of my professional pics - by Sascha Gluck - who is AWESOME!!!!
  3. Hello ladies!!!! So, I just wanted to send a quick update!!! I'm happily married since saturday and Dreams was perfect!!! My 30 guests were very happy! Lindsay was absolutely awesome...I will post a review as soon as I get home. We are having our honeymoon at the royal playa del carmen and it's absolutely amazing, gorgeous resort, I def recommend. Unfortunatelly my biggest fear has happened which was rainning on my wedding day, as soon as i arrived at the lobby to walk down the isle it started, and it never stopped!!!! They were quick to move everything to El Patio and we had the ceremony and
  4. He was awesome!!!!! It rainned on our wedding day and he def made up for it! our guests danced all night and it was so much fun
  5. Hi ladies!!!! We leave for DPA on tuesday early in the am, and the wedding is saturday the 18th. We actually did officially get married today at our new home with 10 of our closest friends. It was great! I am counting the days for the big day and everything is packed and ready to go. I am not going to have time to do my planning thread before i leave so I promise to do it when i get back. I'm bringing my wedding dress, a second dress for the TTD session, flower girl dress (our daughter), silk orchids - bride bouquet, 6 bridesmaids bouquets, 5 boutonieres, 2 pomanders, hair flower, 10 orc
  6. thanks for the review. i'm leaving on tuesday to mexico, my wedding is on the 18 at dreams...i can't wait. i'm printing all my emails and bringing with me. also, my reception is at el patio, now i'm a little concerned with what you said about the food...my coordinator is lindsey thanks
  7. Hi, I'm on the same boat with what to do on the wedding day. my ceremony is at 6pm, i'm thinking about sending the guys on a boat trip..where are you getting info...
  8. Hi Tracy, we decided to rent El Patio, so Jacy said we don't have to bring too many decorations because the restaurant is beautifully decorated. For tables I'm doing orchids, all my flowers are orchids, i'm getting silk ones. I'm doing welcome bags for each guest. i posted pics of all my things. I just also got pashminas in NYC for $2.50 each and they are beautiful. I wanted to give my guests welcome bags as a totem of appreciation for the fact that they are going all the way to the wedding. I hope this helped
  9. Yes please!!! i was going to buy them but would love to save the money and make it
  10. I haven't ordered the towel yet. Just negotiated with the seller. I'm waiting on my final number. I also saw the stripped beach towels at Costco for $8.99 each, but no personalization - so for $9.99 personalized and think it's worth it
  11. I was going to buy the aloe Vera in bulk and make individual packages for each bag but it came out to the same cost as if I buy the mini from cheaptravelsizes.com
  12. I bought a lot of my things at target. If you get the up & up ibuprofen (target brand) it costs $1 for the package and it comes with 24 tablets. it's worth it
  13. I was giong to wait to make them too but I couldn't resist. I have 30 guests confirmed and I'm doing one bag per couple and the single people will get one as well. So, I have 17 bags for right now. So, i bought enough things to make 20 bags, and keeping recepts just in case I have to return something I can wait to meet Sascha, he was so awesome to work with! Where are you getting married? I can't wait to see your pics
  14. Hi ladies! Thanks for the compliments. Here is the info on my items: Welcome Tote: http://www.etsy.com/shop/nnichols - she is awesome to work with and is giving a discount for purchasing 20 + bags with monogram - $12 each Beach Towel: http://www.etsy.com/shop/SunnyStitches1 - same here, awesome to work with - $9.99 each Fleur de Sel Caramels: http://www.etsy.com/shop/TheCaramelJar - I just ordered a sample, will tell you how good they really are Mini Bags 'Spa' items: body & bath works - $1 each (come with tissue paper + ribbon) Mini Candles: body & bath works - 3 for $5
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